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Alex: Last Semester Bucket List

Before I left for my spring semester abroad last year, I thought it would be a good idea to be a proactive student and make sure I was on track to graduate on time. Instead, I found out that I would be able to graduate an entire semester early– NOT what I expected at all. […]

Alex: Your Token CA Abroad Blog Post

Hello from across the pond!! So I know the abroad blog post is definitely not a new concept. But after trying for an hour to come up with any topic other than study abroad, I realized it’s the inevitable subject for Abroad CA’s for a reason—because BU’s study abroad programs really are that great! I’ve […]

Alex: My Trader Joe’s Must-Haves

If there is one thing I can make time for out of my day, it’s a trip to Trader Joe’s. I’ll admit, my roommates sometimes make fun of me from time to time for making the “trek” to Trader Joe’s each week when Star Market is so close to us. But the extra T ride […]

Alex: The 5 Lessons I’ve Learned (So Far) From Moving Off-Campus

 It has only been  three weeks since I’ve moved into my off-campus apartment in Allston, but I feel that I’ve learned enough in this short time to have lived there for months! Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m so glad I made the choice to move off-campus! It’s been so awesome having my own kitchen, […]

Alex: My Favorite Teen Movies

In just two weeks, I’ll be turning 20 years old and I have to say, it’s making me much more upset than I was anticipating. Turning 20 seems like the end of an era for me. I’ve been a teenager for 7 years now and it makes adult life seem that much more real. These […]

Alex: A Californian’s Guide to Winter

As someone who had always lived in sunny Southern California and had never experienced a winter that dropped below 50 degrees during the day, my first winter in Boston last year definitely came as a shock. As I reflect back on my freshman year winter, I think of some of the many mistakes I made […]