Kreag: Open House 2016

As a COM Ambassador, some of my favorite activities from the past two years have been the annual Open House events for prospective students.  I think part of the reason I love Open House so much is mainly due to the wonderful experience I had back when I visited Boston University for the second time.  Being able to go behind the scenes in a way is really eye opening as to how much Boston University and specifically COM itself cares for its students.  It is amazing to see how much work the Undergraduate Affairs department and the COM Ambassadors themselves put into Open House in order to ensure that it is the best experience that it can be for potential Terriers.

However, not all of our accepted students are able to make it to an Open House.  I am aiming this blog post at all of those students who cannot attend so that they can get a bit of a look into just what happens at our Open House events.

There are definitely some highlights to every Open House that we host, and its definitely very hard to determine what exactly my favorite part is, so I’m just going to go through Open House step by step and talk about what makes it so amazing!

The morning typically begins around 7am, which is definitely the only bad part of the day.  However, we move to Tsai auditorium very quickly after that, where we are provided with Starbucks coffee and some fantastic bagels, which really makes up for the fact that we have to wake up before seven a.m. on a Saturday.

From here we move into a variety of presentations.  COM’s Dean Fiedler talks to the prospective students and their parents a bit about the school and everything they will encounter here.  Then it was time for both Claudia and I to talk to the audience, which was a very fun opportunity.  Last year, both of us were just regular ambassadors, but this year as the Coordinators of the program, we were able to get up on stage and help run the show, which was a fantastic experience.  As someone who did a lot of public speaking in high school, it was a lot of fun to be able to bring back those skills.

After this we presented the Open House video, which was Full House themed this year, and featured quite a few of our COM Ambassadors.  Big shout out to Claudia for shooting that video and putting it together!  It was a lot of fun and got a lot of laughs from the audience, and will be online sometime in the next few weeks, so if you want to see it, keep an eye on the COM Ambassador twitter!  The video serves as an introduction to all of our COM Ambassadors, who come rushing down the isles an not the stage, where they tell us a bit about who they are.

We then broke into the three different departmental presentations- Journalism, Mass Communication+Advertising+Public Relations (I like to call it MAPs), and Film and Television.  These are always a lot of fun, and this was my first time attending the MAPs presentation, and it was very cool learning a bit more about their programs since I’ve ever heard Film and Television presentations before. Though I did miss sitting in on the FTV presentation and seeing all of the cool stuff they show, I think all of the departments do a fantastic job of explaining just what it is that they offer the students.

After the presentations we break down into the student and parents lunches.  Its a great chance for students or parents to get to know each other as well as the ambassadors.  Its a lot of fun for us to be able to sit down with prospective students and tell them about all of the experiences we have had here in COM.

Next is one of my favorite parts of the day: The student panel.  This year we had five students who sat down with us to answer all of the questions that students and parents had to offer.  There was a great variety on the panel this year: two seniors, a junior, a sophomore, and a freshman expanding across the various majors that we offer here in COM.  It is a great opportunity for students to find out about life here at BU from the perspective of current students.

We end the day with tours of the College of Communication, where all of the prospective students are able to tour the school with our COM ambassadors, which is yet another great way for them to see some of the great things that COM has to offer.  They get see the wonderful resources we offer such as Undergraduate Affairs and the Career Development center, as well as some very cool places in COM like the BUTV10 studios.

I would like to end this post by congratulating all of the students accepted into the BU Class of 2020, and if you aren’t able to make Open House and have any questions at all about BU/COM, please feel free to tweet me @kreagsheehan or email me at!

Stacy: ~My Life Changing ‘Walking Down Comm Ave’ Playlist ~

My playlist filled with 70s, 80s and more will change any day into a better one. Bad weather? Check. Got a bad grade? No problem. In a fight with a friend? You won’t remember after listening to these songs in this specific order.
 Enjoy, it’s my gift you:
Everyday People – Sly & The Family Stone
It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me – Billy Joel
Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns and Roses
Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears
Uptown Girl – Billy Joel
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!
September – Earth, Wind and Fire
Hold On – Wilson Phillips
December 1963 (Oh What A Night) – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles
Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds
(Add these if you’re feeling extra dramatic):
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths
Africa – Toto
Careless Whisper – George Michael
Your Song – Elton John
Heroes – David Bowie
Add these if you want to embarrass yourself by dancing in public: 
Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol
I’ve Had the Time of My Life – Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes
The Power of Love – Huey Lewis & The News
Flashdance… What A Feeling – Irene Cara
Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield
You Make My Dreams – Daryl Hall & John Oates
Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
Hip to Be Square – Huey Lewis & The News
I promise by the time you walk into work or class… you’ll feel like a champion. Because you are one.

