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Claudia: Ayyyy…Must Be The Monet!

Second semester brings us back to BU, friends, classes, and the COLD. Freezing temperatures and lots of snow are a great excuse for Netflix marathons or “cozying” up with the last few chapters that you’ve been neglecting in your textbook – even though it’s the start of the semester. A new semester also means new […]

Hannah C: It’s Great to Switch Majors

“It’s okay to change your major!” an adage you’ll likely hear throughout freshman year, doesn’t always calm fears as often as it’s meant to. “I don’t want to be just ‘okay,’” you think, “I want to be great. I want to spend college chasing the same dream, and follow one straight path to my destiny!” […]

L.E.: A Love Letter to BU Coffee

If there’s one thing that every college kid can agree on is that caffeinated beverages are a key factor for getting through a busy week. Whether you prefer lattes, tea, cappuccinos or the classic dark roast blend, Boston University provides multiple ways for students to get their fix for a little boost of energy. I […]

Chris: Snow Day Survival Guide

So Boston is supposed to get a “historically” big storm this week, which means campus is buzzing now that we are officially having a snow day.  The last time we had such a big storm, I was a freshman and it was when nor’easter “Nemo” hit, drowning Boston in nearly 25 inches of snow.  This […]

Claire: Back Bay Ball

My freshman year, my roommate and I were really excited to explore Boston and take advantage of the city. We took to the city streets so often that we actually missed out on a lot of the opportunities offered right on campus.This year my roommate and I have decided, as our New Year’s Resolution, to […]

Hanna: BU at the Oscars

And the Academy Award goes to…Boston University! Just kidding, that wouldn’t make sense. But it sure seems like someone should give our university an honorable Oscar or something! This award season, BU alumni are ruling the nomination game. From producers to actors, former students have worked on some of the best films of the year. […]

Aidan: Oscar Noms…nom nom nom

Its awards season, folks, and we are Com Students. Our time is now. With the Oscar nominees for best picture out, I am sure a lot of you have started to plan Oscar Parties. I have taken it upon myself to help you all brainstorm some fun, Oscar-Inspired dishes for your prospective parties that are […]

Kerri: The Boston Spirit

Although I am from New Jersey and a die-hard Giants fan, I have to say that the atmosphere during Boston sports teams’ games is contagious and hard not to enjoy. With the Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl it is a great opportunity to experience the livelihood and tight-knit community of the city. Here are […]

Aidan: The Do’s & Don’ts of Getting Into the Holiday Spirit at School

Hey everyone, it is Aidan again. As we enter December, it becomes that festive time of the year where snow falls, carols are sung, and decorative sweaters take the forefront of our closets. If you are like me, THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS WHERE WE COME ALIVE!! Sorry, I’m just very excited. But Christmas and the […]

DJ: Coffeeshop Soundtrack for Studying

At the end of last semester, I gave you my ultimate playlist for “Study Dance Breaks” which I still think are the key to surviving finals. However, I know that you can’t always jam out while trying to get through the dozens of pages of reading you put off until this week. To help get […]