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Hannah C: 10 Things We Learned From Legally Blonde

Several of our COM Ambassadors (looking at you, Christy, Hali, Ethan, Megan and Hanna) and I have worked for the past few months on a show called, Legally Blonde The Musical, which is based on the movie plus a slew of ten minute dance numbers and a bit more character development. It’s funny, clever, and […]

Hannah: 11 Ways to Be a Better College Student in the New Semester

The New Year is all about resolutions.  It’s out with the old and in with the new you.  But if you’re like me, you know not to set unreachable goals.  You need to keep your expectations somewhat close to reality, so that you don’t get too discouraged and completely abandon your new and improved habits.  […]

Hannah: Social Media Realizations

I’m in a love-hate relationship with social media.  This year marked my sixth anniversary with Facebook, and I’ve had Twitter and Instagram for almost as long.  These years have proven to me that social media can be all-at-once incredibly amusing, undeniably powerful, and frustratingly deceptive. I think that if 2016 is the year of realizing […]

Hannah: The Truth About Teamwork

I laughed so hard when I first saw this on Twitter.  I could definitely relate – it’s stressful to rely on group members for their parts of the project and even more difficult to cooperate with different work styles.  But group projects are just part of college.  And teamwork is just part of life.  No matter what […]

Hannah: The LinkedIn Self-Stalk

In COM we do two things: 1) We tell stories, and 2) We gain as much experience as possible so that after graduation we can get hired to tell stories. The sum of those experiences usually tells a story itself; there’s a narrative aspect of our resumes. Once in a while, I stay up late, […]

Hannah: When (Abroad) Life Imitates Art

Here it is — my Abroad Com Blog. I always knew I would end up writing one, but I wasn’t sure when or from where. Now, it’s spring of my junior year and I’m blogging in (drum roll, please) London! It’s day one of my internship, and I’m surrounded by movie posters. At Umedia, where […]

Hannah C: Cool People You Didn’t Even Know Went to BU (And Some That You Did)

If BU’s impressive list of notable alumni didn’t influence your decision to attend the university, at least now as a current student you can enjoy the pride that comes with knowing you’ll join an awesome network when you graduate.  It’s impossible not to know about some of the superstars that once graced the sidewalks of […]

Hannah C: A Very Biased List of the Best On-Campus Jobs

When you’ve Ubered all over the city of Boston, you’ve bought all the clothes, you’ve seen every show, have eaten out every meal, and your wallet is crammed full of receipts, that’s when you know.  It’s time to get a job. Finding an on-campus job is within reach, and so are the physical jobs themselves! […]

Hannah C: Season Three

Aaand we’re back. Starting off yet another fall semester has never been better. Third time is the charm, right? Here’s hoping! The only thing cuter than my fresh new set of stationery is the fact that back-to-school always seems like the return of a long-running but beloved television show. At the start of the new […]

Hannah C: Landing the Perfect Summer Job

Only four days of classes and one exam stand between me and summer. After an amazing and sleep-depriving semester, I am so ready for it.  As the summer after my sophomore year, it’s the second time around for me, and I know what I need to do to make the most of it – including […]