Kerri: Fall Adventures

One thing you’ll definitely regret is if you don’t take advantage of the city and the events happening this month before the winter weather arrives! Before you know it, snow and ice will blanket Comm. Ave. and the only thing you’ll want to be doing is snuggling up under your comforter with Netflix… Here are a few things you can do before November ends!

Walk The Freedom Trail!

Attention history buffs! The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile tail that leads you to 16 historically significant sites. It is especially beautiful during the fall with the autumn leaves and cool breezes. Explore the trail with a group of friends and make the most of the last weeks of bearable Boston weather.

Newbury Street

If you haven’t made it down to Newbury Street yet, make the trip before it gets too cold! Lined with shops and restaurants, this area of Boston is a perfect place to spend your Saturday or Sunday. It’s also not too cold yet if you haven’t tried Emack & Bolio’s famous ice cream.

Harpoon Brewery

For those who are legal, a visit to the Harpoon Brewery is a must! I personally love seasonal beers (gingerbread inspired, pumpkin, octoberfest, etc.) so a visit to the brewery during the fall is always on my to-do list. Harpoon offers an hour tour of the brewery for only $5, which includes samplings of their beers.

Emerald Necklace Tour

If you love to bike, this is the perfect activity for you! The Emerald Tour is NOT for the beginner though. It is a three-hour tour and covers at least 15 miles. But if this is right up your alley, take advantage of the next few weeks!

Steph: Best Coffeeshops On Campus

Of course there is a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts on nearly every corner of Boston, but why not expand your horizons and discover a great new coffee spot?

Pavement Coffeehouse

In addition to it’s awesome coffee and atmosphere, Pavement also has a delicious salad and sandwich selection. I love to pop over in between classes to grab a bite to eat, or even go in on a Sunday morning for breakfast and some homework.


Located in South Campus, Tatte looks like Pinterest lover’s dream version of a pastry shop. Their perfect rustic aesthetic and genuinely beautiful pastries form a great little spot to get away from it all. Pro tip: get the mocha. They use chocolate shavings!

Blue State Coffee

A fan favorite over in West Campus, Blue State coffee is good food and drink with a good cause. A percentage of all profits go to charity, so you don’t have to feel bad blowing all your money on caffeine!



Aidan: The Beauty of Free Time

Hey Com-mandos, it’s Aidan again. This weekend, something magical (and weirdly horrifying) happened to me. I’ve been a part of a production of a musical, Urinetown, for the past two months. This show sucked up all my time: weekends, nights after classes, all of it. But this Saturday, as the curtain closed on my final performance, another curtain opened, revealing all the free time I now have.

And it terrifies me.

What do I do with free time? Should I take up crocheting? Magic? Sleight of Hand? My mind is filled with anxiety and confusion over not having anything to do with myself. BUT, its going to be okay.

Some other COM students out there might be like me; always wanting to be busy to avoid that moment when you realize you have nothing to do. Before this week, having nothing to do scared me stiff.

HOWEVER, I am here to tell you today that free time is a good thing. All my com-rades, heck, all of BU: Take some time for yourself. Catch up on Netflix, go out and buy more underwear so you aren’t doing laundry every four days, eat all three meals that you should have been eating. Dare I say it, go to the gym.  Free time means more time to focus on the most important thing: you. So relax, all my scheduling nerds. Take this moment to take a breath, re-focus, and find ways to improve you. Take this moment to get your life in order. Then, when you feel all good and comfy, plunge into the next great challenge.

Hannah: Fall Planning

Fall is in full-swing at BU and aside from the foliage and midterms, it tends to be a pretty ‘future’ oriented time for students. College is an overlap of three types of planning: Class Planning, Internship Planning and Job Planning.

The first one, class planning, is pretty straightforward. The more you plan and register, the easier the process becomes. There is such a thing as too much registration planning though. If you eat, sleep, breathe on the studentlink planner that does not mean that you will get every class you stalked for the past month. It’s not the end of the world though either. The key part of registration is a balancing act. This is an act Donald really has down in his latest blog post: .

Internship Planning can be a little bit hazy for students, especially if they’re not familiar with the Boston area or the agencies, news stations, and production offices here (like myself). A good first step is an everyday Google search. Get familiar with the internship opportunities in the area and find a company that vibes with your personality. Don’t necessarily eliminate places that don’t fit your plan perfectly, but it’s also good to have a target company. Next run a LinkedIn search to find a BU alum at that company that you could potentially reach out to for an informational interview. From there head on over to COM Career Services, edit your resume and cover letter and apply, apply, apply.  This is definitely a case where the more time you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. If it’s your first time trying for an internship don’t limit yourself, still apply to every place you even dream of interning at, but again – don’t be afraid to applying to those second or third row options. Just applying for internships is good practice for our third fall preparation phase: THE JOB SEARCH.

