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Claudia: There’s nothing like summer (internships) in the city!

Ahhh… Summer break. Long gone are the days of sitting by the pool, ice cream cones, sleep-away camp, and summer reading. Summer break for COM students means incredible internships in cities all over the world ON TOP OF all the fun quintessential summer activities.  I spent the summer interning at DigitasLbi in their Chicago office. Not only […]

Claudia: Ditch The List

Three weeks ago today I bought a last-minute ticket to Stockholm and two days later I was on a plane to Sweden. Stockholm wasn’t on my list of places to travel during Study Abroad. I had the typical Barcelona, Florence, Budapest, and Amsterdam, among others, but once I purchased that RyanAir flight, I completely threw […]

Claudia: Free Fun in Boston

Ahh yes, fall semester… Coming back to BU, reuniting with friends, the changing leaves, and study abroad acceptances. The first two months of fall semester is filled with abroad acceptances followed by a funny one-liner. In COM, Junior year is definitely the most popular time to study abroad, followed by the popular second semester Senior […]

Claudia: Warren Dining Will Forever Have My Heart

I LOVE Warren Towers. I’m am not afraid to share my love for the BEST dining hall on campus. Laugh all you want BaeState and West is Best fans, but Warren will forever be my home.  Last year I lived in Kilachand which is MILLISECONDS away from Marciano Commons (affectionately known as #BaeState). But unless […]

Claudia: COM Ambassadors

Move over Taylor Swift’s girl gang, there’s a new squad in town — The COM Ambassadors! As a COM Ambassador, I have met some amazing, interesting, talented and overall wonderful people. Some have already graduated and others are fresh faces, but either way, I have made friends for life. Open House is the deciding factor […]

Claudia: Fighting the Mid-Semester Slump

So it’s that time a year again. The mid-semester slump. We’re back from Spring Break and I have immediately jumped back into work, classes, and clubs. It’s hard not to overwork yourself during these last few weeks of the semester! So remember to take time for yourself to relax and de-stress from your busy week! […]

Claudia: Graduation (Friends Forever)

Senior year is filled with finishing up requirements, killing the game at your internship, going abroad to LA or DC, applying for jobs, and trying to remain calm as graduation quickly approaches. You have to perfect a few meals so you don’t starve without the dining hall and you don’t burn down your apartment. I […]

Claudia: My heart beats for the beat of Boston University

Now I know I’m not the only person whose heart starts beating ridiculously fast when they walk up to the third floor, but it’s not because of the three flights of stairs. It’s beating in sync with the beat of Boston University, aka WTBU. WTBU is my home away from home (away from home). While […]

Claudia: Fall in love with Boston

Fall in Boston means cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and hot apple cider. It is also the perfect time for friends and family to visit Beantown! Over Columbus Day weekend, my cousin (and best friend since birth), Lizzy, flew up from Dallas, Texas to experience her first real fall. Being her first trip to Boston, and […]

Claudia: The Lady Lounge

Bae State Babes. The Lady Lounge. These are the two nicknames for 404 Kilachand – aka my sophomore year dorm.  I had already started a countdown for sophomore year on my last day as a freshman. Although I wasn’t really ready to say goodbye to Warren (I will always love you, 720B), I was so […]