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Caroline: Its Nice to Get Away

Early last week I called my mother to talk to her about the rain boots she shipped me (I found out the hard way my old pair had a huge gash in the sole). While we were on the phone, she floated the idea “why don’t you come home for easter?” At first I was apprehensive. I […]

Caroline: The Best Vegan Eats in Boston

When I think Boston, I definitely don’t think “vegan-friendly city.” You have the North End, famous for cannolis and Italian food. The Seaport district known for its seafood. But don’t count Boston out. There are definitely some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Boston. Here are a few of my favorites: Veggie Galaxy is a vegetarian […]

Caroline: COM Down with a Crossword Puzzle

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed in December. Final exams and final papers are looming. It can become a lot, quickly on top of daily homework, extracurriculars, friends, and work. Sometimes its important to take a break from it all. When I’ve run out of podcasts (see previous blog post) I need something else to […]

Caroline: BUTV10’s The Vote 2016

Tuesday night BUTV10 covered the US Presidential Election. The Vote 2016 was a collaboration between BUTV10, the Journalism Department, the Film and Television Department, BU News Service, WTBU, DC Study Abroad, and London Study Abroad. Students were all over the country reporting from inside the headquarters of presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, insides […]

Caroline: “In this podcast I listened to…”

I was home for three weeks this summer, and by my second to last day my mom would groan as I began the sentence she  heard so many times before: “In this podcast I listened to they were talking about how—” “Caroline please.” But I can’t help it! There’s just so much information to share. […]

Caroline: BUTV10 Productions

I woke up at 5am Saturday morning for a 6am call time. The sun was no where in sight as my roommate and I walked from West Campus to Late Night Kitchen. Why might you ask? BUTV10! BUTV10 Productions teamed up with The Hungry Terrier to produce BU’s version of Chopped, The 2nd Annual Chowdown! After months of collaboration […]

Caroline: Being Sick Away From Home

Its that time of year again when everyone and their mother is sick. Except your mother is actually no where to be found and you’re in your room at college, alone, wishing she could bring you some soup. One of the biggest differences with being sick at school versus at home is that everyone around […]

Caroline: Holiday Travel

Disclosure: This blog post was written while driving through Manhattan on a bus home. Home meaning Boston, because that city has my heart 🙂 I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to take a plane home for Thanksgiving— or so one might think. The past two Thanksgivings it has taken me 8+ hours to get […]

Caroline: Stages of Eating a Sushi Bowl

We’ve all had a craving for a Basho sushi bowl from the GSU. It’s such an amazing concept: a burrito bowl, but for sushi not burritos. Why wouldn’t you want that all the time? Well, it has its ups and downs, because a sushi bowl is deceptively a lot of food. Here are the stages […]

Caroline: Adulthood: Part 2

Last semester I wrote about how searching for an apartment made me feel like a real adult. Today, I can tell you I feel more like an adult that ever. Yesterday I walked Beacon St. with grocery bags on either shoulder after dropping $80 at Whole Foods. The day before, I vacuumed my entire apartment […]