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The COM Ambassador program is available to current and prospective COM freshmen. We are here to answer questions and help you learn all the great things that BU, COM and Boston have to offer.

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Hi New COM Students!

Hey everyone, and welcome to COM! We are so excited for you to join us for a fantastic four years at Boston University. This blog is run by the COM Ambassadors detailing our experiences with all things Boston and BU, from the best places to eat or study to ways we deal with stress, or […]

Daera: I managed My Mental Health While Surviving My Freshman Year and You Can, Too!

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during my junior year of high school. There were symptoms present before that but it wasn’t until that year that I felt brave enough to seek help. Back then, getting help for my mental health was a little simpler than it proves to be now. Just like a […]

Kate W: Reflection on Freshman Year

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am officially approaching the end of my Freshman year of college.  I feel like a completely new person from when I started and I have learned so much over the last eight months. Freshman year is the year of new.  New city, new college, new friends, new […]

Stacy: Boston on a Budget

It’s no secret that Boston can be expensive. With finals season approaching, you might need to take a study break or two. Rather than stay indoors or just get the usual Sunset or Super 88 with your squad…. why don’t you go on an adventure too? There are plenty of free things to do, especially […]

Eliza: BU’s New Pass/Fail Policy

I registered for my Spring 2017 courses from the café of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, between gapping at great works of art and iconic pieces of Beatle memorabilia (abroad is a weird time).  Somewhere in this art induced, fake intellectual atmosphere I made the choice to fill my last elective of college with […]

Rachel: The BU Bucket List of a Second Semester Junior

It has recently come to my attention that I only have one year left at BU. I was making my schedule for next semester with Jenn G. (the COMUGrad Office Manager and one of the best people to know in COM) and realized I could plan out all of the classes I had left to […]

Esra: Laptop Friendly Places to Study Outside BU

I get ridiculously bored working from my apartment. Sometimes if it’s especially gross out or I’m feeling lazy, I’ll work in the living room instead of my bedroom so that it’s a slight change of scenery. Most of the time though, I find myself in coffee shops typing away or editing photos on my laptop. Thus, I’ve […]

Kreag: Interning with the Massachusetts Film Office

Last summer, I discovered that the city of Boston is home to the Massachusetts Film Office, the office that helps all films shooting in Massachusetts find locations for their films.  For the longest time, it did not seem like their office offered internships, and then one day, I discovered it, the treasured “Internship Application” tab […]

Lilah: Raise your end-of-the-semester spirits with these healthy tips!

As we head into the final days of second semester, it’s important to have time outside of the library or class. When crunch time comes, make sure you do little things that make you happy! I personally find myself struggling to balance between friends, sleep, and work. I’m sure I’m not alone. Aside from the […]

Nick: Being Open to Change

Studies show that anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of college students change their major at some point, and that’s ok. While I’m not among this group, I am here to tell you that over the course of your college career, your passions will evolve as you are presented with the world of opportunities available […]