Zach: Fight the Zzzzzz with Zach

How to get your sleep cycle back on track when college robs it from you!

I, along with many of your COM Ambassadors, am a very busy person. Recently, I was a part of Liquid Fun’s 24 Hour Comedy Marathon which tested my limits as a tired person. It inspired me to share how I get by without my hair falling out at BU.

1: You Don’t need Netflix.

I am a TV major, I love TV. I may be coming from a different place because I talk about TV in most of my classes so I’m not lacking exposure, but I have stopped watching TV. Yes, when I get time to breathe and relax on weekends I will try to watch an episode. But I know some people who watch Netflix every night before bed, my thoughts to them are: STOP! Rachel and Ross will ALWAYS end up together no matter how many episodes you binge at 3:00AM! You have work to do! Go to bed!

2: Set a Bedtime

The latest I will ever do work (except for finals week) is 1:00AM, most nights that is 12:00AM. There is this miraculous thing called the human spirit that will allow you to get your homework done. I promise, also if you set a bedtime, you are much more likely to get it done. You’ll spend less time on Facebook and more time on your essay. Then whether or not you finish, you are in bed at a decent hour.

3: Download “SelfControl”

It’s an app that blocks distracting websites. It’s easy, it helps you get things done.

4: Take Naps

This is a harder one for me since I no longer live in Warren and can nap for 15 minutes with only a 5 minute commute, however, naps are VERY important. It is a better way to spend your time than gabbing in the GSU for five hours, no matter how tempting that can be.

5: Newbury Can Wait

You probably don’t even have enough money to be shopping on Newbury anyway. Brunch can happen with your parents. Take that time on Saturday to get some rest for the upcoming week that will probably be somehow busier than the last.


You know what to do: refer to my blog post ranking the different Starbucks locations on campus.

Kate: COM Classes to take before you graduate

As Fall 2016 class registration rounds the corner (for those of you not graduating #blessed), many COM students turn to friends and older classmates to ask what classes to take and which professors to take it with. Here’s a round up of some favorite COM classes, from a graduating senior (me!).

Media Relations (CM441): I took this class in the spring of my junior year with Professor Joseph. It was one of the first classes I had taken in PR after CM301 (Intro to PR) so I was really going in blind to what media relations meant in the PR industry. I learned so much about the variety of PR tactics such as news conferences, feature placements, special events and media tours. We examined famous PR campaigns that portrayed effective and ineffective media relations. For one project, we had to actually pitch to a real-life reporter which was a first for many of my classmates (including me). For another project, we held a fake press conference for a client of our choosing who was announcing a new product/service for the company and were taught how to stay on message and navigate tough questions. This class really taught the basics of media relations and made the PR professional role more approachable.

Design/New Media (CM323): I took this class, with Professor Walsh in the fall of my senior year, because I had no graphic design knowledge and knew college may be my only time to sharpen my skill set before entering the PR industry. Prof Walsh also teaches in CFA so it was really cool to experience her artistic expertise in a COM setting. The entire class was based on 4 projects that introduced and refined our skills in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. These projects included a creative lyrical piece, a candy advertisement, a brand logo creation, and a music launch campaign. We also learned how to talk about graphic design and notice it in the world around us. Although the class was challenging because I am the opposite of artistic, I left the semester feeling confident in my beginner skills in the 3 graphic design platforms. To learn more about Professor Walsh, check out her BU website.

Crisis Communication (CM522): I took Crisis Comms in the fall of my senior year with Professor Joseph. In this class we learned about the stages of prevention and response for corporate crisis. We examined real crises that companies were facing in real-time during our class (think Chipotle and Volks Wagon) and wrote a crisis communication plan on a company of our choice. We learned how to address media in a press conference post-corporate crisis. We also analyzed how social media impacts corporate crises. This is a very interesting and fun class for those who like to problem solve and strategically think through issues a brand is facing.

PRLab (CM473): I took PRLab with Professors Shanler and Joseph in the spring of my senior year. I loved it so much that I wish I had taken it sooner! PRLab is the nation’s oldest student run PR agency and allows students to gain valuable industry experience in an agency style setting. There is a diverse array of clients so some students may work in the corporate, non-profit or governmental sector. The class is set up as an agency would with account executives, supervisors, directors and agency presidents. Students enrolled in the class as account executives gain experience in media relations, event planning, branding, copy editing, content creation and social media management. They also make a professional portfolio that they can show off at interviews! Students can also enroll in CM475 which is the PRLab executive board. These roles vary but students serve as high-level resources and strategic managers for account teams. For more info, check out the website!

