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Anneliese: Make the Most of Abroad

Hello from the future, my sweet Terriers! It’s currently 10:08am on Saturday, October 4th in Auckland, New Zealand, while it’s 5:08pm on Friday, October 3rd in Boston. Weeeird right? It’s also strange to think that my school semester here ends in 3 weeks, since I started in mid-July, and you guys are only a month […]

Anneliese: Boston Outdoors

Currently sitting in the sun as I write this blog, I’m so obviously inspired by this gorgeous weather. Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to start taking full advantage of the great Boston outdoors.   SoWa Vintage Market SoWa open-air market is now up and running again after a brutal winter. I took […]

Anneliese: Registration Survival Guide

Ah, the possible pain or glory of spring registration. For underclassmen, the day can seem daunting, as you are often left scrambling after upperclassmen claim the seats you were coveting. Here are some tips and reminders to keep you from having a meltdown when the melee begins. 1)   Wi-Fi or Die Okay, so that’s a […]

Anneliese: Moving In

So, I just moved into my first apartment. Even though I consider myself logical and well equipped in the domestic skills apartment, I’ve definitely learned a lot since I moved in two weeks ago. I’d like to share my newly acquired wisdom with those of you considering off campus housing in the near future. 1. […]

Anneliese: Summer Reads So Far

As a working girl this summer, I have an hour commute to and from the office. A lot of people would complain about the travel time, but I don’t mind because I don’t have to drive; instead, I take the commuter train that drops me off a quick seven minute walk away from WXPN, where […]

Anneliese: Resisting Temptation at WXPN

A couple of days ago at my internship, I was organizing the mail when I came across the yet-to-be-released Sigur Rós album, sent from the band’s label. I was so tempted to pop it into my computer and give it a listen before anyone else, but (being the conscientious worker I am), I dropped it […]

Anneliese: Planning A Dinner Out in Boston

My birthday is coming up in two weeks, and with all of this end of the year chaos, I’ve been struggling to plan the perfect night out. I have my list of go-to restaurants, but I want to try something new for my birthday. However, for any of you who are also struggling to plan […]

Anneliese: Super Songs for Spring

Spring is here! Well, that’s what March 20th claimed, anyway. However, the snow that’s currently on the ground (and the snow that is supposed to plague us for the rest of the month…) isn’t doing much to evoke those cheerful feelings associated with this lovely season. It may be a while until we see those […]