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Amy: Get Your Netflix Queue Ready for Finals!

That time of year is back again…it’s that sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Winter break when all hell breaks loose and for a minute there you might not be sure if you’ll ever actually make it through the next two weeks. When that happens A) Relax (or try) because it will all be over soon […]

Amy: Best Places to Study Away from Campus

As finals start getting closer and closer to us with seemingly no end to midterms in sight, you might be getting a little sick of all the quality time you’re spending in Mugar. Or for that matter, anywhere on campus. Sometime, you just have to get away to give your mind a refresh to study. […]

Amy: Top 10 On-the-Go Snacks for long days!

Now that I’m a senior and living off campus, I don’t have a dining plan or dining points (it’s possible, but I chose not to) I love cooking, but sometimes I’ll be on campus for a long time and I’ll get hungry. On-the-Go snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated are a must for those […]

Amy: 10 Things I Didn’t Expect to Learn While Abroad

1. Just because you’re in an English-speaking country doesn’t mean there won’t be a language barrier. I’m in Dublin, which is basically as close to America as you can get in Europe, and I still find myself on Urban Dictionary or Google searching Irish slang almost every day. I love picking up new phrases (grand […]

Amy: Winter is (finally) Coming

It’s been a weird, super warm fall, but I think we are all starting realize that winter is finally on it’s way to Boston. Winter in Boston is a tough journey, but if you’re prepared with the right stuff, you can make it a great season. I’m originally from northern Massachusetts, so coming into winter […]

Amy: Throwing Away the Five-Year Plan

This is the time of your life when everyone from your parents to your first grade teacher to the cashier at the supermarket won’t stop asking you what you want to do with your life. We all know the “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” question at interviews and on applications that somehow […]

Amy: How to get away from the city without really leaving

Don’t get me wrong, Boston is amazing and wonderful and full of all the great things that make us all love living here. Living in the city makes life exciting all the time. That being said, sometimes we all need a little break from the craziness. When the sweet sounds of Storrow Drive start to […]

Amy: Productivity Placement

After a semester of college one thing I’ve learned is that it’s really important to study somewhere that helps you be productive. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have to get a big paper done,  only to be distracted by your surroundings for a solid two hours. For some people that means heading to the […]