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Kaley: When Life Happens in the Right Place

On April 28, 2013, my dad dragged me to BU Accepted Students’ day. I had no desire to go, except for, maybe, the free bacon. As I sleepily grumbled in the passenger seat, Dad reassured me that there was no pressure. I didn’t have to like BU. I just had to give it a chance. […]

Kaley: Where to Save and Splurge in Boston

In high school I would slave away at one summer job or another. I twisted fro-yo, consoled crying kids at arts camp, and made bank as a nanny. Seventeen years old and I had a lot of purchasing power, which I more than happily exercised. Every spontaneous online purchase, though, was met with the same […]

Kaley: Danny’s Guide to Big Decisions

We’re rounding the corner. Away from late fluorescent nights in front of the computer screen. Away from walks down Comm Ave with eyes half open, feet dragging. Away from hurricaning thoughts about career paths and internships and away from nightmares about unemployment. We’re rounding the corner, into Thanksgiving break. A break that, in my opinion, […]

Kaley: An Apology Letter to the Dining Hall

Dearest BU Dining Services, I’m sorry I ever complained about your sometimes-questionable meat. I’m sorry I ended each of my first four semesters with at least 60 meals left, unused. I’m sorry I got annoyed when dining hall lines were “too long” and I’m so, so sorry that I spent my first two years at […]

Kaley: How about them Apples?

So it’s fall and you’re ready to pumpkin spice up your life -or, okay, maybe you’re just looking for an Instagram to caption with the orange leaf emoji. So understandable. Either way, look no further. That ‘gram is just a few bus rides, or, even more strategically, an Uber-pool away. You’re going apple picking. Red […]

Kaley: Your Summer 2015 Playlist

Summer is on its way, meaning that beachy Instas, Snapchat stories with the temperature filter, and the return of the somewhat embarrassing Abercrombie jean cutoffs are also on their way. These glorious summer staples, though, wouldn’t be complete without a playlist blaring in the background. Get to the beach, set Spotify to my playlist, “Summery […]

Kaley: Freshman Don’ts from an Almost-Sophomore

1. Don’t wear your BU ID around your neck. I did this until my roommate felt comfortable enough to tell me that maybe it didn’t look as cool as I thought it did. She was right, it didn’t. 2. Don’t sign up for all afternoon classes thinking you’ll go to the gym every morning before […]

Kaley: Five Reasons BU’s “City-Campus” is a Non-Issue

Preface: When I visited BU junior year, the campus scared me. It seemed too long, too straight, too nonexistent. It was also an open campus in a city, so my parents were fairly scared too. After a semester and a half, though, I’m compelled to put “city-campus” in quotes, because quite often I find myself […]

Kaley: Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment. The word makes me sound like an athlete or a member of the armed services. In BU’s spring semester, though, the word stirs images that are 100% the opposite of either: to 2,000 female students, recruitment means pink, pumps, and Pinterested décor. I decided to get involved in Greek life before I ever set […]