Esra: 5 Songs to Add to Your Playlist

I’m not the most musically educated person in the world, but I do know what I like. I’ve been playing these 5 songs on repeat for the past week (maybe two) and I think they’re definitely worth giving a listen.

  1. Blame It On Me by George Ezra – 

  2. Never Forget You by Zara Larsson – 



Perfect to add to your “walking to class” playlist (because we all know when you can’t catch the bus you grab your headphones and make the trek easier with some music).

Eliza: What is “El Niño” anyway?

If you have left your dorm/apartment/bed in the past week, week & a half, you’ve probably noticed that the weather is, like, seriously wack.  And we’re not talking crazy rain or early snow – no that would be almost normal.  We’re talking it was 70 degrees yesterday, and it’s November in New England.  For those of you that are new, that is definitely not normal.

So yeah, global warming is real – but people also keep throwing around this “El Niño” term to explain the seriously weird weather.  I had barely any idea what it actually meant though, so I decided to investigate.

It turns out that El Niño is “an oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere  system in the tropical Pacific,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  And it seriously can change the weather around the whole globe.

For North America, it means different things depending on where on the continent you are.  In big news, it tends to mean a less severe hurricane season.  In the Upper Northeast it usually means a drier and warmer than average winter – meaning less snow.

I guess our random 70-degree days could have to do with this warmer winter that’s coming our way, and after last year, that doesn’t seem like such a bad thing, right?  According to the NOAA, there’s over a 90% chance that El Niño will last though winter, so that seems to makes sense.

HOWEVER: The other major weather predictor of the world, the Farmer’s Almanac, is predicting a winter that will be VERY much the same as last year. (Read: Lots of cold lots of wind lots of snow).  With these conflicting predictions, it’s pretty hard to say what’s coming.  At least we can definitely say that these days are super weird, but not bad either.

Zach: Best of BU Burgers

Hello friends! The rankings are back! Today I’ll be ranking the burger places on our stretch of campus, because these are IMPORTANT things to think about before coming to BU.

I work rank from worst to best:

5: Burgerfi

The buns are too oily for my tastes, and the shakes are just thicker than tar, but I’ve heard amazing things about their quinoa burgers (if you are into that vegan kind of lifestyle). Their fries are blasé and while its a nice showing to have onion rings, they don’t pass my tests. Also this costs real money. DID I MENTION THE SERVICE IS ATROCIOUS? Do not go in thinking you’ll spend any less than an hour there.

They do serve coke. 

4: Dining Hall

They are fine. I would not say that they are bad whatsoever, but I also would not call them good. The plus sides is that they are *free* with a dining plan. Toppings are limited and the buns are a bit too soft, and the patty is fair. There are rotating options of fries at all dining halls, and those fries can range from “this is not a fry whatsoever” to “oh my god i’m gonna eat 14 plates”.

They serve pepsi, not coke, ugh. 

3: Sunset Cantina

I know what you are thinking? Sunset? The nacho place!? How is this on the list? But they actually have some very good traditional burgers! One of the burgers even has guacamole on it! OMG! The fries are crisp and good, and you can get those famous nachos as an appetizer (or desert nachos for afterward!).

They serve pepsi, not coke, ugh. 

2: Rhett’s

The looks are deceiving! My entire first semester at school I assumed Rhett’s would be disgusting… wrong! Rhett’s is incredible. They have a huge selection of burgers and fries, and literally ALL of them are good. (In the morning their bagels are TOP NOTCH!) They also have super long hours, for when you need to eat on campus but other places aren’t open. Did I mention this is on campus? So yes it is dining points but it is yet again free(ish).

They serve pepsi, not coke, ugh. 

1: UBurger

OMG UBURGER! I crave UBurger, I cry when I am at Uburger and when I am not at UBurger. I live, breath, and obviously eat UBurger. They have so many options (I personally get the A+ burger which feature A1 sauce and crispy onions!) and also some sweet salads. ALSO THE SWEET POTATO FRIES ARE GAME CHANGING. They also serve coke on one of those new ~fancy~ dispenser machines with a touch screen, AND GLASS BOTTLES OF COKE. It’s too much. I love Uburger. Also, the location is prime with one by Myles and one by 1019, so they catch both ends of campus!


Kreag: “Major” Problems

One problem I have faced since my freshman year here at Boston University is whether or not I want to take on a second degree.  For a long time, I thought that along with film I would be doing something else, maybe journalism, or maybe something outside of COM, like sociology.  However, the past year and half have led me in a completely different direction.  While there was a brief time when I considered picking up a minor in journalism, mainly because it was something I did and enjoyed in high school, that never really became a reality.  After a while I tossed that idea aside and decided that I was going to dedicate all of my time to the field of film and television.

That all changed when I entered the summer before sophomore year.  I guess you could say I had a crisis of sorts, mainly inspired by my family’s desire for me to study something that they viewed as “more secure” in terms of future job possibilities.  That resulted in my brief foray into the Questrom School of Business.  That was a journey that I quickly ended due to my lack of math background and complete inability to understand anything with the word “calculus” in the course title.  My family was not happy that I decided against a Business degree, but I can pretty confidently say that it would not have gone very well.

Well, here I am, a few months later, again back to the singular track of Film and Television.  And again, I am considering picking up another major.  This time its PR (which is actually a track in the Mass Communication major, but basically its the same thing), which I’ve actually discovered is something I enjoy.  Next semester I’m going to take the Intro to PR class, and if all goes well, maybe I’ll pick up a dual degree or a Communication minor!