Angeli: COM, I’m home

Around this time last year I was a nervous wreck.

The Catholic high school I attended was relatively small, with only 370 students in my graduating class. Not only did everyone know each other, but everyone knew each other’s personal business and college decisions were no exception. I was never one to advertise my accomplishments, but that definitely didn’t prevent my acceptances from becoming public knowledge, too. As May approached, teachers and peers alike were all too frequently giving me opinions I didn’t ask for. When I first got the Trustee Scholarship from BU, the general consensus was that I’d be a fool to turn down a full-ride, especially to an out-of-state school (95% of my classmates stayed in Florida.) By the start of April, though, everyone was pushing me to say yes to an Ivy.

While I appreciated the support and concern, I knew the decision was one only I could make. I narrowed my top choices down to BU and UPenn, whose Open House days happened to be the same weekend, and planned a trip with my mom and sister.

First stop: Beantown.

I remember landing in Logan Airport and feeling an odd sense of comfort, as if I’d made the trip so many times before. It had actually been about a year since my last

(and first) visit to Boston, when I came to BU for a two-week journalism program. I honestly never expected to be back on this campus.

That Friday, I attended an event for Trustee recipients. Meeting both the upperclassmen and prospective scholars like myself was an eye-opening experience. I realized that BU is truly composed of an international community of students with all kinds of interests. After hearing what some of the other Trustees were studying or had done in high school, part of me even felt unworthy of being one of them.

It wasn’t until the next day, however, when I attended COM Open House, that I realized maybe I could pass as a Terrier. As I sat in Tsai auditorium that morning and listened to all the COM Ambassadors introduce themselves on stage, I realized they were the kinds of students I both wanted to be and wanted to be surrounded by. All of them appeared so confident, passionate, and charismatic. Moreover, it seemed as if COM had helped all of them solidify what they wanted to do in the future, something I had struggled to determine while filling out my college apps. When we walked to the next presentation, my mom and sister agreed that they could see me as a CA one day. As much as I hoped they were right, I really never thought they would be.

It’s therefore crazy to me that in a few days I’ll be introducing myself on the Tsai stage. And that I’ll be answering questions about COM rather than asking them. And that I interned for Claudia’s show on WTBU last semester when she was the one who first showed me the station at Open House. And that L.E. and I give tours together each week when I chose her to be my CA last semester because I remembered her saying she was from Florida at Open House. AND THAT I’M A COM AMBASSADOR AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY.

All because last April my very perplexed, senior-in-high-school self decided to attend COM Open House. If that’s not the greatest decision I’ve ever made, then cancelling my trip to UPenn the next day is.

(My mom may or may not have forced me to take this, okay?)

Kaley: Where to Save and Splurge in Boston

In high school I would slave away at one summer job or another. I twisted fro-yo, consoled crying kids at arts camp, and made bank as a nanny. Seventeen years old and I had a lot of purchasing power, which I more than happily exercised. Every spontaneous online purchase, though, was met with the same chagrin from my mom. “You’ll want that money in Boston,” she’d say. In what may come as a surprise to no one -it definitely has stopped surprising me -she was right. While there are a lot of creative ways to save in Boston, there are also tons of tempting ways to splurge. Here’s a definitive list of the best of each:

Top of the Hub: SPLURGE. Located on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower, this restaurant is basically a must at some point during your BU career. Entrees are not cheap and there’s a strict no-jeans rule, but for a 360-degree view of Boston from the sky, it’s worth it. Start saving those summer job tips for this one.

Movies: SAVE. There is hardly ever a reason to cough up $15 for a movie on the Boston big screens. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for a plethora of freebie movie deals. I interned for Allied International Marketing last summer, and we would send out free movie tickets weekly. My friend (and fellow CA) Joe scored us tickets to see Trainwreck a month before it premiered, and we were pleasantly shocked when Amy Schumer herself walked out to introduce the film.

The Paint Bar: SPLURGE. At $35 per class, this can be pricey for a random afternoon activity. However, you definitely get what you pay for. Not only does the Paint Bar staff provide you with a canvas, paint, and thorough instruction, it also fills about 2.5 hours of your time with relaxing music, good conversation, and in the end, a new piece of art. And don’t let the name fool you —I’ve been there four times without ever taking advantage of the “bar” aspect.

