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Jimmy: Freshman Tips!

Whether it was at COM Open House, at Orientation, or even at FYSOP, someone has read you their laundry list of Freshmen year advice. You all know to “Surprise your parents with a phonecall,” “Ration your dining points,”etc.. But what about all the stuff that you only learn from years of fighting tooth and nail […]

Jimmy: Top Podcasts for FTV Students

Tired of listening to “Lemonade” on repeat while trudging up and down Commonwealth Avenue? Download some podcasts–more specifically, these film and TV centered podcasts to keep you up to date on trends and personalities! The Vulture TV Podcast I follow this one religiously. Based off the TV criticism website, The Vulture TV Podcast has a […]

Jimmy: A Plea for Local Art

On Sunday, I saw Hand to God at the SpeakEasy Stage in the South End. It was a play I heard a lot about when it first ran on Broadway, but I never got around to seeing it. This production was thrilling. The small, 200 seat theatre added to the intimacy of the horrifying, grotesque […]

Jimmy: How to Succeed Second Semester

We’re just around the corner from Winter Break… which means we’re SUPER close to the second half of the year #scary. For some, it may be a reaffirmation of the status quo. But for others, it may be the time to fine tune the image you spent 3 months creating. And for some, it may […]

Jimmy: Not So Spooky Halloween Movies!

Halloweekend is coming up soon. And for most people. it’s a time for the spooky and the scary. However, if you’re a Halloweenie like myself and need a from horror films, check out these non-scary seasonal movies! Shaun of the Dead Carefully calculated and choreographed comedy though the lens of a buddy comedy gone zombie […]

Jimmy: COMe on People!

Fun Fact: When trying to think of broader name for their newly established School of Public Relations, the 1947 Boston University Board of Trustees were stumped. All they they knew was that they really liked the three letters “C,” “O,” and “M.” After failing to arrive at a consensus, they eventually ditched the idea and […]

Jimmy: Binge-watch BU Alum Bingo

In college, “Spring Break” connotes one of two possible avenues: crazy whirlwind dream vacations with new friends OR slumming back to the family couch to binge-watch with a vengeance. And for the most of us, the latter hits closer to home But what you may not have realized is that a good deal of the […]

Jimmy: Fellow Film and TV Majors, Listen Up: Indie Cinema in the Greater Boston Area

First and foremost, welcome back to another semester at Boston University! It’s great to meet up with old friends, readjust to the frigid cold, and return to the old, familiar BU landmarks we all have come to know and love. However, I wanted to take this blog post to discuss my favorite place OUTSIDE of […]