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Hanna: BU at the Oscars

And the Academy Award goes to…Boston University! Just kidding, that wouldn’t make sense. But it sure seems like someone should give our university an honorable Oscar or something! This award season, BU alumni are ruling the nomination game. From producers to actors, former students have worked on some of the best films of the year. […]

Aidan: Oscar Noms…nom nom nom

Its awards season, folks, and we are Com Students. Our time is now. With the Oscar nominees for best picture out, I am sure a lot of you have started to plan Oscar Parties. I have taken it upon myself to help you all brainstorm some fun, Oscar-Inspired dishes for your prospective parties that are […]

Kerri: The Boston Spirit

Although I am from New Jersey and a die-hard Giants fan, I have to say that the atmosphere during Boston sports teams’ games is contagious and hard not to enjoy. With the Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl it is a great opportunity to experience the livelihood and tight-knit community of the city. Here are […]

Aidan: The Do’s & Don’ts of Getting Into the Holiday Spirit at School

Hey everyone, it is Aidan again. As we enter December, it becomes that festive time of the year where snow falls, carols are sung, and decorative sweaters take the forefront of our closets. If you are like me, THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS WHERE WE COME ALIVE!! Sorry, I’m just very excited. But Christmas and the […]

DJ: Coffeeshop Soundtrack for Studying

At the end of last semester, I gave you my ultimate playlist for “Study Dance Breaks” which I still think are the key to surviving finals. However, I know that you can’t always jam out while trying to get through the dozens of pages of reading you put off until this week. To help get […]

Tyler: How My Thanksgiving Meal Represents My Last Semester At BU

Meat and potatoes: The literal meat and potatoes are the crux of a classic Thanksgiving meal. The proverbial “meat and potatoes” represent my classes and my job — the two things I’ll overwhelm myself with most. Naturally, there is a selection of meats (classes) from which to choose, and I have different feelings about each. […]

Kaley: You vs. End of Semester Slacking

Anyone else come back to Boston with a new voice in the back of their head? One that’s constantly reminding you that the semester’s basically over and you could probably get away with sliding by for the next week and a half? That voice is pretty persuasive. We have a week and a half left […]

Sara: Where to Find the Best Hot Chocolate & Holiday Cheer

Trust me, I get this is the most stressful time of the semester. You DON’T want to camp out in the library and do work for hours on end, but the inevitable must happen. This isn’t to say you should forget the reward of finishing school in 3 short weeks. WINTER BREAK! Among the hours […]

10 Things BU Students Can Be Thankful For

Even though Thanksgiving has past, it is never too late to look around and be thankful for what we have!   1. The view from StuVi2  It just never gets old. 2. The BUS now runs on Saturdays Starting this semester the shuttle now runs an extra day — a lifesaver in the winter months. […]

Amy: How to Deal With Craziness

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again. The leaves turn colors, it’s time to pull sweater out, and we hit those few weeks before finals where everything seems to get so busy you can’t get anything done. When you do get to this point, with exams and projects and clubs piling up, you need a […]