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Angeli: College is Surreal(Cereal?)

You know those people who say they hate breakfast? Yeah, I don’t trust them either. For as long as I can recall, I, Angeli S. Rodriguez, have been a breakfast food fiend. I could eat a bagel once a day for a decade and never get tired of them. I don’t discriminate against microwavable oatmeal […]

Angeli: My life as a quasi-Questrom student

What’s tall, trendy, and ridden with coffee cups all over? You guessed it: BU’s own Questrom School of Business (formerly known as SMG but don’t make that mistake!) Questrom has recently become another home of mine. Before you gasp at my betrayal of sweet sweet COM, know that ole’ 640 Comm Ave is still the […]

Angeli: An Ode to BU’s Forgotten Eateries

I know what you’re thinking. “Has someone other than Zach Schiffman had the audacity to write a food-related post?”…”Should I even read it?”…”Wait now I’m hungry. What should I eat for lunch?” First, don’t hate me, Zach fans. While I definitely won’t promise that this post will be as entertaining as one of his, I […]

Angeli: 4 Things I’ve Learned from Hosting a Radio Show

This semester, my inner Pitch Perfect-loving high school freshman self’s dreams came true when WTBU granted me the privilege of having my own radio show. Let me clarify. In the 2012 instant cult classic film, Anna Kendrick’s character Beca works for her college radio station and life only goes up from there. And, for anyone who […]

Angeli: 8 AM’s *Sometimes* Aren’t The Worst

It’s 7:40, and I’m out the door of my adorable, century-old South campus brownstone. Off I stroll with earphones in and my favorite olive jacket on (you snuck up on us, but I see you @fall!!!) I’m heading to an auditorium in SED where, oddly enough, my Intro to Advertising class is held. I’ll be […]

Angeli: COM, I’m home

Around this time last year I was a nervous wreck. The Catholic high school I attended was relatively small, with only 370 students in my graduating class. Not only did everyone know each other, but everyone knew each other’s personal business and college decisions were no exception. I was never one to advertise my accomplishments, […]

Angeli: Undecided and it feels so good

“Why don’t we go around the room…” Oh no. “And we each say our name…” Oh okay, I can do that. “Where we’re from…” Just remember to say “Miami, Florida, not Ohio.” Someone always chuckles. “And of course our major!” And there it is. Just like that. Just when I thought I could get through […]