Your Coffee Habit: SAVE. Yes, there are three Starbucks on BU’s 1-mile-long campus. And yes, Boston in general is laden with fancy, one-of-a-kind coffee shops. But those shops are expensive, and that Starbucks habit is going to add up. My advice? Invest in a Keurig during your pre-college Bed Bath and Beyond trip. The $4 you save on every coffee will pay off. Skip 9 Starbucks coffees, and you’ll have enough for one Paint Bar visit.

Study Abroad: SPLURGE. Okay, so technically this is not something you’ll spend money on in Boston. But it is an opportunity that BU affords you, and, ironically, it’s not the most affordable adventure you’ll ever embark on. Several of my friends are abroad right now, and after working hard to fill their savings account, they’ve been able to travel all across Europe, funding flights to Rome, Barcelona, Budapest. Personally, I’m saving for the study abroad program in London this summer. The visa alone put me back $500, and flights will be another $1000, but seeing the world? That’ll be priceless.

Transportation: SAVE. Uber and Lift have a huge presence in Boston, and the T runs very conveniently down the center of BU’s campus. Even those $2.60 rides add up, though, and I can’t stress enough how beneficial walking has been during my time at BU. Not only is it free, but it also gives you time to clear your head and get some fresh air (you might even stretch the mile-long walk to count as your daily exercise… I know I have). Transportation is one of those little expenses that can make a big difference. Always opt for the cheaper alternative.

There are so many fun opportunities in Boston, whether you decide to dip into your savings or not. Regardless, though, heed the advice your mom is inevitably giving you during your summer job, and save some of those paychecks for semesters in Boston.

Donald: Best New Music of 2016 (So Far)

Although we’re only three months into 2016, some amazing albums have already been released by my favorite bands. Since we’re quickly approaching project and exam period, I figured I’d share some of my favorite album releases so far so you can find some new jams to study to. From punk to electronic, there’s bound to be an album on this list that you’ll love (and probably sing along to in the shower if you’re like me).

  • Porches – “Pool”
    • Although Porches’ old music verges along the indie/punk genres, their latest album takes a strong electronic turn. With catchy drum beats, heart-wrenching lyrics, and even some exploration into autotune, this album is great to play in your room and dance along to.
  • The Frights – “You Are Going to Hate This”
    • Despite the title of the album, I’m sure you’ll love this new record by The Frights (who’s drummer is COM Alumni Marc Finn)! The west coasters provide some great angsty surf punk tunes, which are great to study to if you’re in a time crunch and need a push to work a little faster.
  • Bent Shapes – “Wolves of Want”
    • Boston natives Bent Shapes have just released their first new album in three years, and I can guarantee that the wait was definitely worth it. The indie rock band frequently plays shows in Boston, so if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, definitely check out their upcoming tour dates.
  • Frankie Cosmos – “Next Thing”
    • Frankie Cosmos is one of my favorite twee bands in existence. Her lastest album, full of 1 or 2 minute songs, is impossible to turn off once it’s on. The heartfelt and powerful lyrics, the beautiful voice of lead singer Greta Kline, and the cute and innocent sound of the album makes it fun to listen to over and over again.
  • Jawbreaker Reunion – “Haha and Then What ;)”
    • If you’re going through a break-up, or are just generally have one person in mind that you’re really pissed at, the newest Jawbreaker Reunion album is perfect for you. The all-female band delivers empowering music that can make even a broken heart sound fun.

Caroline: BUTV10 Productions

I woke up at 5am Saturday morning for a 6am call time. The sun was no where in sight as my roommate and I walked from West Campus to Late Night Kitchen. Why might you ask? BUTV10!

BUTV10 Productions teamed up with The Hungry Terrier to produce BU’s version of Chopped, The 2nd Annual Chowdown! After months of collaboration between BUTV10’s production coordinator, The Hungry Terrier’s producers, and BU Dining Service. Between writing scripts, securing sponsors, auditioning contestants, devising the secret ingredients, organizing crew and equipment, or designing graphics, everyone had a hand in making the Chowdown AWESOME!

So we arrived on set at 6am and completely transformed Late Night Kitchen into a staged cooking show set.

We fought through our tiredness to produce one crazy episode of live-to-tape television. We filmed each segment separately, with the most difficult being the actual cooking. The three contestants, all BU students, had 45 minutes to transform chicken, apples, broccolini, and the secret ingredient salsa verde into incredible dishes!

