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The COM Ambassador program is available to current and prospective COM freshmen. We are here to answer questions and help you learn all the great things that BU, COM and Boston have to offer.

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Nick: Oh the places you’ll go (in COM)

I’m an upperclassman now… Wow, that feels weird to say. Two years ago, I was a freshman still roaming aimlessly around COM Ave. – unsure of the difference between convenience and dining points. (For the record, dining points can be used at any dining hall, other on-campus dining locations, and Domino’s while convenience points basically BU bucks – they […]

Emma: Everything That Happens When You Move Off Campus

This year, not only have I finally achieved upperclassmen status, but I am now proudly one of Allston Village’s newest residents. With two of my best friends, I traded in my extra-long twin bed for a queen, and my meal plan for, on average, three DiGiorno pizzas a week. It’s been a blast getting to […]

Jen: Being Like Elle Woods and Hanging at the Harvard Film Archive

This summer I spent time going to movies, talking about movies and reading movies (can you tell what my interest/major is?). In addition to working with Boston University’s Orientation Office, I wanted to do something that involved working with film this summer. One night, after applying and getting rejected from two internships, I was scrolling […]

Claudia: Warren Dining Will Forever Have My Heart

I LOVE Warren Towers. I’m am not afraid to share my love for the BEST dining hall on campus. Laugh all you want BaeState and West is Best fans, but Warren will forever be my home.  Last year I lived in Kilachand which is MILLISECONDS away from Marciano Commons (affectionately known as #BaeState). But unless […]

Samantha: Five ways my co-op changed my life

As everyone is getting back into the academic mindset, settling their class schedules and falling back into their routines for the semester, my life has taken a slightly different path. My weeknights are no longer spent in study rooms or at club meetings. Instead, I spend my time at the city desk of The Boston […]

Alex: The 5 Lessons I’ve Learned (So Far) From Moving Off-Campus

 It has only been  three weeks since I’ve moved into my off-campus apartment in Allston, but I feel that I’ve learned enough in this short time to have lived there for months! Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m so glad I made the choice to move off-campus! It’s been so awesome having my own kitchen, […]

Hannah: The LinkedIn Self-Stalk

In COM we do two things: 1) We tell stories, and 2) We gain as much experience as possible so that after graduation we can get hired to tell stories. The sum of those experiences usually tells a story itself; there’s a narrative aspect of our resumes. Once in a while, I stay up late, […]

L.E.: Unconventional Internships

This summer I made the unconventional decision for a Film & TV major and accepted an internship that was “technically” a Public Relations internship. I spent my summer as a Social Media Intern for Boston Children’s Hospital. Every time someone in the office asked me what my major was they would expect me to say […]

Aidan: Thoughts from the last semester of college

Hey COM-panions! So, for those of you that don’t know, my name is Aidan, and this is my last semester here in the College of Communication! It’s really great to be saving money by graduating a semester early, but also really sad that I will be leaving pre-maturely. If you have been considering graduating a […]

Jimmy: COMe on People!

Fun Fact: When trying to think of broader name for their newly established School of Public Relations, the 1947 Boston University Board of Trustees were stumped. All they they knew was that they really liked the three letters “C,” “O,” and “M.” After failing to arrive at a consensus, they eventually ditched the idea and […]