Eliza: Things You Should Definitely Do When Moving Off-Campus

When I returned to Boston this spring semester, I wasn’t returning to living at BU.  Instead, I was venturing out one tiny step into the real world and moving into an off-campus apartment in the depths of Allston.  I took this tiny step into the real world because, in all seriousness, a vast majority of the nearby parts of Allston are mostly populated by BU undergrads, so it still feels like home.

Here, I strive to lay out some of the things you should make sure you do as you move off-campus.  Making it a smooth transition can make sure you feel at settled before classes start.

Do be sure to get a checking account set up, and get check books! A lot of landlords prefer to receive rent in checks, so make sure you have them for when the time comes around.

Do talk to your roommates about paying utilities (if you have them).  Also, make sure someone is setting up wifi, or else that first week is going to be seriously lacking in Netflix binging.

Do plan who is bringing what for the kitchen.  Moving in is hectic, especially if you’re going to have a lot of roommates, and it only gets more hectic if three of you all bring a blender (not saying we did this, not saying we didn’t).

And on that note…

Don’t overpack! Moving into a big off-campus apartment after years of living in a tiny dorm may make it tempting to bring a ton of stuff, but a cluttered living space can make for a lot of unneeded stress.

Don’t feel like you have to bring everything to Boston with you! There’s an Ikea relatively close, and most likely a roommate who lives nearby will have a car during move in week.  Just go buy things once you’re here!

Don’t spend all your money on take-out! There are so many great options in Allston for ordering food, but it adds up.  Take advantage of that kitchen you were so excited to have, once upon a time.
I’ve been so happy with my choice to move off-campus, and making sure to do little things like this made the process so much smoother for me.  If you can make it work, Allston is definitely worth the extra walk.

Rachel: Internships, Internships and More Internships

Alright, so I’m going to start with a disclaimer saying I am somewhat of an outlier in terms of how many internships I’ve had so far. I am in the second semester of the junior year, and I am currently on my fifth internship. I plan to do at least one or two more before graduating, but that is because I haven’t found exactly what it is I want to do yet. I know for sure what I don’t want to do and  have ideas of things I could do, but I have a feeling that my ideal job is out there waiting for me. I just have to find it. How have I found my internships thus far? A few different ways.

1. Utilizing Connections

Ask around and make it known that a.) you’re looking for an internship and b.) you’re qualified. Even if you don’t think you’re qualified, you are. You go to BU, so you have work ethic, communication skills and problem solving abilities just by taking classes here. What you don’t know, you will learn on the job. Trust me. My first three internships I got through connections. My first was through a family friend (I know, I got lucky), and my second was through a professor  I had for my writing class (Thanks Professor Greif!). Not everyone has family or friend connections to companies for internships, but everyone in COM has access to COM professors. Whether they are adjunct or full time, they have their job for a reason. They know people. Get to know them!

2. Doing A COM Internship Program

BU offers a variety of study abroad programs in 25 countries on 6 continents. Lucky for us, COM has multiple COM specific Study Abroad Internship Programs. If you choose to study abroad, I would recommend an internship program because BU works with an agency (EUSA) to guarantee you an internship, and you work with the agency to make sure the internship fits your expectations (make sure you know what you want from your internship before you meet with the EUSA agent because if you don’t know what you want, there is a higher chance of you ending up in an internship you don’t enjoy). Domestic companies love to see that you have international experience, so the Study Abroad Internship Program is a win-win because you get internship experience and build a stronger resume for future positions.

3. Read the Emails From Patrick, Joyce and COM Career Development

I know we get a lot of emails from BU and COM, but at least glance through the emails from the folks at COM Career Development. They have tons of opportunities available for us, and they’re willing to help you out and be a point of contact for both you and your prospective company. I got my current internship (a position that was quite possibly design for me) by reading one of the emails from Patrick. I reached out to him and the company respectively, and I whole heartedly believe that one of the main reasons I have this position is COM Career Development.

4. Join Professional Clubs and Attend Professional Events

One of the best decision I made in my college career was joining PRSSA. It is a professional organization for public relations students, and it is so helpful for networking. Every week, a new speaker attends the meeting and speaks about their company and positions. They also let PRSSA members know of opportunities at their company. Not only that, but by just being a member of PRSSA you get access to a whole online database of resources including an online career center.

5. Research!

When you’re feeling desperate, there is always Google to help you out. I found so many internship applications just by Googling companies I know are in the area or looking up headquarters for products that I buy. Look at what’s around you. Those shoes? Someone is probably running a company that put those on your feet, and they probably have internships. Put yourself out there, and apply to what ever you find. Even if you don’t get an internship, you gain experience on filling out applications, corresponding with professionals and interviewing. All very important.

