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Sophia: Why I’ve Seen “It” in Theaters Three Times (and may even go again)

To be mainstream, or not to be mainstream. That is the question. As a communications major (and especially as a journalist), I am enthralled by this inclusive, all-encompassing, addicting world we’ve created on social media. Gen X and Baby Boomers are constantly stumped by Instagram and Twitter, citing them as silly and egotistical. But we’re […]

Sophia: The Sophomore Slump

“Why am I always so tired?” I had grumbled last week, taking a seat next to my friend in Mugar. However, she just ignored me and continued working, her pen scratching across the notecards in front of her. As a senior, she did not like to feed into my academic-based complaints, especially when I came […]

Sophia: Valentine’s Day deals for the cheap, single folk at BU

The best part of Valentine’s Day is the obnoxious (and amazing) amount of discounted food and crazy, silly events available for the young and in love. Except this year, you can get all these amazing perks by having a healthy sense of humor and love for yourself, your friends, and free food. Here are some […]