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Eliza: Coffee Reflections

It may have taken until senior year, but I’ve finally accepted it. I’ll never be the type of person who wakes up early to drink coffee in my apartment, or even to make it and take it out the door with me. I will always be the type of person, however, who rushes walking to […]

Eliza: BU’s New Pass/Fail Policy

I registered for my Spring 2017 courses from the café of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, between gapping at great works of art and iconic pieces of Beatle memorabilia (abroad is a weird time).  Somewhere in this art induced, fake intellectual atmosphere I made the choice to fill my last elective of college with […]

Eliza: Things You Should Definitely Do When Moving Off-Campus

When I returned to Boston this spring semester, I wasn’t returning to living at BU.  Instead, I was venturing out one tiny step into the real world and moving into an off-campus apartment in the depths of Allston.  I took this tiny step into the real world because, in all seriousness, a vast majority of the […]

Eliza: Cool Things to do During Study Abroad; part 3756

So honestly, one of the coolest parts about BU in general (after COM, obviously) is our study abroad programs.  I’m just over half-way through my second study abroad with BU, and I have met as many students from other schools as I have from BU – a true testament to how amazing our programs are. […]

Eliza: Thank you, Trader Joe’s

Since moving into an apartment at the beginning of this semester, two things have become evident to me: I didn’t appreciate my dining plan the way I should have, and Trader Joe’s may or may not be the promised land. My appreciation for Trader Joe’s comes largely out of respect for the way it has […]

Eliza: Flying Solo: Abroad Alone

In case you haven’t heard, study abroad is kind of a big deal here at Boston University.  We love it, we won’t stop talking about it, and all the cool kids are doing it.  For a lot of people, (especially Communications people), study abroad comes around during junior year, mostly second semester, and involved taking […]

Eliza: What is “El Niño” anyway?

If you have left your dorm/apartment/bed in the past week, week & a half, you’ve probably noticed that the weather is, like, seriously wack.  And we’re not talking crazy rain or early snow – no that would be almost normal.  We’re talking it was 70 degrees yesterday, and it’s November in New England.  For those […]

Eliza: Wait, I have to think about next semester already?

It may seem like the semester just started, but it’s already time to start thinking about the spring term.  Schedule planning has been available for a few days, and registration is going to sneak up in a flurry of colorful leaves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  For some people, it’s no worries – they know exactly […]

Eliza: #Networking

People talk about networking like it’s either something they are incredible at or as if it is the most daunting task to ever present itself. In COM, it’s at least something people talk about all the time, and for good reason. Sure, you could get hired simply off of a killer resume and your impressive […]