Kreag: Spring Break Binge: What to Watch

Wow, this semester has really flown by!  Its week seven already?  And spring break is only a week away!  I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a nice long seven day worth of relaxing and doing nothing.  So, for those of you who are not heading out on a fun adventure for Spring break, here are my Netflix binge-watching recommendations!

Penny Dreadful:  I first discovered this show when one of my fave professors, Kam Miller, analyzed a clip in her Episodic Drama class.  It had me hooked from the first scene, and I spent a probably unhealthy portion of winter break binge watching this show.  It mixes together a lot of classic literary characters (Dorian Grey, Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, etc) and creates a really interesting horror-fantasy mystery hybrid.  The performances are also fantastic across the board which makes it even more enjoyable.

Top of the Lake: This was another show I watched over winter break.  It stars Elisabeth Moss as an Australian detective in New Zealand working to find a missing girl.  It takes a lot of unexpected turns and goes into some dark territory, but it was great overall.  There’s a second season coming sometime this year featuring Nicole Kidman which should be interesting!

Shameless:  This has become the show I am determined to finish watching this semester.  There’s something about it that’s just so fun, even when the characters are dealing with stressful and outlandish situations.  Its one of those shows you can throw on and follow along with while doing other things, but it still manages to draw you into the world that it creates and get you invested in the characters.

Bates Motel: This is a show that I used to be really into back in high school, but managed to lose track of once I got to college and no longer had easy access to television.  But, I am extremely interested to see how the sixth season of the show tackles the original “Psycho” story, and therefore I am going to *try* and catch up on the ~2/~3 seasons that I’ve missed, especially to see how Rihanna does in her television debut.  Should be interesting!

Sense8:  This show just released a Christmas special a couple months ago in order to lead up to season two, which is coming in May.  Now is the time to catch up with/rewatch this series!  Its a bit strange at first, and takes a little while to get going, but once it does, it becomes addicting.  Its full of gorgeous cinematography and locations, and I really loved the characters.  I think this was the only show I’ve ever binge-watched within a single day back when it was first released and I have no regrets.

Riverdale: This show is interesting.  I don’t know much about the original Archie comics, but apparently the show is not very faithful to them.  What the show is, however, is extremely entertaining.  The dialog takes on an almost surreal quality.  Absolutely none of it sounds like anything a teenager would actually say, which makes it even more entertaining.  Other than that, its a pretty standard teen drama/murder mystery, but its a fun watch overall!

Esra: Gluten Free in Boston

Fear not my GF friends, Boston has got some great options for you.

Dig Inn

Dig Inn may still be considered the new kid on the Copley Square block, but it’s been incredibly popular since it opened last summer. The menu revolves around what’s in season, and everything that contains gluten is labeled (among other common dietary restrictions). Some of my favorite GF options on the menu right now include the brussels sprouts with maple & sriracha, roasted sweet potatoes, and grilled apples (also the brown rice and chicken are always fantastic).


I’ve realized asian cuisines can be difficult because a lot of sauces sneakily contain gluten, but Wagamama has a great GF menu. I’m a big fan of both the chicken and prawn itame, and am looking forward to venturing into the ramen and lettuce wraps. I can’t imagine they’d disappoint!

Papa Razzi

Just because you can’t have traditional pizza doesn’t mean you won’t crave it. Papa Razzi on Newbury Street has not one, but multiple GF pizza AND pasta options. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like cardboard. To be honest, it tastes so similar to the real thing that I had wondered if they mixed up my order (they didn’t).

Thinking Cup

If you didn’t already love Thinking Cup enough, let it be known that there is quite a selection of gluten-less treats like tiramisu, snickerdoodles, and chocolate chip cookies. They also have GF bread on hand for gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.

Happy eating!

Lilah: Who’s Who in the Cooking Video World

I’m sure everyone has noticed the latest fad on Facebook: cooking videos. Instead of seeing Aunt Sally’s latest redecoration shenanigans, your feed is flooded with videos of comfort food being made in under a minute!

Well, I’m here to guide you in the right direction. As an obsessed viewer, I’ll tell you who has the best videos out there.

Delish posts the unhealthiest recipes, because they all include about 2 pounds of butter, cheese, or sugar. They’re fun to watch, but they can be a bit overwhelming. Delish posts a lot of food articles, so you’ll have to sift through to find the videos.

Cooking Panda does a satisfactory job, but again, the recipes are extremely unhealthy. Good to drool over, but pay attention to the ingredients!

