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Amy: How to Deal With Craziness

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again. The leaves turn colors, it’s time to pull sweater out, and we hit those few weeks before finals where everything seems to get so busy you can’t get anything done. When you do get to this point, with exams and projects and clubs piling up, you need a […]

Stacy: ‘Tis the Season

Whether we are ready for the semester to end or not, the holiday season is here. Soon ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas will take over televisions across the nation. Christmas candy and decorations already conquer every CVS in Boston. There are red holiday cups at Starbucks for Gingerbread Lattes and Peppermint Mochas. The holidays […]

Kevin: The Power of Pre-Production

I’m taking Production 1 this semester and after many reshoots and late night editing sessions, I finally had to admit to myself that I needed to spend more time on pre-production. Before Prod 1 I had never tried to make a movie all on my own, but I figured I had an idea in my […]

Hanna A: Guide to BU’s Production Services

Deep within the depths of the COM building (in the basement), there is a vast, magical place just waiting for you to utilize all it has to offer. It is filled with experience, potential, and most of all, equipment which most likely equals a total monetary value greater than your own house. But don’t let […]

Kerri: Fall Adventures

One thing you’ll definitely regret is if you don’t take advantage of the city and the events happening this month before the winter weather arrives! Before you know it, snow and ice will blanket Comm. Ave. and the only thing you’ll want to be doing is snuggling up under your comforter with Netflix… Here are […]

Steph: Best Coffeeshops On Campus

Of course there is a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts on nearly every corner of Boston, but why not expand your horizons and discover a great new coffee spot? Pavement Coffeehouse In addition to it’s awesome coffee and atmosphere, Pavement also has a delicious salad and sandwich selection. I love to pop over in between classes […]

Aidan: The Beauty of Free Time

Hey Com-mandos, it’s Aidan again. This weekend, something magical (and weirdly horrifying) happened to me. I’ve been a part of a production of a musical, Urinetown, for the past two months. This show sucked up all my time: weekends, nights after classes, all of it. But this Saturday, as the curtain closed on my final […]

Hannah: Fall Planning

Fall is in full-swing at BU and aside from the foliage and midterms, it tends to be a pretty ‘future’ oriented time for students. College is an overlap of three types of planning: Class Planning, Internship Planning and Job Planning. The first one, class planning, is pretty straightforward. The more you plan and register, the […]

DJ: A Freshman’s Guide to Registering for Classes

Registering for classes can be pretty scary. That’s probably why advisors are there to assist you when you register for your first semester of classes at orientation. However, when you register for the spring semester, you’re left completely on your own. But don’t fear – here’s a list of tips for getting through your first […]

Anneliese: Kiwi Anthems

As a music nerd, I’ve asked almost every Kiwi I’ve met during my four months here, “What are some good bands/artists from New Zealand?” One of my bosses tried to give me some suggestions, emphasizing that I had to give a listen to Die! Die! Die!. So, when I found myself in Melbourne over semester […]