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Alexa: Why You Should Live On Campus

It’s February, meaning it’s wicked cold in Boston and if you live on campus it’s time to pay your housing deposit! I’ve chosen to live on campus all four years and while there are benefits to living off-campus, here are five reasons I’ve chosen to stay on. 1. Easy transition coming back from abroad It […]

Alexa: Summer on the Cape

This summer I’m spending my time interning for the Cotuit Ketleers of the Cape Cod Baseball League.  I knew I wanted to do something baseball related this summer and the Cape league seemed like the perfect fit. I’ve only been here for a week but I’ve loved every minute of it! I’ve figured out that […]

Alexa: The Pitfalls of Procrastination

I am in denial of being a procrastinator. I would like to think that I listened to my mom when she told me to buy a calendar for the school year and keep important due dates on there and I’d like to think I listened to my dad when he called on the weekends and […]

Alexa: How to Survive the Cold in Boston

To be fair, I was warned about a New England winter. They said it would be a cold; but you’d have to live in to understand. My freshmen year, winter in Boston wasn’t that bad so I was pretty confident I could survive the cold, however this year is a different story. It’s not cold, […]

Alexa: The Registration Process

Registration is one of the most magical and yet one of the most terrifying things a student will go through every semester. Here’s why: 1.There are so many classes to choose from. Should I take Psychology of Sport or should I take Philosophy of Sport? What level of history should I take? Should I take […]

Alexa: Five Reasons Why I Love Fall

Coming from California, I have become accustomed to two seasons… 1. Summer 2. Not summer. Luckily, moving to Boston, I have been able to experience the four wonderful seasons, fall being one of my favorites. Here are five reasons why I adore the fall season. Pumpkins. From carving pumpkins to drinking pumpkin spice lattes, I […]

Alexa: How to Not be Homesick

Hey everyone! Hope the semester is treating you all well! I remember last year around this time I was beginning to transition from the excitement of being a freshman in college to missing my sweet chocolate lab. I was homesick. Luckily, I was able to figure out ways to cure my homesickness, (lets just pretend that’s […]

Alexa: First Day of School

I’ve come to realize that the first day of school will always have its similarities. However in college, I might prepare for my first day a little differently, since I’m living in a dorm room and not my house, oh also I am 3,000 miles away from home. First, I will try going to bed […]

Alexa: A Summer of Interning

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer. This summer I hadn’t really planned on interning anywhere but when I was offered an opportunity to do so I was really excited. I am interning for a company called, SmileSimplicity. The company focuses on enhancing a person’s smile without eliminating any tooth structure (unlike […]

Alexa: Tips for Your COMlife Audition

Hey everyone! Hope the summer is treating all of you well! While you anxiously anticipate your first year at Boston University you might decide to take a chance at auditioning to be a part of our school’s webseries COMlife (yay!). Being a part of the show is great and I wanted to give you guys […]