They just caught onto this new fad, and they’re doing pretty well! If you’re feeling classy, head on over! They feature Food Network’s actual chefs, so it’s a bite size version if you don’t have cable.

The original popular one on the block.

Tasty has sites that represent many different cuisines, such as Japan, Brazil, France, England, and Germany. I find that they are pretty accurate, but many of them do not update often enough to satisfy my visual cravings! Within all the Tastys, the original is the best.

All in all, the only benefit to Tasty is the deep-rooted bond that some may have, but we must move onto the future!

Finally, the Queen of cooking videos. Tastemade gives a wide variety of cuisines, and they are all unique and faithful to the countries. In my opinion, their videos have better cinematic quality than any other site. Personally, I believe Tastemade Japan is the true winner. Aesthetically pleasing, out-of-the-ordinary recipes right at your fingertips. In second place,

Sweeten is one of Tastemade’s other sites, and if you have a sweet tooth like me, you should check it out. It’s all super sugary dessert recipes (watching pastries being made is the BEST).

I recommend that you try making the recipes! If not, just sit in class and watch them until your stomach growls.

Claudia: Ditch The List

Three weeks ago today I bought a last-minute ticket to Stockholm and two days later I was on a plane to Sweden. Stockholm wasn’t on my list of places to travel during Study Abroad. I had the typical Barcelona, Florence, Budapest, and Amsterdam, among others, but once I purchased that RyanAir flight, I completely threw my list out the window and boy, I couldn’t be happier!

My trip to Stockholm showed me how (in the words of Ferris Bueller) life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. I know. It’s cliche, but Ferris is RIGHT and I think that’s why we all identify with that quote. I don’t want to miss any opportunities and the semester is already whizzing by – I just finished FINALS! By the time I get back from Spring Break, I’ll be starting my next class and internship at Feref (an entertainment advertising agency). Time is moving so quickly and I want to live life adventurously – which means throwing the list out the window and exploring.

We left at around 5:15 pm and journeyed out to London Stansted via the Tube and the Stansted express. Because of our schedules we were cutting it close, so by the time we got to the airport we did the classic study abroad sprint. My dad would have shuddered. We made it to our gate with a few minutes to spare and then we hopped on our Ryan Air flight and jetted off to Stockholm!

We landed around midnight and were checked in to our hostel at around 1am. The hostel was in the perfect location and was a 2-year-old space with bustling nightlife and young travelers. We were lucky and got our own private room and crashed quickly after a long day of travel!

The next day we left the hostel at around 11:00am and started exploring the city. Stockholm is composed of small islands and each area is connected by bridge.

We went to lunch at Älskade Traditioner and ate delicious sandwiches that were on waffles.

After lunch, we explored the city and ventured into the historic Old Town and saw Stortorget, a square with colorful buildings!

We then went to the Musett Modern and the Art History student in me freaked out! I got to see the second largest Marcel Duchamp collection and lots of Andy Warhol pieces among others!

We finished the night with delicious Swedish meatballs (vegetarian ones for me) at Meatballs for the People.

Saturday was as busy as Friday! We walked through Old Town to get to a breakfast spot called The Greasy Spoon. Absolutely delicious! We then made our way to the ABBA Museum. Yes, you read that correctly. There is an entire museum dedicated to Swedish Pop sensation ABBA!

The museum documented the group’s rise to fame and was home to costumes, instruments, set pieces and much more. There was also a karaoke and dance experience! Check out my roommate Carly’s vlog if you want to see us dancing queens!

Carly’s Stockholm Vlog

We ended the day a little earlier and went out for some delicious pizza before going to bed before our 6am flight!

Stockholm was an incredible experience and I cannot believe this beautiful city was not on my list beforehand! I took a chance on Stockholm and it has shaped my study abroad experience in a way I could have never imagined.

So whether you’re debating on going to Ottos versus venturing out to the North End for some delicious ‘za, or even picking a weekend getaway, don’t be afraid to try something that wasn’t on your first list. You’ll be happy you stepped out of your bubble and explored! Classic study abroad, right? But it’s true!

Caroline: The Best Vegan Eats in Boston

When I think Boston, I definitely don’t think “vegan-friendly city.” You have the North End, famous for cannolis and Italian food. The Seaport district known for its seafood. But don’t count Boston out. There are definitely some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Boston. Here are a few of my favorites:

Veggie Galaxy is a vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge. Almost any dish of theirs can be made vegan. It’s the perfect spot for brunch with all your friends! The caramelized banana butter that comes on the pancakes is delicious. But Veggie Galaxy isn’t just for brunch. They have amazing lunch and dinner selections as well. They have the option of two different veggie burgers (black bean and mushroom chickpea). I used to always get a burger but I recently ventured into the sandwiches and my new favorite meal there is the Vegan Club. It has tempeh bacon, smoked tofu, tomato, romaine, red onion, pesto, and vegan roasted garlic mayo. 10/10 would recommend Veggie Galaxy.


