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Samantha: Off campus cooking: Recipes that are great for both your wallet and your palate.

Living with a dining plan can be lots of fun — unlimited servings of your favorite BU dishes, dining points to spend at your leisure and, of course, no dishes. However, dining plans are sometimes excessive, expensive and not worth having if you live in an apartment. As a vegetarian, I also found myself having […]

Samantha: Study Abroad Emotions

When you’re preparing for a semester abroad, it feels like you have all the time in the world. How will you pack clothing for four months in one suitcase? Which “must-do” lists are worth keeping in mind? How will you arrange your semester so you can try every cafe/see every museum/attend every musical all at […]

Sam: Chrismas Carols with a Quirk

That special time of year has finally come around. Comm Ave. feels like an icy wind tunnel, holiday decorations are popping up around the city and Christmas music is constantly playing no matter where you go. No offense, card-carrying carolers, but listening to the same tunes every year drives me totally bonkers. If you’re like […]

Samantha: Love in the time of Polar seltzer

I’ve read so many articles this year about the La Croix craze and how a sparkling seltz is scientifically proven to better quench your thirst. La Croix, la *yawn.* For me, it’s all about bae: Polar seltzer. One of my favorite parts about moving to Boston for college has to do with this bubbly drink and family-owned brand. I’m […]

Samantha: Five ways my co-op changed my life

As everyone is getting back into the academic mindset, settling their class schedules and falling back into their routines for the semester, my life has taken a slightly different path. My weeknights are no longer spent in study rooms or at club meetings. Instead, I spend my time at the city desk of The Boston […]

Sam: Why I take a one-second video every day

It’s come to that point in the year where writing “2016” on paper ceases to be awkward and it becomes more and more apparent that time is flying by. I just officially declared my major (Yay! Journalism!) and I’m looking for a summer internship, but sometimes it still feels like I never even graduated high […]