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Jen: Remember that Green Day Song About Having the Time of Your Life?

Even though I do not want to admit it (because I don’t want to make it real), I am currently in my last semester in Boston. It wasn’t until today that I realized just how close the end of the semester is. I saw that I only have one month (!!) left in Boston before […]

Jen: Heartwarming Movies for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is right around the corner! This day may either bring your joy or dread. Now, if you’re going to be celebrating this day with someone you love, there is nothing better to do than get in your comfiest clothing, order take-out from your favorite restaurant (or Dominos, because hello, dining points!), and stay […]

Jen: The Scheduling Conundrum

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are turning different colors, coffee shops are beginning to offer hot apple cider, and it’s time to register for classes. Yes, that time when your inbox begins to fill up with tips on how to register for next semester’s classes and what you should and shouldn’t […]

Jen: Being Like Elle Woods and Hanging at the Harvard Film Archive

This summer I spent time going to movies, talking about movies and reading movies (can you tell what my interest/major is?). In addition to working with Boston University’s Orientation Office, I wanted to do something that involved working with film this summer. One night, after applying and getting rejected from two internships, I was scrolling […]

Jen: When One Door Opens, The Opener Comes In

  Recently, I was on the phone with my mom and she asked me what I was doing this weekend. I told her I was going to a concert and her response was “another one?! Haven’t you been to enough concerts this month?” Now, I don’t go to a ton of concerts, but I do […]

Jen: Stories Get Told Here, at the Midnight Movies

There are a plethora of things to do in Boston that suits everyone’s interests. Do you like to run? The esplanade provides a great trail with beautiful views. Do you like modern art? The Institute of Contemporary Art can help you get your fix. Do you like going to a movie theater at 12am and […]

Jen: Twenty Years, Twenty Lessons

Last Friday, I turned twenty years old. That is the strangest sentence I’ve ever typed. In the days leading up to my birthday, I felt I like I was have an almost-quarter life crisis. What have I done? I have never won the National Spelling Bee, I haven’t starred on a hit Disney Channel show, […]

Jen: The Great Boston University Egg-Off

Egg sandwiches are a staple in my diet. I probably eat between one to three egg sandwiches a week. Nothing makes me happier than a toasted breakfast bread, with crispy bacon and, a properly cooked egg. No joke, I sometimes plan my day around when I can stop by a place to buy an egg […]

Jen: A Halloween How-To Guide

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re like me, you’ve been planning for October 31st since May. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, it was a dream of mine when I was younger to go and live in Halloweentown. It’s still my dream today. Halloween is special because not only can you dress like […]

Jen: Put down that latte, you’re late!

If you’re like 99% of the human population, you have been late to something at least once in your life. Being late is just part of the human experience. I’ve been late for many things: class, birthday parties, going across the street to grab breakfast in the morning. Being late is just part of my […]