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Chris: Moving Off Campus – A Step into the Real World

One of the decisions students have to make toward the end of each academic year is where they’re going to live the following year. Because I was abroad last semester, I had to make the decision during the fall as to where I was going to live this Spring. Unlike the previous three years, I […]

Chris: Thoughts From A Senior After the Final Spring Break

Spring break for a college senior is much like spring break for a high school senior, especially if you’re doing regular decision. Earlier this week on my tour of COM with fellow CA Eliza, we had a student who applied to BU and was waiting to hear back. Prior to her leaving the building, I […]

Chris: My Answer to “How Was Abroad?”

It’s been a week since classes have started and as I start to settle in back in Boston, as I stroll up and down Comm Ave. I run into people I haven’t seen since May and automatically get the same question, “Oh my gosh! How was study abroad?” Depending on who’s asking, I have a […]

Chris: Greetings from London!

As the lone CA abroad, I guess it’s my duty to say, if you can…GO ABROAD!! Now, I’m not just saying that as a plug for BU Abroad or COM, after a month and a half of living in London I truly back that statement. This semester I’m taking part in BU’s London Internship Program […]