The job search can seem like a daunting never ending cycle, but the sooner you get on board, the easier it’ll make the transition. BU also has tons of helpful resources to ease this process. First, there’s a COM networking panel every fall and a COM Job Fair every spring hosted by COM Career Services. The networking panel in the fall helps you build connections before the job fair in the spring where you get a better idea of what jobs are currently available for you post-graduation. Another option is visiting COM Career directly. They can help you search the job database, prep for interviews and help get all your ducks in a row. Lastly, talk to your professors. Over your four years at BU, you will build invaluable relationships with highly-qualified professionals within the same job field you’re trying to break into. Don’t let these connections go to waste.

With that – happy future planning and don’t forget to soak up the last of fall, before that winter wind is here.

DJ: A Freshman’s Guide to Registering for Classes

Registering for classes can be pretty scary. That’s probably why advisors are there to assist you when you register for your first semester of classes at orientation. However, when you register for the spring semester, you’re left completely on your own. But don’t fear – here’s a list of tips for getting through your first registration:

  1. Make sure you’re completing as many requirements as possible. Now, that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t take interesting classes, but make sure you’re aware of what courses you need to graduate. For example, you may have already completed your history requirement with an AP test in high school, so you do not have to take more history classes if you do not want to. It would stink to get halfway through next semester and realize that a class you thought was satisfying a requirement actually wasn’t.
  2. Think about how you function best in your daily schedule when picking times for classes. One of the best parts of registration is that you pick what time you want to take classes at. As someone who doesn’t study well during one-hour breaks in the day, I always try to schedule classes back-to-back so I don’t have breaks. However, if you eat snacks a lot during the day and get burnt out after a 90-minute lecture, you should schedule breaks. Additionally, if you are not able to concentrate in the evening, take more morning classes. Sometimes you have to sacrifice timing to get into a certain class, but for the most part, you have a lot of flexibility here.
  3. Research your professors! This is arguably one of my most important tips because a professor can truly make or break a class. Websites like can be helpful to get a feel for what classes might seem like, but be careful when reading through comments. Some of them can be years old, and some students could write very negative reviews for very ridiculous reasons. My best advice would be to try to find other people who have taken courses with those professors in the past. Talking to them in person can give you a great feel for what the course and the professor are actually like.
  4. Use the “Planner” option under the “Registration” tab on the StudentLink so all of your classes are pre-loaded when you go to register. When the StudentLink unlocks during your registration time, you have the option of registering for the courses you put into your planner. This is the quickest and best way to register for classes because if you don’t utilize the planner you have to individually search for each course one at a time.
  5. Stay calm! Although registration can seem really scary, in the end your schedule will work out. You can always schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in COM Student Services to find out what exact courses you need to take. Also, be sure to reach out to upperclassmen in COM or your COM Ambassadors who have registered before if you still have lingering questions. And even if you can’t get into a course you really wanted to take, always remember that most courses will be offered again and you will have plenty of time to take them before you graduate!

Anneliese: Kiwi Anthems

As a music nerd, I’ve asked almost every Kiwi I’ve met during my four months here, “What are some good bands/artists from New Zealand?” One of my bosses tried to give me some suggestions, emphasizing that I had to give a listen to Die! Die! Die!. So, when I found myself in Melbourne over semester break and saw that they were playing a gig, I stopped by the Ding Dong Lounge for a listen. Unfortunately, my wee eardrums couldn’t handle the splitting, dissonant rock and I dashed out of there after the second opener, hoping to save what cilia I had left. Clearly, Die! Die! Die! were not for me. Not to be discouraged, I continued my mission upon returning to Auckland.

I approached my other boss for suggestions, since I admire his style. Unfortunately, his jaded, pessimistic response was, “The music scene in New Zealand is dying a slow and painful death these days.” The optimist in me couldn’t accept that to be true, so that weekend I asked some guys I met at a party for some of their homeland favorites. A couple of them mumbled the names of some bands I swore were actually Australian—and they were. Bummer.

A couple of weeks later, my roommate’s coworker offered up some hip-hop artists, to whom, quite frankly, I don’t feel qualified to listen being the awkward, rhythm-less girl that I am. My coworker Hazel was finally able to suggest a couple of options that I ended up liking, but I knew if I was going to fill a healthy Spotify playlist that would remind me of beautiful Aotearoa once I’m back in the States, I’d have to turn to the Internet for answers. Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite Kiwi songs that I’ve discovered:

“Killing You” – BROODS

BROODS are probably the second biggest Kiwi act to gain some buzz in the States after Lorde. The brother-sister, indie-pop duo released their debut album Evergreen this August. “Killing You” has the potential to be a bit of a cliché, “I miss you” melodrama, with lyrics like “It’s killing me, it’s killing you, ‘cause I wish you were here.” However, the combination of Georgia’s stunning voice, accented by subtly sweet backing vocals, the pristine production, and ethereal ambience result in a moving, perfectly crafted pop song.

