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Claire: Studying Abroad Twice? It’s Possible!

Boston University offers loads of incredible study abroad opportunities and the programs offered through COM were one of the main reasons I chose to attend BU. I dreamt about my time in Los Angeles kicking butt at my big studio internship during the day, taking interesting BU classes at night and adventuring in Yosemite on […]

Claire: Boston Marathon 2K16

The Boston Marathon is upon us! For those of you who are not familiar with the Boston Marathon, it is a BIG deal here in the city. In honor of Patriot’s Day and the race, Boston University and most business are closed. So, that means everyone takes it to the streets to celebrate with friends […]

Claire: Remember to be Selfish

Full Definition of selfish                         1
:  concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself:  seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others This post is a reminder to be selfish. Disclaimer: I think “without regard for others” is a little extreme – remember to love and respect your peers. Four years […]

Claire: If You Aren’t Involved in BUTV10, This Is Why You Should Be  If that awesome and inspiring video didn’t get you pumped then let’s see if I can. BUTV10 is Boston University’s student produced and managed television station. Our programming includes news, drama, science fiction, sports broadcasting, and even a cooking show. If you aren’t interested in the creative side of television students can be involved in […]

Claire: Boston University COM Career Development

The COM Career Development provides a bunch of services and resources to COM students and alumni. Career counseling is available to help you explore and research communication careers and internships. Its a great place to discuss proposed career goals and receive professional input on the appropriate steps toward reaching those goals. A variety of workshops and seminars […]

Claire: The Boston Calendar

The Boston Calendar is one of my favorite resources to find fun and exciting things happening in Boston. The calendar’s slogan “events that don’t suck” fits the site and blog perfectly. As a new student in Boston it’s difficult to know where to go and when … This calendar promises you will be “in the know” and […]

Claire: Getting Involved in butv10

If that awesome and inspiring video didn’t get you pumped then let’s see if I can. BUTV10 is Boston University’s student-operated media production and distribution service. Live-streamed and on-demand programming is available online at and on the campus’ channel 10. Established in 1989 as BUTV and rebranded BUTV10 in 2005, the organization produces an array of […]