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Carly: Pondside Pumpkins Pride

First Year Student Outreach PROJECT. The ‘P’ in FYSOP stands for ‘Project’ not ‘Program’, contrary to what I had initially believed. That’s because a PROGRAM has a definitive end. A PROJECT is a continuous event; a project may never truly reach completion. And with community engagement, the project is never really over. So much to […]

Carly: Black Mirror Episodes Ranked

Black Mirror: if you haven’t heard of it yet, you have now. The British television series is a science-fiction anthology similar to The Twilight Zone in that each episode is a depiction of some sci-fi or dystopian society. With Black Mirror, each story provides a look at innovative technological devices that have enhanced society but […]

Carly: 5 Films Celebrating Big Anniversaries This Year

Upon returning home after my first semester of college, I could not help but look around my hometown and feel a sudden sense of lost time. I knew it was fairly common to feel this way, and I knew that most college students experience the same nostalgia as they enter the next stages of their […]