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Kerri: Internships & Networking

It’s that time of the semester where you are constantly being notified of the different Career Expos and Networking Events going on. From round table discussions to informational tables, companies are seeking out the most qualified students to fill their internship and job positions. This past week the Center for Career Development hosted the Fall […]

Amy: Heading to the Head of the Charles?

This weekend, Boston was host to one of my favorite events, the Head Of The Charles Regatta. It may not have the intensity and fame of the Boston Marathon, but I think it has a similar effect for many people. For two days, Bostonians and visitors from all over gather to watch the races, stroll […]

Stacy: My Weekend With My Parents

Hey everyone! I hope everyone survived midterms and is loving this beautiful fall season! Last weekend my parents visited Boston so I thought it would be helpful to blog about what we did, which will hopefully be helpful when family and friends visit you!   BU Bookstore: My parents wanted to get more BU gear […]

Kevin: Boston Public Library Book Sales, a Hidden Gem

The Boston Public Library is an awesome place to hang out. Whether you’re a bookworm and want to search through the millions of books (not an exaggeration, it’s the 2nd largest public library in the US) or you just want to get a coffee and sit in the courtyard, it’s easy to lose track of […]

Taylor: A Guide for Parent’s Weekend

It is incredibly easy to become stuck within Terrier Nation.  Don’t get me wrong I love showing visitors our fitness center and million dollar dining area but Boston is nicknamed the walking city for a reason.  There’s a wealth to explore. I used my MBTA pass at record amounts during a recent family visit. With […]

Hanna A: Film Student “Firsts”

The College of Communication at BU focuses heavily on giving students a well-rounded education. For the first two semesters, everyone must take general COM courses to introduce all fields offered within the college. We also take a variety of liberal arts courses, and not only does this style of introduction help solidify our choices of […]

DJ: In Defense of Quitting

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been the type of person who always gets involved with everything possible. Perhaps it’s because of my extreme FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but I’ve always tried to join every student group that seemed interesting to me. I remember attending Splash last year for the first time and […]

Kaley: Thrifting in Boston

At the beginning of freshman year, I made an observation as I walked down Comm Ave. As far as wear-to-class apparel goes, every female outfit at BU falls in to one of three categories: trendy athletic clothes, trendy real clothes, or the most-rare BU t-shirt and jeans. As a freshman from a small-town public school […]

Jon: The Hub of Music

Jonesing to hear some great music? Whether you’ve got a taste for Rock, Americana, Electro, Jazz or anything in between, Boston has got you covered. A host of live venues are just steps from BU’s campus, ranging from $5 indie shows to big name headliners. Venture over the river to Cambridge, and you’ll find even […]

Tyler: Being Happy and Not Sad

They say if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in life. Well, “they” can shut up because I don’t want to hear about acute semantic vagaries. “They” might as well just tell me “if you’re happy then you won’t be sad,” and since everyone, ideally, gets a job, I think I could’ve […]