“Everything to Me” – Lips

Stephanie Brown, who performs as the electro-soul act Lips, is known for her “knack for capturing the bittersweet nuances of life and putting them to song” with a tinge of sly humor. This slow jam has a haunting quality that is simply hypnotizing.

“Bob Lennon John Dylan” – The Phoenix Foundation

 Indie-rock band The Phoenix Foundation have been one of my favorites since high school. However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of their last release, so I was thrilled when I listened to their new EP Tom’s Lunch and heard that they regained a bit of the buoyancy I thought they had lost with Fandango. This opening track is frustratingly catchy with tongue-twisting lyrics and a mangled guitar solo. Love love love.

“Whatever Happened to Our Love?” – The Dictaphone Blues

Dictaphone Blues are a psychedelic pop-rock trio based in the lovely City of Sails, Auckland. I bought this song on a whim and when it popped up on shuffle while I was walking to work, I couldn’t help but dance my way through St. Kevin’s Arcade, much to the entertainment of the lovely people having breakfast at Alleluia Café. Feel free to visualize this embarrassing scene as you enjoy the jam.

“Blueprint” – Eden Mulholland

Though currently based in Melbourne (traitor!—just kidding, it’s a lovely city, even if it’s in Australia), electro-pop artist Eden Mulholland makes the list with his infectiously upbeat “Blueprint.” I’m currently shoulder-shimmying to the giddy piano and driving beat as I type this, fyi.

“Girlfriend” – Streets of Laredo

This folk rock band from Auckland is one of my favorite recent finds. They’d seamlessly fit in on tour with the likes of River City Extension and Good Old War with their foot-stomping percussion and jangling harmonies. Lucky for you guys, they’re now based in Brooklyn and have been busy touring the US.

“Curious Creature” – Five Mile Town

Five Mile Town are a fairly generic, alt-rock band, who remind me of a mostly de-folked Lumineers with the vocals of The Hush Sound’s Bob Morris. But the harmonies in “Curious Creature” just make my soul soar (do you want to punch me yet?)!

“House By the Beach” – Cool Rainbows

Cool Rainbows are a psychedelic indie-pop band made up of seven live musicians and headed by Djeisan Suskov and his wife Emily. The innocently cute “House by the Beach” paints a lovely picture in mind as Djeisan croons, “Living beside the ocean in a house by the beach, the crashing of waves in the morning will take the place of all our alarm bells.” Emily’s soothing “oohs” and “ahhs” combined with the lazy strumming of guitars lull you into dreams of breezy, southern Californian days. Check out the sweet music video for the song that my coworker Hazel produced:

“Straw Into Gold” Tiny Ruins

Tiny Ruins’ Hollie Fullbrook has both the strength and vulnerability of the likes of Feist and Laura Marling, but also a bluesy tinge that makes her sound original. “Straw into Gold” is perfect for rainy, late-night listening, with horns that caress and soft percussion.

Listen to the entire playlist, sans “House by the Beach,” for yourself on Spotify!

COM Blog – Kiwi Anthems


Sara: Pop Culture Superlatives

I will be the first to admit I have a problem. In regards to my very specific pop culture loves of course. I can’t help but think about when my favorite people are releasing new books/albums/ movies and obviously it’s my duty to keep you in the loop. Here’s what’s on my mind as we approach the end of 2014:

Yes Please by Amy Poehler – October 28th


Tina, Mindy, Lena and FINALLY Amy. I am so ready for this—I may or may not have had my copy pre-ordered for the last few months #noshame. I’m saying goodbye to any hope of sleep Tuesday night because I know exactly what I’ll be doing. Oh and PS, Mindy is coming out with a new book in the Spring, thought you ought to know.


Classics By She & Him – December 2nd


Last week, She & Him finally announced via Instagram that their next album would be released in December. I get it, Zooey’s a busy lady with her show and all but it was a tease to announce at the end of the summer that an album was coming out “soon.” I couldn’t be more excited for this next volume, a collection of “oldies” covers recorded with a 20-piece orchestra.  Their sound has a full-bodied vintage feel, making them my absolute favorite band. If you haven’t heard of them PLEASE do yourself a favorite and check them out. The She & Him Pandora station is my absolute favorite for studying/walking down the street/anytime anywhere. If you go to their website and tune the radio there to 1202AM, you can preview one of their tracks.


