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Hanna: Hothouse Goes Guatemala

A week ago, I was telling my photographer to get a tighter shot of the woman leading a female empowerment workshop for International Women’s Day. We were in Santa Cruz, a community on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and the sun matched our spirits as we created a video that would hopefully bring the village increased […]

Hanna: The Final Countdown: Advice for Seniors from Recent Grads

I made it to my final semester of college and I am ready to EMBRACE IT. To help me get started, and to help other seniors who might be experiencing the same mix of excitement and uncertainty as me, I decided to consult those who are older and wiser. I am very thankful for the […]

Hanna: Writer’s Block and How to Knock It

It’s 12:48am. The dim glow of your stringed Christmas lights is the only sign of brightness. You hear a car drive down the street. It’s the first you’ve heard in hours. You focus on it, wondering. Where is it going? Why so late? Who is inside? You realize your mind has drifted again and you […]

Hanna: Listen to WTBU’s Hottest Radio Show: The BUchelorette!

I love talking about relationships, but I don’t always get the chance without sounding like a love-crazy dream girl. Most of us like to dish about the romance lives of ourselves and others, but while the topic is universal, sometimes it’s a hard conversation to start. What if you are talking to someone with a […]

Hanna: A Vegan Senior

Here are two things I didn’t think would ever happen to me:             1) I would become a senior.             2) I would become a vegan. Senior year of college was inevitable, but that did not make its arrival any easier to believe. To make the transition even more bizarre, I found myself having a […]

Hanna: Classes

I wanted to take this blog post to give a shout out to my favorite classes/professors at BU! I know many of us have already registered for the Fall semester, but there still may be time to switch around a bit! Here are a few of the courses that have truly made my time in […]

Hanna: A Shout-out to Some Real Live Ladies

I was feeling a little insecure the other day, as we all sometimes feel, just because I was focusing so much on all of the, well, hot people everywhere. Instagram, Fit Rec, West Campus in general…I am lucky to have such access to beautiful people on a regular basis! While I have no negative feelings toward […]

Hanna: Putting COM Knowledge into Practice

While classes are just about to kick off for most students, I am happy to report that I’ve been keeping busy in Boston for the past two weeks. Last semester, one of my wonderful COM professors put me in touch with a friend of hers…this friend happened to be the GM of Television Programming at […]

Hanna: A Look at BU Student Theatre

Patti Lupone. Bernadette Peters. Jeremy Jordan. Angela Lansbury. Aaron Tveit. Sutton Foster. Elaine Stritch. Did any of those names make you swoon? If so, it is probably time for you to check out some of the BU theatre groups on campus. I’m not talking CFA. Those guys are fantastic and I encourage you to check […]

Hanna: Why You Should Watch the Season 2 Premiere of Jane the Virgin this Monday, 9/8c.

Do you watch Jane the Virgin on The CW? You probably don’t. It’s on a network still aiming to shed it’s immature vibe and has an admittedly silly (yet wonderful) title. However, you should be watching, and as a Film and TV student here at BU, I feel it my duty to encourage you to […]