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Esra: Gluten Free in Boston

Fear not my GF friends, Boston has got some great options for you. Dig Inn Dig Inn may still be considered the new kid on the Copley Square block, but it’s been incredibly popular since it opened last summer. The menu revolves around what’s in season, and everything that contains gluten is labeled (among other common dietary restrictions). […]

Lilah: Who’s Who in the Cooking Video World

I’m sure everyone has noticed the latest fad on Facebook: cooking videos. Instead of seeing Aunt Sally’s latest redecoration shenanigans, your feed is flooded with videos of comfort food being made in under a minute! Well, I’m here to guide you in the right direction. As an obsessed viewer, I’ll tell you who has the […]

Claudia: Ditch The List

Three weeks ago today I bought a last-minute ticket to Stockholm and two days later I was on a plane to Sweden. Stockholm wasn’t on my list of places to travel during Study Abroad. I had the typical Barcelona, Florence, Budapest, and Amsterdam, among others, but once I purchased that RyanAir flight, I completely threw […]

Caroline: The Best Vegan Eats in Boston

When I think Boston, I definitely don’t think “vegan-friendly city.” You have the North End, famous for cannolis and Italian food. The Seaport district known for its seafood. But don’t count Boston out. There are definitely some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Boston. Here are a few of my favorites: Veggie Galaxy is a vegetarian […]

Angeli: My life as a quasi-Questrom student

What’s tall, trendy, and ridden with coffee cups all over? You guessed it: BU’s own Questrom School of Business (formerly known as SMG but don’t make that mistake!) Questrom has recently become another home of mine. Before you gasp at my betrayal of sweet sweet COM, know that ole’ 640 Comm Ave is still the […]

Christy: It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved With Something New

I am usually a creature of habit and the last person to try something new. There is nothing I hate more than uncertainty; I dislike trying new food, I refuse to drive to a new place for the first time and I tend to not place myself in social situations unless a full handful of […]

Sydney: An Inside Look at an Internship with NBC

During the summer of 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to intern with NBC New York. I was based out of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, in the heart of NYC.    I was a digital media intern, meaning I worked on the company’s website by writing news articles and creating photo galleries. I also worked on […]

Josee: Crutches on Commonwealth Ave: Surviving College as a Chronic Klutz

Most freshman look back at FYSOP (First Year Student Outreach Project) with an air of nostalgia. From wistful memories of budding friendships to the invigorating excitement of service for one’s new community, FYSOP was a time of fast-paced acceleration into the world of college. Apparently for me, it was also a time for fast-paced acceleration […]

Grace: Going Greek – Thoughts on Greek Life and How to Decide it’s Right for You

Hey guys!! Grace here for my first COM blog post. As formal sorority recruitment is right around the corner, greek life at BU has been on my mind a lot. As a sophomore looking back on my freshman year at BU, I remember wondering if going Greek was something I would enjoy. Would I find […]

Sophia: Valentine’s Day deals for the cheap, single folk at BU

The best part of Valentine’s Day is the obnoxious (and amazing) amount of discounted food and crazy, silly events available for the young and in love. Except this year, you can get all these amazing perks by having a healthy sense of humor and love for yourself, your friends, and free food. Here are some […]