The kitchen was hot and the ladies definitely handled the heat! There was a play on Waldorf salad, a Mexican staple, and a savory chicken and waffles spinoff. I was personally very impressed with the contestants and their ability to overcome difficulties and beat the clock.

The crew worked tirelessly to cover all of the action. There were two camera operators in the kitchen as well as a stage manager and host. There was an unmanned, rigged camera over the prep station and a camera on the floor with the judges and other host. To manage all of the camera feeds we used a TriCaster with a director and technical director. Although the we tried to cut the show as much as we could live, the Hungry Terrier crew will be editing everything in post production.

The judges were from Mei Mei’s in South Campus, Sargent Choice Nutrition Center, and Fomu in Allston.  All great women from the Boston food scene. They had a tough decision to make, find out who won when the episode airs on on April 29th! You can see all of the action I described as well as some KILLER graphics from our amazing graphics coordinator. He has been working on an animated opening sequence as well as cool logos for more than three months!

Christy: Opportunities arise when you least expect it

Every Monday at 11 a.m., I give my weekly tour of the College of Communication. We have all experienced a rough Monday morning following a fun, but hectic, weekend packed with friends, homework and extracurriculars — this past Monday was that Monday

I woke up later than I wanted to, and walked in the pouring rain from my apartment in West Campus to COM. With the trajectory of the morning so far, I anticipated that I would have make the rainy trek to COM to find out that no one showed up to tour COM. Thankfully that was not the case and I pushed aside my Monday-morning struggles and give a tour of my favorite school.

My fellow COM Ambassador Tyler and I gave a great tour to three prospective students and their parents. At the conclusion of the tour, a mother of a prospective student approached me and asked if I had a summer internship yet. Thinking she asked to gage what kind of internships COM students interview for and are offered, I told her a few of my possible summer plans and upcoming interviews. Little did I know she was the director of communications for a large company in New York City. She handed me her card and said if I was interested, email her my resume and she would forward it directly to several contacts in the city. 

She told me she was very impressed with COM, me and the tour Tyler and I gave. I was so taken aback by her kindness and was not expecting that kind of response. Suddenly, my dreary day took a major turn for the better.  

I know that the education I receive at COM will prepare me for whatever waits for me after graduation. But, little did I know that the physical COM building would provide me with internship opportunities. 

Monday, I learned that not only do opportunities come when you least expect it, but having a positive outlook on each new aspect of your day can work wonders. If I let my rough Mondaymorning define my attitude during my tour, and potentially the rest of my day, this mother may not have given me her card.

So who knows, maybe flashing a smile to or crossing paths with the right person can open a brand new door of opportunity.

Geena: Midterm and Finals Week Survival Guide!

Getting through midterms and finals is one of the most stressful times on a college campus. Now that my midterm cloud has passed I’m going to give you some fool-proof methods for surviving midterms and finals!

1. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

Whether you like it or not, setting time out to exercise is one of the biggest tips I could give for exam success. Even if it’s just walking around, doing some push-ups and squats for 30 minutes, a little goes a long way. Exercising is proven to keep you more alert, it clears your mind and allows you to retain the information better and it can be a great stress relief. The biggest benefit I find from exercise is that when I discipline myself to do a quick hour of working out, I feel a lot more motivated and disciplined to sit and study for hours. It’s as if the discipline from working out spills over into my work.

2.  Avoid drinking more caffeine than you usually drink.

We all need our caffeine fix in the mornings and around midday when we start to get groggy. But one of the more important tips to remember is to not over-do your caffeine intake. Drinking excess coffee, energy drinks and the like can make you jittery, can cause extreme crashes in energy and can cause you to have a hard time falling asleep after all the work is done. When studying it’s super important to stick to your regular routine so you don’t shock your body too much.

3. Get no less than 7 hours of sleep.

Sleep is vital to learning and memorizing new information. It helps all the hard work that you did to stick in your minds, it helps to stabilize your mood and it prevent those study time mood swings. Most importantly, your body needs sleep to perform its functions, so never neglect your sleep cycle for an extra hour of studying.

4.. Make a study schedule and stick to it.

Finally, it’s extremely important to make a study schedule. First figure out all the free time that you have before the exam date. Then calculate how many hours you will need to study for each course. Print out or write up your schedule and look at it right before you start your work every day— this will help to remind you that you do not have any time to waste. Remember, that we often take more time that we expect to complete readings so account for the extra time that we’ll need. Also remember to leave time to make up for inevitable distractions along the way.

That being said! These are the study tips that have helped me get though my midterms! I hope they’ll help those of you who still have midterms and for the finals week that is only five weeks away!