Sweetgreen, though not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, is a takeout salad bar. They are vegan-friendly and label all of their ingredients, including dressings, if they are vegan. They have seasonal menus with ingredients sourced from local farms. There are plenty of locations around Boston including Fenway and State Street. Great for a quick, healthy meal.

Clover is an experimental food lab with locations all over Boston and Cambridge. They are a vegetarian restaurant. They also get their ingredients from local farmers. My personal favorite is the chickpea fritter, their take on falafel. They import the pita from Israel, its super fluffy and delicious. I also like some of their side salads. Their recipes are constantly changing and the menus differ from location to location. They also have a number of food trucks around the city; my favorite location is at the west end of Newbury Street. An added bonus is that everything is compostable!

By Chloe is a new restaurant to Boston. The Seaport location opens on February 23rd and the Fenway location (across the street from Sweetgreen) is set to open in April. I know about By Chloe from NYC. Its an incredible vegan restaurant with delicious meals, both sit down and grab&go. I even have the owner, Chloe Coscarelli’s cookbook! The veggie burger with special sauce is soooo good and the quinoa taco salad is spicy and crunchy. I’m really looking forward to an all-vegan restaurant in Boston.

And for dessert, FoMu is the place to be. Not only do they have incredible vegan ice cream, but they also have delicious baked good. FoMu is located in Allston. All of their ice cream is coconut based. They have classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chunk, cookies and cream. But they also have some wild flavors like bourbon maple walnut, mango habanero, avocado, and sweet lavender.Their cones are delicious, as are the milkshakes. You can eat there for a nice treat, or take some pints home.

Angeli: My life as a quasi-Questrom student

What’s tall, trendy, and ridden with coffee cups all over? You guessed it: BU’s own Questrom School of Business (formerly known as SMG but don’t make that mistake!)

Questrom has recently become another home of mine. Before you gasp at my betrayal of sweet sweet COM, know that ole’ 640 Comm Ave is still the green apple with peanut butter of my eye. I’m an advertising kid at my core, but as of this school year, I’m also…a business minor.

Yep. I’m truly, willfully taking courses involving *gulp* mathematics. How did I get here? Who have I become? What’s for dinner at Bay State tonight? I wish I had the answer to any and all of those questions, friends. If you read my blog posts back when I was a wee freshman (err last year), you know I’ve dealt with some identity crises in the past regarding my academic pursuits. While my long journey towards declaring a major came to end a few weeks ago–which, by the way, involved very anti-climatically turning in a piece of paper–I had both the curiosity and spare credits to go after another degree. It’s been some time since numbers and I were pals, but I figured what the hay? In all honesty, it has not been torturous! Business is actually muy interesante, and I now feel obliged to dispel some rumors and quell some qualms, my fellow COMmunicators might have about it.

First, to lay some groundwork: Questrom only offers one minor degree in Business Administration, which is a nice culmination of the various departments the college has to offer. The program entails eight courses varying in topic from organizational behavior to accounting. One of the prime business concentrations not part of the minor, however, is marketing. This was a major (haha get it?) bummer for me at first because I was hoping for some marketing knowledge to compliment what I’m learning in ad. I’m glad I stuck with it, though, because I feel like I’m broadening my horizons in other advantageous subjects.

Last semester, I got to take microeconomics which made me realize that the economy works in not so mysterious but rather pretty clear-cut ways. Now, I’m taking Finance 101 and getting a pretty handy comprehension of ca$h flow$ (no seriously that’s a financial term!), but my current favorite course is Business, Society and Ethics, better known as SM 131. This class doesn’t have the greatest reputation on campus due to a five days-a-week schedule and hefty reading load, but it’s far from as bad as it sounds. I actually think a lot of my COMrades would really like it, since a good portion of the course involves, well, talking. We have discussion three of the five days about readings and assignments, which not only come from textbooks but also news publications and videos. A lot of current events are therefore woven into the course (shoutout to my journalism homies) and topics usually center around decisions made by companies (@PRmajors). A major portion of your grade is also public speaking due to two group presentations. Above all, developing your own understanding of ethical decision-making is valuable no matter what field you’re pursuing. At least, I think so!

I still have four more business courses to go that are much more math-based, so who knows how long this pro-biz attitude will last. For now, I get the guilty pleasure of walking into a beautiful institution each day that makes me feel a different level of special for some reason–possibly because there’s a Starbucks and BREAD WINNERS *see my last blog  post* on the second floor. Or maybe I think I’m cool because I live a not-so secret double life. Judge me!


