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Taylor: BUcket list

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Life across the pond has been transformative. When you hear the words ‘Study Abroad’ don’t shove it off, instead embark on the experience.   1. The classes are extraordinary. Students are taught by spectacular instructors with a wealth of experience and credibility. Who ever thought 4-hour classes could be enjoyable? +For my core journalism course […]

Taylor: When the Tests Come Marching In…

The seasonal change from summer to fall sets off a one-word alarm for me…MIDTERMS.  No need for panic, there are tons of things to do on campus that will help you release tension and anxiety. The first test of the semester is nerve wrecking for all. BUT …there are the things that you can do […]

Taylor: COM is Magical

Life is becoming extremely surreal for me at the moment. About two years ago, I shared the same nervousness and enthusiasm as many of you. I can recall drafting lists with ideas on how to decorate my room, bulleting last minute items to purchase, and stalking the information pages of extracurricular clubs I found interesting. […]

Taylor: Housing Near COM!

Hello again! As the semester spirals to a close small letters plague university mailboxes announcing housing selection dates and times. Last year I panicked at the notice reminding me that I needed to choose a new residential area BUT there are so many cool housing options. Here’s what I consider the top four places to […]

Taylor: Miss COM-geniality

The yearning for WORLD PEACE isn’t absent from my mind as I compete, with the scholarly and ever-dashing Christopher Schretzenmayer, in the 2013 Mr. & Ms. BU pageant. I am extremely humbled to be bestowed the title Ms. COM; words literally can’t express my gratitude to all the many congratulatory text messages and Facebook posts […]

Taylor: Got News?

New Year. New Students. New Roles. NEWS…is the first word that enters my mind in the morning and sweeps my dreams at night. Radio has become a silent killer taking over every aspect of my heart. I am the news director for the student-run campus radio program WTBU (which recently won Station of the Year […]

Taylor: The Final Countdown

It’s that time of the year. Time for major investments in flashcards, increased coffee consumption, and constant professor office hour visits.  Students are on the prowl for nice study spots and BU has a lot of options with open space. Tips for selecting your study spots: try to stay away for the most common study […]

Taylor: November Has Me All Shook Up!

Boston is a melting pot filled with thoughts and experiences of a lifetime, and it has me constantly in BURNING LOVE. I could not have imagined myself in any other place than this Commonwealth during the 2012 elections. The amount of canvassing and advertising, the sheer thrill of being near the headquarters of a presidential […]

Taylor: COM is a Networking Toolbox

During my childhood, I’d habitually attend “Disney on Ice.” I can recall the sensation of wearing my Toy Story T-shirt and proudly buzzing the lightening toys sold at the event. During those moments, I genuinely felt a connection with the adult performers parading like toddlers around the rink. During those minutes, nothing could distract my […]