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Jason: Just Go For It

Just go for it. This is the message I’d like to leave you with for my last COM Ambassador blog post.   Over the course of my four years at Boston University I’ve monitored planetary nebula at BU’s observatory in Flagstaff, lived, worked, and studied for four months in Madrid, and produced content for a […]

Jason: Countdown to the Finish!

It may be snowy here in Boston, but things are heating up for me at BU! As I mentioned in previous post this is my last semester– so anyone who knows of any job openings… Just kidding. But I’ve started to solidify my post college plans and so far things are looking pretty good. Right […]

Jason: Halloween Season in Boston

It’s nearly halfway to Halloween! If you guys didn’t know I’m pretty into the holiday and like to think of myself as an amateur expert. I’m gonna take a break from the usual stories about my work and classes here at BU to tell you about all the things you can do in and around […]

Jason: A New Year

Two weeks of school have already gone by! Let me fill you guys in on how my year is looking because it’s going to be much different than the previous three years. I’m actually only taking two classes this semester! I know what you’re thinking. Wow, someone’s got the case of senioritis. Well guess what? […]

Jason: Summer In Production

It’s summer! Well at least it almost is for you all right? We’re already coming up on a month of our summer vacation and it has been an incredible month for me. I’m currently working at a company called Spy Pond Productions. Spy Pond is a documentary production company that has produced films for PBS, […]

Jason: Docs, Concerts, and Skiing Down Comm Ave

Can you guys believe it’s already almost March? I feel like time is flying! So I promised I’d tell you all about the project I’m working on. A few weeks ago I began work on a new documentary. Over the next four months I’ll be following Boston University student and musician Peter Hung. Peter is […]

Jason: Back in the USA

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and I am back in the United States watching football. That’s right guys, COM Ambassador Jason has begun life back in the states again and everything is under full swing. I’m living in Stuvi 2 again (but in an apartment this time) and I’m taking 3 classes: Production 2, Creative […]

Jason: Madrid Retrospective

Yesterday, December 5th 2012, I officially finished my classes and my internship here in Madrid and I have 8 days left until I return to the states. As I’m sure you will here from every person who has studied abroad this has been by far the best experience I have had in my life. I […]

Jason: Madrid!

¡Hola! In case you haven´t been following COMlife, Kate and I are both abroad this semester so this blog is coming all the way from Madrid en España! Normally my blogs are more or less stream of consciousness but I´ll try to organize this one a bit because I have a lot to say. Also […]

Jason: Summer’s Coming to an End

Wow. It’s pretty crazy that the summer is almost over. As you all know I stayed in Boston for a few different reasons. My internship at WGBH has been a great experience. I have enjoyed working with the production team behind the upcoming JFK documentary and the rest of the American experience team. It has […]