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Amy: How to Avoid the End of the Year Slump

After we get back from spring break feeling like we could use another week or two away from exams and homework, it seems like everyone hits a wall with work. I won’t lie, I feel myself hitting it now. The sun starts to come out, everyone starts talking about summer plans, and the end of […]

Christy: Keep Busy to Keep Up!

One valuable lesson I’ve recently learned is in order to keep up and have success in my school work I must keep busy. In high school I was always very busy. I would have ballet classes or rehearsals and musical rehearsals that occupied much of my time. When I wasn’t training or rehearsing I was […]

Jen: Oh My Spotify!

Frank Sinatra once said, “Life always calls for a good playlist.” Okay…he didn’t say that, but it’s true! Recently, many artists have been releasing new music for the spring. Which means there is new music to add to your playlists! Making playlists is fun but stressful. With thousands of songs on Spotify and iTunes, new […]

Tyler: Summer Quandaries

As everyone who’s anyone already knows, admissions decisions for Boston University’s class of 2019 were released this weekend. Woo, new Terriers! In light of the big decision thousands of high school students will have to make over the next couple of weeks, I’ve decided to compile a list that should help all of us approach […]

Sara: Take Risks

I wish someone told me this three years ago when I started BU. That’s not to say I didn’t take risks – I traveled across the country to LA and interned in a city where I didn’t know a soul. The next summer I took an internship I knew I wouldn’t be in love with […]

Chris: March Madness–A Bittersweet Ending

Nearly three years ago when I first got to BU I pictured myself as a journalism student, but very quickly found myself changing my mind and going into advertising. At the same time I thoroughly enjoyed sports journalism and did not want to give it up completely. Luckily for me, BU held “Splash,” which is […]

L.E.: Take Care of Yourself

The transition from living at home into the first year of college can be trying at times since you are forced to take on a new environment by yourself. I have found that one of the biggest struggles of being away from home is getting sick.  I went from living 365 days in heat and […]

Claire: Spring Break with BU ASB

Wondering what to do over your spring break? Looking for a cheaper alternative to flying home? Interested in service and making friends that will last a lifetime?  DO BU’S ALTERNATIVE SERVICE BREAK! I just came back from Greenville, South Carolina after spending a wonderful week volunteering with underprivileged youth. In the afternoons my service group […]

Claudia: Exploring Indoor Boston

Spring Break has come and gone. Whether you spent a week in Florida lounging by the pool, hitting the slopes in Colorado, or even relaxing at home, it was probably warmer than Boston. I arrived at Logan Airport late Sunday night, landing to “freezing temperatures.” Ok, it was actually 40 degrees, but that was cold […]

Hannah C: If You’re a Bostonian, You Need to Watch These Movies

Movies become ten times more fun for me to watch when I recognize their settings, especially places I go often. There’s nothing like watching a scene, nodding and saying, “Yep. I’ve been there.” So having lived in Boston for the past four semesters, I make a point to check out Boston-based movies, and I’ve created […]