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Christy: A Tip for College Open Houses

This past weekend was the last time I would be representing the College of Communication during Boston University’s Open House. For the past three years, I have been a part of making sure prospective students and parents are given a feel for how wonderful the university is and how much my fellow COM students and […]

Christy: It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved With Something New

I am usually a creature of habit and the last person to try something new. There is nothing I hate more than uncertainty; I dislike trying new food, I refuse to drive to a new place for the first time and I tend to not place myself in social situations unless a full handful of […]

Christy: I Still Don’t Feel Like an Adult, and That’s Okay

I am almost half way through my junior year, and I still don’t really feel like an adult.  Although I may outwardly exhibit signs of being an adult (“legally” of adult age, living in an off-campus apartment, etc.), I actually feel like I am no where close to mastering the art of “adulting” just yet. […]

Christy: How to stay healthy this fall

There is nothing worse the the inevitable fear of getting sick that comes as the weather gets cooler. If you manage not to get sick between now and December, kudos to you and please teach me your ways. But unfortunately, most everyone will get sick at some point.  I am currently writing this while wearing […]

Christy: Opportunities arise when you least expect it

Every Monday at 11 a.m., I give my weekly tour of the College of Communication. We have all experienced a rough Monday morning following a fun, but hectic, weekend packed with friends, homework and extracurriculars — this past Monday was that Monday.  I woke up later than I wanted to, and walked in the pouring rain from my apartment in West Campus to […]

Christy: Top 5 favorite “homework shows”

I am not one to sitting in silence. When I do homework, I need to have some source of noise or I can’t get any work done. Although I love Spotify, my go-to for homework noise and entertainment is Netflix. Netflix typically occupies the upper left corner of my screen while I use the rest […]

Christy: Breaking Free from the End of Semester Slump

As the weather gets colder and the dark, dreary skies become the new normal, its easy to fall into a slump. We wake up, look forward to going back to be and alternate our favorite end of the semester activities: going to class, doing school work and stressing out. Last year, I found it hard […]

Christy: Requirements are fun!

I spend way too much time looking over the Journalism and Public Relations Curriculum Guides. I am a huge planner and have already tried to plan which COM classes I am taking when between now and my senior year. This semester was the first semester I could take major specific COM courses so I was […]

Christy: Money Management

If you’re like me, college was the first time I really had to think about budgeting my own money. I suddenly started thinking things like “Do I really need that Chipotle?” and “I don’t need those shoes right now.” I was so use to having my mom hand me a $10 bill before walking out […]