Christy: It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved With Something New

I am usually a creature of habit and the last person to try something new. There is nothing I hate more than uncertainty; I dislike trying new food, I refuse to drive to a new place for the first time and I tend to not place myself in social situations unless a full handful of people I know are in attendance.

That being said, I even shocked myself when I decided to audition for Boston University On Broadway as a second-semester junior. Being so involved with The Daily Free Press during the first half of my college career dominated most of my time for extracurriculars, so now that I am no longer on the editorial board, I thought this was the best time to try something new on campus.

Theater has always been a passion of mine, and I missed performing on stage more than anything since I have been at BU — BU On Broadway was the perfect opportunity for me to get back on stage. I went back and forth with the idea of auditioning for a while, but with the support of my friends I auditioned and was cast in Legally Blonde!

At first I was thrown off by the idea of auditioning as a junior because I felt old and felt like I wouldn’t be able to find my way in a tight-knit group of people. I actually almost backed out about an hour before I planned on heading to auditions. Now I am still adjusting to this new group, but auditioning has been one of the best decisions I have made during my two and a half years at BU. It pushed me out of my comfort zone to try something new, meet new people and rediscover my love for performing. With every rehearsal and every new cast member I talk to, I have become more comfortable and happy about my decision to audition.

Getting involved in OB has also connected me to the BU community in a greater way than I thought possible. We always say that COM is a small, interconnected community within BU, and I have always found this statement to be true; when I meet a new COM student, chances are we have many mutual friends and somehow have various connections to each other. But, joining OB made me realize how large our campus is and how much larger my web of acquaintances and familiar faces on the street has expanded to in the past month just because of my decision to try a new activity! Now, I get excited when I see another Legally Blonde cast member in passing on campus and to catch up with them at rehearsal.

I am here to say that it is never too late to get involved in something new, on campus or beyond! If you want to pursue a new love or reignite an old, there is no time like the present, especially in college. You never know who you’ll meet, what you will learn about yourself and what kind of experiences you will have because of this step out of your old ways. After all, college is all about discovering yourself and your passions, right?

Sydney: An Inside Look at an Internship with NBC

During the summer of 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to intern with NBC New York. I was based out of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, in the heart of NYC.   

I was a digital media intern, meaning I worked on the company’s website by writing news articles and creating photo galleries. I also worked on their social media accounts, specifically Instagram and Snapchat.

I was extremely nervous the first day of my internship. NBC is a very well-known, successful organization, and NBC New York is basically the birthplace of television. How could you not feel intimidated? However, I was fortunate enough to have a very friendly boss, and to be a part of a great team. 

Upon my arrival, the company had just started up their Snapchat account. This became one of the main projects for my internship. 

I was lucky enough to attend super cool events around NYC for Snapchat content. For example, The Stonewall Inn National Monument Ceremony, The Liberty State Park Opening near the 9/11 Memorial, Black Lives Matter protests at City Hall, as well as the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition (who knew that was a thing?).

My favorite days were when I attended TODAY Show concerts for our Snapchat and Instagram accounts. The concerts were right outside and I used my NBC ID to get good spots. I was probably way to excited for Nick Jonas and Shawn Mendes to perform. Some of my other favorites were Jennifer Lopez with Linn-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton!!), as well as Steven Tyler and Megan Trainor (I got a selfie with her!)

 When I walked off the elevator to get to my office, I passed Studio 6B- home of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Occasionally I heard The Tonight Show filming and would freak out over hearing Jimmy Fallon’s voice.

Stefan Holt, son of Lester Holt, was one of the new broadcast journalists who I worked on several projects with. He is extremely nice and I even had the opportunity to help out at a meet and greet for him and two other news anchors in New Jersey! I rode in the car with them from NYC as they talked about adult things such as past career positions and buying houses, as well as singing songs I had never heard of.

Thursdays were great because I got to play with dogs!! NBC New York has a local TV show called New York Live, and every Thursday they bring in dogs from local animal shelters who are up for adoption. I definitely spent too much time playing with them when I should’ve been working.

 Overall, my summer internship was an amazing experience and taught me how to survive in the professional world. Internships in general help you gain a ton of insight into a certain industry. Although I am a PR major, my internship was very journalism-based. It helped me realize that journalism and the news, especially local news, is not the industry I would like to pursue. It’s okay to not like certain parts of an internship because it only redirects you towards the right path for your future. I know that choosing public relations as my major opposed to journalism was the right choice thanks to my summer internship!