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Josee: For the Person Who Wants to Do It All

For your standard overachiever, attending Boston University feels like a kid in a candy store. Everywhere you turn, there’s another club that piques your interest or an event you want to go to. Each time you meet someone new, they do something really cool that you want to try. A friend’s social media post will […]

Josee: How to Endure Study Time

We’ve all done it before. With a quick glance at the homework ahead of us, it’s pretty easy to shrug it off and say: “Nah, I’ll be fine.” Transitioning into a college environment can be tricky for those new to the rigorous academic expectations that come along with a BU education. Studying can be boring, […]

Josee: Crutches on Commonwealth Ave: Surviving College as a Chronic Klutz

Most freshman look back at FYSOP (First Year Student Outreach Project) with an air of nostalgia. From wistful memories of budding friendships to the invigorating excitement of service for one’s new community, FYSOP was a time of fast-paced acceleration into the world of college. Apparently for me, it was also a time for fast-paced acceleration […]