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The COM Ambassador program is available to current and prospective COM freshmen. We are here to answer questions and help you learn all the great things that BU, COM and Boston have to offer.

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Hanna: 10 Totally Random Things I Learned During My First Two Years of College

                Although it is harder to believe than Wacka Flocka Flame’s campaign for president, I have indeed made it to the halfway point of my college career. I smiled my way through freshman orientation, hit the snooze button too many times before my 8 a.m. classes, and ran out of dining points earlier than I […]

Stacy: No plans yet for summer? Do NOT fear!

For those who still haven’t made summer plans – don’t freak out! You still have time. While many deadlines have passed, there are still opportunities out there for you to seize! Here are some places to consult and ideas to consider: COM Career Services! They have a list of jobs and internships, alumnus to network […]

Steph: My Senior Send-Off

Well guys, sadly my time at COM is coming to an end. I know, I can’t believe it either. Actually, I’m kind of freaking out about it. I’m a week away from finishing my college classes, and a little less than a month away from officially graduating. Here are 4 things I’ll miss about this […]

Donald: Create a variety in your schedule

With registration now opening up for all students, you may be distraught when that perfect class that has sat nicely in your planner for weeks fills up right before your registration time. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. In case you haven’t already planned backups, here a list of some super interesting […]

Hannah: Open House FAQs

Open House is one of the most exciting days of the year for us CAs, but also all of our newly accepted students. It’s a chance for you all to find out the necessary answers to the questions that will help you decide where or whether BU is the best fit for you. Each year […]

Eliza: Warmer Weather, Colder Snacks

With the weather growing warmer places like the COM Lawn and the BU Beach start to become crowded as we all crawl out of our hibernations from this terrific and terrible winter. For me, warmer weather means the transition to iced coffee and more importantly, iced cream. As an East Campus resident, one of my […]

Taylor: BUcket list

[View the story “My Failed BU-CKL15T” on Storify]

Esra: Fitting in Last Minute Activities

Less than three weeks of classes left and it’s hitting you that the school year is almost over. For most, it’s a very bittersweet time. So how can you make the most of it before finals? There are so many fun events constantly going on around campus, especially this time of year when the weather […]

Zach: Making Extracurriculars, Not Extra Stress!

There is something that separates COM students from students at other schools, they are involved, and they are busy. While the former is a fantastic thing and is what makes BU so freaking special, it results in the second thing. It’s hard. You’ll go to SPLASH at the beginning of first semester and get wildly […]

Stacy: Why Choose BU?

Acceptance letters were mailed out last week, and I just wanted to say congratulations to all those future Terriers! You are one step closer to an amazing college experience.   For those of you still deciding if BU is the right school for you, here are some elements that helped me choose BU. Hopefully it […]