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L.E.: Reflecting as a Senior

I just started my senior year at BU, and like most seniors, I’m starting to reflect on the journey that led me to this very moment. In just 3 short years, my life has changed more than I could have ever imagined. After a very thorough search for Film and Television schools that would help […]

L.E.: Life in La La Land

Unfortunately, I’m the first on the list of “abroad posts” so I haven’t been gone tooooo long. But I’ll do my best to share as much of my experience so far that I can. So without further ado….. HELLO FROM LOS ANGELES!!!! I’m currently taking part in the BU LA Study Abroad program. Although I […]

L.E.: Unconventional Internships

This summer I made the unconventional decision for a Film & TV major and accepted an internship that was “technically” a Public Relations internship. I spent my summer as a Social Media Intern for Boston Children’s Hospital. Every time someone in the office asked me what my major was they would expect me to say […]

L.E.: The best part of my sorority experience

Being from Florida, I was pretty familiar with the idea of Greek life. I knew that Greek life was not as popular at BU as it was in the south, so I didn’t feel obligated to go through sorority recruitment. When I got to BU, I met so many amazing and inspiring women who happened […]

L.E.: COM’s Most Special Classes

For Film & Television majors there are so many interesting classes that you can choose from that are listed on the degree requirement form. However, what a lot of eager film-gurus do not realize is that there are additional special topics courses that are offered each semester. These special topics vary semester to semester and get specific […]

L.E.: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

There are roughly 16 weekends in a semester, and although Boston holds endless opportunities for weekend adventures, being in the North East provides a plethora of options to get out of town for a mini vacation. I’m originally from Florida, the land where you need to own a car to get around, so I never […]

L.E.: Why I need Inspiration and people like Stephen Colbert

Last night was the premiere of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I have been watching Colbert on television for as long as I can remember and I could confidently say that he is a leading factor in why I am here at BU. Now Colbert isn’t an alumnus, nor is COM directly related to […]