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Stacy: Boston on a Budget

It’s no secret that Boston can be expensive. With finals season approaching, you might need to take a study break or two. Rather than stay indoors or just get the usual Sunset or Super 88 with your squad…. why don’t you go on an adventure too? There are plenty of free things to do, especially […]

Stacy: How to Enjoy Your Last Semester of College:

It is hitting us seniors at all different times… and it hit me during this past week on Spring Break with all my friends… that WE ARE GRADUATING! While the real world and future opportunities are exciting and around the corner, leaving college can be sad, depressing and a little bit scary. Never again will […]

Stacy: Things to Know About Studying Abroad in Washington DC

“Abroad” usually means across the pond or even across the border… but I chose to stay in the U.S. and study abroad in D.C. for the fall of my senior year. This was 100 percent the right decision for me. And yes, there is more to D.C. than politics and the National Mall. The first […]

Stacy: ~My Life Changing ‘Walking Down Comm Ave’ Playlist ~

My playlist filled with 70s, 80s and more will change any day into a better one. Bad weather? Check. Got a bad grade? No problem. In a fight with a friend? You won’t remember after listening to these songs in this specific order.  Enjoy, it’s my gift you: Everyday People – Sly & The Family […]

Stacy: A New Perspective

Sometimes life events happen that shift your entire perspective. For me, I just had one of these shifts. I lost one of my best friends from home on Valentine’s Day, and it was, and still is, the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. I never thought I would lose someone so close to me so young. […]

Stacy: The 5 Stages of Grief after Ending an Internship

So you’re interning at your dream company… and you are having an amazing time. But suddenly you get the e-mail telling you the password to your work e-mail is about to expire. You also get the e-mail from your internship coordinator in COM giving you the end of the semester paperwork to receive internship credit. […]


With October behind us, winter is coming. Before it gets too cold to frolic outside and adventure without wearing parkas… here is a list to make sure you’re covering all your bases this year in enjoying the fall weather: 1. Apple Picking Not only will you get those ~basic~ instas and a new profile picture… […]

Stacy: How to Read the News as a Busy College Student

Reading the news is one of the most important things you can do as a COM major. Whether it’s local news, campus news, national news or beyond… as a communications major you are expected to know about breaking news before other people. For some, reading the news comes naturally. For others, it’s a bit more […]

Stacy: No plans yet for summer? Do NOT fear!

For those who still haven’t made summer plans – don’t freak out! You still have time. While many deadlines have passed, there are still opportunities out there for you to seize! Here are some places to consult and ideas to consider: COM Career Services! They have a list of jobs and internships, alumnus to network […]

Stacy: Pre-Summer To Do List

  The weather is nice, spring is in the air (or was a few days ago… typical Boston) and the summer season is right around the corner. You know what that means… time to go out to eat, explore and “treat yo self “(Parks and Recreation reference). So I’ve compiled a list of last minute […]