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Joe: A Final Farewell

Well, this is it. After a very short three and a half years, my time at B.U. has come to an end. I’ve given you all my wisdom. Now it’s time for me to go out into the world and probably dump even more unwanted wisdom on you in the future. But for now, I’ll […]

Joe: Look Back At It

So here we are, just weeks away from the rest of my life. I always have said that Halloween is basically the end point of the semester, with the following weeks acting like one of those moving sidewalks in an airport. The time just seems to jump and everything is coming down to the wire […]

Joe: The Senior Citizen Club

Wow, another sappy “I’m A Senior” post. HA! WRONG! Don’t get me wrong; I am devastated that my college career is coming to an end. But in 3 short months, I will never have to write another paper again. EVER. I have spent 15 years as a student in the American education system and if […]

Joe: Why you SHOULDN’T study abroad

Imagine leaving everything you know behind to live in a foreign place for four months? Well, hold on to your hats, kids, because this guy did just that and moved to this tiny little place called London. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. But I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t abandon […]

Joe: Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Listen To This

“I feel like every time I see you, you’re stressed out about something” is a real thing someone said to me today. Like, with actual words from their mouth. But today will be different because the best time of the year is here. The ultimate party jams all mashed together it one beautiful and cohesive […]

Joe: S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D

The one thing Hollywood got right is how stressful college is. It’s a constant game of time management, while somehow still remembering to eat. Currently, I’m neglecting to eat in order to get this post in on time, so L.E. doesn’t kill me. You may be expecting some deep, emotional wisdom from this post. Don’t. […]

Joe: How to Prank Your Roommate

April Fool’s Day is one of the best days of the year. You can basically do whatever you want and get away with it. Failed a test? April Fools. Fart in public? April Fools. Rob a bank? April Fools. It’s the perfect time to test the boundaries with your roommate. By now, you’ve gotten to […]

Joe: Being Single on Valentine’s Day

As if being single wasn’t hard enough, the universe just comes along and throws this holiday in your face to remind you of your singlehood. Valentine’s Day is cool and all, but it’s no one’s favorite holiday. We kind of just accept it and wait for it to be over so we can get on […]