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Julianna: Surviving the Second Half of Spring Semester

The second half of the spring semester is officially underway now that midterms (well, most of them) and spring break are over. At this time I usually find myself changing up my routine or setting a few springtime resolutions. Here are some guidelines and lifehacks to ending the school year on a successful note:   […]

Julianna: Venturing Out

Well, it’s happening. I am in the second semester of my senior year. As expected there are a lot of emotions going on at this time –– a sense of “calm before the storm” before job applications and graduation roll in. Then there are serious bouts of nostalgia –– remember that time during sophomore year when […]

Julianna: Finding my Zen in Yoga

Well, it is real: I am a SENIOR. This year has been quite an adventure so far (a semester in London, summer internship at Time Out New York), and now it just feels so great to be back in Boston. It’s the little things about Boston that make my heart skip, such as spending a […]

Julianna: Finding a Place in Journalism

Happy summer, everyone! It feels as though the days until the start of the semester are whizzing by. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was writing up features for World Travel Guide in London or spending a weekend in Prague? Now, I’m two months in (and exactly one month to go) at Time Out New […]

Julianna: Make the Most of your Internship Abroad

Hello from London! It’s been an incredible semester of traveling, exploring London and getting to learn more about myself outside of my comfort zone. Allow me to digress on the latter. As the cliche goes, studying abroad really is a life-changing experience. Since January I have tackled bouts of homesickness, eased out of culture shock […]

Julianna: The Perfect Study Mix

There is no denying it—the three weeks that follow Thanksgiving are always the busiest and most stressful of the semester. This is the time to meet deadlines for papers and projects before reading week and final exams arrive. For me, this is not only my busiest semester ever, but my busiest post-Thanksgiving/December. I believe the […]

Julianna: Real-World Neighborhood Journalism

Hey Everyone! The last you heard from me I blogged about where to brunch in Boston. Listen, I was really hungry when I wrote that post AND I firmly believe that brunching is a serious matter. Anyway…on to what I’m actually doing in my real life aside from daydreaming about lattes and homefries. Since the […]

Juliana: Where to Brunch

Hey Everyone! For those of you who were able to attend COM Open House in April, I shared during the COM Ambassador introductions that my favorite place on campus for Sunday brunch is Warren Towers dining. When I lived in east campus my freshman and sophomore years my friends and I went to brunch at […]

Julianna: How to Stay Sane

Now that it’s the middle of September I’m sure you’re already on your way to becoming a pro at this thing called college. Getting aimlessly lost in CAS and misjudging when to stop in Starbucks before class…that was so last week. Calenders begin to fill up as clubs and organizations reconvene for the school year […]

Julianna: My Journey to Israel

An Open Letter to My Fellow Travel-Hungry BU COM Kids Shalom BU COM Class of 2016! Quick re-cap of my summer away from BU: I returned to my summer office job for two months, cranked out a story a week for the college news section of NextGen Journal, got hooked on HBO’s The Newsroom, warmed […]