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The COM Ambassador program is available to current and prospective COM freshmen. We are here to answer questions and help you learn all the great things that BU, COM and Boston have to offer.

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Steph: New Local Eats

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m in a long-term, emotional relationship with food. Even though I’ve definitely blogged about great places to eat around Boston before, being around this summer has exposed me to some brand-new places right here on campus! So, Aidan told you which dining halls are best, and […]

Alexa: Fall in Boston is the Best

I currently just came to terms with the fact that I’m spending my last fall here in Boston. It’s depressing, it’s sad and I don’t like to think about it too much. However on the topic here are some things so fantastic about the perfect season in Boston, fall. 1. Apple picking I have not been […]

Aidan: The Beauty of Dining Points

I am going to get this out there from the start: I love food. Food is love. My love affair with food dates back to the first time my mom fed me White Russian Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream instead of the usual mush that she provided, and my mind was blown. Since then, I […]

Hannah H: Getting Back At It

September’s here once again as evidenced by the 20 degree drop in weather and the sea of students that have now swarmed campus. The past week in COM has been mayhem to say the least, but super exciting nonetheless. Our new freshman class of 2018 matriculated into BU this past Sunday, spent the next day […]

Stacy: Pre-Summer To Do List

  The weather is nice, spring is in the air (or was a few days ago… typical Boston) and the summer season is right around the corner. You know what that means… time to go out to eat, explore and “treat yo self “(Parks and Recreation reference). So I’ve compiled a list of last minute […]

DJ: Summer Checklist

The summer in between high school graduation and my first semester at college was by far the best summer of my life. Since many of you reading this blog are about to embark on your last summer before stepping foot on Boston University’s campus in the fall, here are a few things that I did […]

Kaley: Freshman Don’ts from an Almost-Sophomore

1. Don’t wear your BU ID around your neck. I did this until my roommate felt comfortable enough to tell me that maybe it didn’t look as cool as I thought it did. She was right, it didn’t. 2. Don’t sign up for all afternoon classes thinking you’ll go to the gym every morning before […]

Life across the pond has been transformative. When you hear the words ‘Study Abroad’ don’t shove it off, instead embark on the experience.   1. The classes are extraordinary. Students are taught by spectacular instructors with a wealth of experience and credibility. Who ever thought 4-hour classes could be enjoyable? +For my core journalism course […]

Hanna: Schoolwork, Just-For-Fun Work or Both?

Every COM student is required to take a series of classes, one of which is COM 201. This introductory course gives students a taste of what it is like to write for the many fields offered within the College of Communication. We learn to write hard news stories, features, screenplays, reviews, obituaries, memoirs and more, […]

Aidan: Open House Reflection

The temperature hit 70 yesterday, and COM had its first Open House for accepted students this past Saturday. All in all, a pretty stellar week. As a COM Ambassador, I sat in on many of the info sessions and talkbacks during the Open House, and got to meet a lot of excited perspective students. Perhaps […]