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Tiffany: Signing Off

It’s been an unforgettable 4 years. As my time here as a BU student comes to a close with graduation right around the corner, I find myself spending a lot of time reflecting on my experiences and have come to the realization that throughout my time here, I’ve been given a lot to be thankful […]

Tiffany: COM Open House!

Congratulations to those who were recently accepted to apart of the COM Class of 2017! You have now been faced with the important decision of where you should attend college and spend the next four years. On Saturday, April 13th and 20th, COM is having our Open House events for our admitted students. Even if […]

Tiffany: Producing Elements XIII–A Hip Hop Dance Competition

On Saturday, February 16th, a year’s worth of hard work and planning will come to fruition as my dance team, Fusion, hosts the largest hip hop dance competition on the east coast for the 4th year in a row. For an entire year now, my fellow teammates and I have been working out logistics with […]

Tiffany: From TV to Tablets

Welcome back to school, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful first week of classes and are excited for the upcoming semester. I know that I sure am looking forward to making this semester (my last semester) an extremely memorable one. I’m particularly excited for my last chance to learn from the incredibly knowledgeable […]

Tiffany: ‘Tis the Season

As the semester winds down, most students are preoccupied with final exams, projects, and papers and often forget how beautiful the city of Boston is during this time of year. Although academic assignments are of the utmost importance, take some time to explore and cherish the city during the holiday season. Here are some of […]

Tiffany: Fusion Practice Makes Perfect

Although midterm season was full of hectic and busy days, the hard work does not stop at the end of midterms. Right as my midterms wrapped up, my dance team, Fusion Hip Hop Dance Troupe, kicked it into high gear to prepare to debut our new set. Each semester, my dance team produces a new […]

Tiffany: Midterm De-Stressers

It’s about that time in the semester where the academic work load has gotten heavier with midterm exams/projects that won’t seem to end until its time for finals to begin. But not to fear because I have come up with a list of some of my favorite midterm de-stressers! Just because I have exams and […]

Tiffany: There’s Always Time to Eat!

Only have a quick break in between classes? Growing bored of the dining hall? Just want something delicious and affordable to eat? You are in luck because the food trucks outside the COM building are the perfect solution! Everyday there is a food truck located right in front of COM that serves tasty, affordable, and […]

Tiffany: Document Everything

I hope you’re all enjoying your last weeks of summer before school begins in just a few short weeks! As my senior year is quickly approaching (yikes!), I’ve found myself having many talks with friends about how great the past 3 years were and trying to relive the memories through photos, Facebook wall-to-walls, old blog […]

Tiffany: My Summer at Digitas – Mad Men In Real Life

Greetings from one of those big, tall, fancy buildings in downtown Boston! This week marks my 7th week interning at Digitas, a leading global advertising agency that pioneered the digital age in advertising. I along with 24 other interns from all sorts of different backgrounds, universities, and interests are working across the many different capabilities […]