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Kate: COM Classes to take before you graduate

As Fall 2016 class registration rounds the corner (for those of you not graduating #blessed), many COM students turn to friends and older classmates to ask what classes to take and which professors to take it with. Here’s a round up of some favorite COM classes, from a graduating senior (me!). Media Relations (CM441): I […]

Kate: Tips and tricks for LinkedIn newbies or veterans

LinkedIn becomes more and more important for young professionals as they continue their college careers. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, its never too early (or late) to build up a professional network through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to maintain connections with previous co-workers and supervisors, keep a list of your […]

Kate: How to spend this summer in Boston

If you love BU as much as I do, I bet you’re wondering how you can stay on campus or in Boston all year round. I have spent my past 2 summers in Boston working for BU’s Community Service Center through the BU Orientation summer leadership opportunities. The 2016 summer leadership opportunities include BU orientation […]

Kate: Getting off campus this October

Congratulations, BU 2019! You’ve made it through your first month as a COM freshman at BU. In this first month, you’ve probably made some great friends on your floor and you’ve also probably gotten a little more comfortable navigating the Charles River campus aka you know where the closest Starbucks is at all times. Well […]