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Megan: My Favorite Place in Boston is a Rock

My favorite place in Boston is a rock. Now, it isn’t just any rock, in fact, you have to do a little bit of traveling to get there. You start the journey at the entrance to the Long Wharf, by the Marriott hotel and Faneuil Hall. Follow the wharf down until you approach the water… […]

Megan: What BU’s Orientation Taught Me

This past summer, I had the absolute joy and pleasure to work as a Student Advisor for COM at BU Orientation. I broke out of the COM bubble I usually find myself in and formed friends in every single school at Boston University (which was great for me since I love friendship!) In fact, some […]

Hi New COM Students!

Hey everyone, and welcome to COM! We are so excited for you to join us for a fantastic four years at Boston University. This blog is run by the COM Ambassadors detailing our experiences with all things Boston and BU, from the best places to eat or study to ways we deal with stress, or […]

Megan: How I Handle Stress

We’ve entered a very busy time of year, and sometimes it can be very difficult to juggle everything us college kids have on our plates. From our extracurriculars to our internships, and from our classes to preparing to be people in the real world, stress happens. A lot! It has taken me a long time […]

Megan: My Winter Break Movie Ratings

Winter break is an absolutely incredible time of year. College students go home to their families, eat lots of food for the holidays, sleep every day away, and catch up on all the movies they didn’t have time to see during the semester. At least, that’s what I did for an entire month. And, if […]

Megan: Get Fit for the Small Price of Your College Tuition

As a college student with a tiny income, I really want to do things that are free. Also as a college student, I don’t go to the gym half as much as I should, but who really has time? BU actually has a free way to force you to go to the gym! Yep, I’m talking […]

Megan: Dealing with 8 AM Classes

8 a.m. A time that strikes fear in the hearts of many a college student forced to wake up way too early and pay attention way too long before the sun has officially woken up for the day. 8 a.m. classes strike in different ways. Some are requirements, and some are classes you really want […]

Megan: What Is It Like to Know a COM Student?

Hey guys, its Megan again! So as you may or may not know, us COM students can get pretty passionate about what we’re studying, and we really love to talk about it. So I thought, what would my non-COM friends have to say about my educational experience here at BU? For background: I am a […]

Megan: The Movies I’m Most Excited to See in 2016

Welcome to my first blog post! While as a freshman I am still fairly new to the whole—college—thing, one aspect of my life that has remained the same is my love of movies (hence why I’m a Film and Television major!). I saw the new Star Wars movie five times in theatres, and if that’s […]