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Sarah: California Dreaming

Hey, guys! I hope you are all enjoying a lovely northeast fall and lots of Dunkin’ pumpkin spice lattes (two things I’m really missing at the moment). After spending last spring in London, I’m currently tackling my second semester abroad – this time with a lot less tea and a lot more sunshine. I’m spending […]

Sarah: Mastering the Skype Interview

Hey there, terriers! I hope you are all having a fabulous (and not too rainy) summer! After spending the semester in London, I decided to spend my summer working, writing and relaxing at home before the big move out to LA. In preparation for my second semester “abroad,” I’ve had to face a particular challenge […]

Sarah: Things I’ve Learned Abroad

Hey there, terriers! Long time no see! To those of you recently accepted to Boston University – congratulations! You are among the best and brightest in your class, and your reward will be the best four years of your life! At exactly this time three years ago, I was about to turn 18, had just […]

Sarah: How to be Funny

Last semester, I waved a bittersweet goodbye to my required courses. This semester, I loaded up on Film & TV electives and hit the ground running. It’s been a hectic semester, but in the best way possible. All my classes are practical and very hands-on (and don’t have finals!). In my production class, I made […]

Sarah: Production 1

Now a first semester junior, I have been putting off Production I for some time. I’ve had quite a bit of experience with production in the past, but always as a production assistant. I observed first-hand how much work goes into directing your own film. I’m currently enrolled in Production I and shot my final […]

Sarah: A Boston Halloween

There is no place like New England in the fall. The air becomes a bit cooler, the trees change color and you’ve survived your first round of midterms. But most importantly, Halloween is approaching – and there is no place like Boston for Halloween. Here are some of my picks for the best Halloween activities […]

Sarah: The Best Non-COM Classes I’ve Taken

In my experience, if there is one thing freshman want to know going into their first and second semesters here at BU, it is what classes to take. We hear a lot about all of the great COM classes to take, and there are plenty, but there are tons of hidden gems throughout all of […]

Sarah: Surviving the First Week

Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe the Fall semester is almost upon us! Where did the summer go? While I was beyond excited to start college my first semester, I was also a little nervous. Big changes can be a stressful. Here are a few tips to make that first week a little easier. Check […]

Sarah: Tales of a Nicktern

Hey there terriers! Whatever you find yourselves doing this summer, I hope you’re making it fun and meaningful. Make these next few weeks count – fall will sneak up on us before we know it! Your first summer after your first year of college tends to go a bit differently than the previous, especially if […]

Sarah: Free (and legal!) Movies on Campus

We all love free stuff, and as college students, we have plenty of it available. At any given campus event, you might walk away with flip cam, a gift card or, best of all, a free t-shirt. While I welcome all free things, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a free movie. Here are […]