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Hali: Hali’s Guide to Staying In

The past two Friday nights, I have stayed home and done laundry. Exciting, right? Well, for me, yes.  I used to be devastated when I didn’t have plans for the weekend. Now, I understand the importance of reserving free time. It’s only been a few weeks, but this fall has been the most challenging semester I’ve had […]

Hali: Why Theater is a COM Student’s Craft

This past weekend was one of the most hectic and exciting of my semester. Not only did COM Opening House take place on Saturday, April 8th (woo!), but BU On Broadway, my favorite extracurricular, performed Legally Blonde: The Musical. I’m writing this post because being a part of this show has been one of my […]

Hali: Official Brunch List

After a long week of West Burgers and Loose Leafs salads, there’s nothing better than splurging on some weekend eats. That’s why Saturday morning means one thing to me: brunch. My obsession with brunch is a fundamental part of my life. It’s about so much more than just the food; it’s about gathering with friends, […]