Wild – December 5th


Although I admire Reese Witherspoon, I wouldn’t count her in my favorite category but nevertheless I’m really looking forward to the release of this film. Wild was always that book I saw in the bookstore sitting on the “staff recommended” shelf. Seriously, everywhere I went it seemed to live on that shelf so finally I decided to buy it and read it. It’s a truly empowering story about a woman who takes on all 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself with very little training following a tough period in her life. Thanksgiving break (which is a few short weeks away!!) is a great time to pick up this quick read, so why not give it a shot— you wont be disappointed.


Hannah C: Halloween on Campus

When I was younger, I always thought Halloween deserved the appreciation of a national holiday; I wanted to maximize candy collections by starting to ring doorbells at 7am with a day off from school.  This October 31 is a Friday, and although classes aren’t canceled on Halloween, there are still plenty of ways to get festive on campus.

No matter where you live, every residence hall is sure to have a way for students to skip the trick and enjoy the treat.  Danielson Hall will host a contest for the most creative costumes and painted pumpkins on Monday, October 28, at 8pm, and on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 8pm, Warren Towers will provide pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, a pie walk, and treats.  If you want to sample treats from around the world, stop by the Howard Thurman Center on Wednesday, Oct. 30, from 2pm to 5pm.  Head to the Towers West Basement on October 31, at 7pm for Towers of Terror.

Want to support local organizations and do some good?  Create a group of at least three people and sign up for Trick or Can, taking place on Oct. 30, from 4pm to 6:30pm, and collect non-perishable goods for the Boston CANshare Food Drive to help those living with hunger.  Then on Oct. 31, from 1:30pm to 4:45pm, volunteer at the Tobin Community School Halloween Party; contact Kirsten Kuhn at to learn more.

Check out a screening of a Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus in the COM lounge on Wednesday, Oct. 28, at 7pm, or head to BU Central at 9pm on Friday, Oct. 31, to see Cabin in the Woods in Student Activities’ house of horror.

Lastly, on Halloween day during your walk to class, make a stop at Metcalf Science Plaza to see physics in action at the 10th Annual Pumpkin Pumpkin Drop at 12:30pm; show up early for pumpkin decorating.

It might be a trick to have to attend classes on Halloween, but between spooky movies, creative costuming, community service, and lots of candy, your Halloween week on campus is sure to be a treat.

Kerri: Internships & Networking

It’s that time of the semester where you are constantly being notified of the different Career Expos and Networking Events going on. From round table discussions to informational tables, companies are seeking out the most qualified students to fill their internship and job positions. This past week the Center for Career Development hosted the Fall 2014 Career Expo in the GSU. This week a Communication & Marketing Career Information Exchange is being hosted by the College Career Centers of Boston. These are only two examples of career related events, among many, that have taken place.  Whether you are looking for networking experience or a full time job for after graduation, it is super important to make sure you do the following (helpful links provided):

  1. Build you resume!
    2. Have you resume checked at the COM Career Services office or at the Center for Career Development at 100 Bay State Road
      1. COM Career Services:

                                               i.     Requires an appointment

  1. Center for Career Development:                                      i.     No appointment necessary: first-come, first-served basis
  1. Practice your elevator pitch
    2. Do your research!
    3. Invest in business and business casual attire
      2. Necessary for interviews and career fairs, but also for presentations!
      3. Always have multiple copies of your resume on hand
        1. Keep your copies in a folder so they do not get crushed or rip
        2. Don’t forget to send a follow-up email with the employees you have met and talked to

Amy: Heading to the Head of the Charles?

This weekend, Boston was host to one of my favorite events, the Head Of The Charles Regatta. It may not have the intensity and fame of the Boston Marathon, but I think it has a similar effect for many people. For two days, Bostonians and visitors from all over gather to watch the races, stroll along the Esplanade, and enjoy one of the first really “Fall” weekends we’ve had. There’s food and free things (who can say no to that) and SO many people! Plus, since the races go on for two whole days, there’s always something to watch.

It works out so perfectly that the Regatta always happens during Parents Weekend. It’s a great way to enjoy the more scenic parts of Boston and Cambridge. Personally, my favorite view is looking east from the BU Bridge. During the day, you can see boats that are waiting to race against the city skyline. It’s beautiful!

If you don’t feel like walking all day, one of my favorite things is to bring food or grab some from the vendors, and have a little picnic on the banks. If you’re ever stressed about midterms around this time, taking a few hours to enjoy the atmosphere of the Regatta is the perfect cure.