I guess the moral of the story here is that you don’t have to know what you want to do in college right away!  That was something I struggled with for a long time, not just because other people pressured me to find something else, but also because I have a huge range of interests and a huge amount of things that I would like to learn in college.  Don’t be afraid to browse the variety of classes that your college has to offer, and don’t be afraid to change your mind even if you’ve taken classes towards a certain track!  And don’t forget that you can’t please everybody; if you love film, take film classes if you can.  Just because your friends or family think you’re perfect material for the pre-med track doesn’t mean you are; do what you love and what you enjoy!


With October behind us, winter is coming.

Before it gets too cold to frolic outside and adventure without wearing parkas… here is a list to make sure you’re covering all your bases this year in enjoying the fall weather:

1. Apple Picking

Not only will you get those ~basic~ instas and a new profile picture… but you will also get apple cider, cider doughnuts and all the apples you could want.

Check out Honey Pot Hill Orchards –

Also, Connors Farm in Danvers, MA –

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch!

Whether you take one home and carve it, or just adventure… it’s a fun way to take a break from your school routine. (Bonus points for drinking Starbucks out of their holiday cup at the same time).

3. Salem, MA

While this is the hub for Halloween, Salem is fun year round. There is so much history here, great places to eat and it’s only a quick ride on the Commuter Rail that leaves from North Station.

4. Be the first one on the ice

Skating at the Frog Pond is a Boston staple. It’s cheap to do, a fun way to get off campus and it’s a nice way to transition into the upcoming winter months.

5. Coolidge Corner Theatre

My favorite place to catch a movie in the Greater Boston Area. They have fun events to attend, they replay older films and they also play the latest movies.  The theatre is gorgeous and in a fun area to explore.

Hope this helps!

Donald: Bursting the BU Bubble – Finding Boston’s Less-Frequented Neighborhoods

Last fall, I took a fascinating class called Urban Sociology (SO 244). One day, we had a guest speaker who was an expert on Boston come give our class a lecture. To start off, he gave us a blank map of the city of Boston and told us to fill in all of the city’s neighborhoods. Like most BU students, I quickly found Kenmore/Fenway, Allston, and I managed to scribble in Brookline. Yet, after that, even if I could name other neighborhoods, I had no idea where they were.

As BU students, I’m sure we’ve all heard of the “BU Bubble” – an imaginary boundary that includes our campus and nearby areas – that BU students never seem to escape. During my sophomore year, I realized how true this assertion was, and I took it upon myself to explore the actual city of Boston before I graduated. Here are just a few spots that I’ve loved exploring that aren’t so close to campus.

Jamaica Plain
Overview: Jamaica Plain (JP) is an eclectic community that truly has a small-town feel. The neighborhood, with large LGBTQ+ and Latino communities, is a diverse conclave with a very activist-minded vibe. This is exemplified by some of the shopping spots in the neighborhood, such as Boomerangs, a thrift store whose proceeds all benefit the AIDS Action Committee. 
Favorite Spot: It’s honestly hard to pick. Although the first ever J.P. Licks ice cream store is located in JP, I’m going to go with the Jamaica Pond for this one. If you’re looking to feel like you’re away from the city for a while, the Jamaica Pond is a beautiful getaway, while miles of running/walking/biking paths around it. 
How To Get There: Getting to JP is a little tough. However, there are several stops on the Orange Line that will land you in JP, including the Jackson Square and Forest Hills stops. 

Overview: Often referred to as the “Brooklyn of Boston,” Somerville is a trendy, hip neighborhood home to a lot of recent college graduates and young professionals. Just past Cambridge, Somerville has a number of excellent restaurants and cool sites to visit.
Favorite Spot: By far, my favorite place to visit in Somerville is Union Square, especially during one of weirder community festivals they have. In the past, I’ve been to Fluff Fest – a festival dedicated entirely to marshmallow fluff. A few weeks ago, they hosted Pity Party, an event celebrating sadness and sulking. Definitely check out a calendar to see what cool events may be coming up soon.
How To Get There: Somerville is a bit tricky. But, if you hop on the B line to the Chestnut Hill Ave stop, you can hop on the 86 bus and be there in a few minutes!

Central Square
Overview: I mean this in the best way possible, but if you’re looking for a crowd of weird people, Cambridge is the best place to be. And no other area of Cambridge exemplifies that like Central Square. With a mixture of restaurants, concert venues, and small shops, Central Square is an eclectic group of both college students and older adults.
Favorite Spot: Out of the Blue Too is an art gallery and concert space in the heart of Central Square. It’s one of my favorite venues to visit because it usually hosts local bands in a small, intimate setting. Plus, there are a ton of really cool art piece along the walls, so you can peruse some cool art while listening to great music.
How To Get There: It’s super easy! Just hop on the 47 bus, which has a stop in South Campus close to Warren Towers, and you’ll be there in 15 minutes!

Overview: Many BU students talk about being afraid to visit Roxbury, but it’s actually a very welcoming and warm community that deserves more attention than it gets. Roxbury is the heart of the African-American community in Boston, with many family-owened establishments and a vibrant community-feeling.
Favorite Spot: I love the Hayley House in Roxbury, a great cafe with some of the best quesadillas I’ve had in Boston. The Hayley House often has spoken word poetry nights, which are a must-see!
How To Get There: Roxbury isn’t super accesible via public transportation, but there are several stops on the Orange Line which can get you there if you have time to spare.

Kate: Spring Break 2016

Hey COM student! Hey, what? Hey COM student! Hey, what? Did you love FYSOP 26 as much as I did? If so, you should consider participating in Alternative Service Breaks this winter or spring break. 

As described on their website, Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) promotes community service, develops leadership skills, and creates strong bonds among its participants. Since its founding in 1988, Boston University student and faculty/staff volunteers have spent their spring breaks participating in volunteer work throughout the country with focuses such as the environment, affordable housing, hunger, education, public health, and disabilities. Each of the trips is comprised of two Coordinators, seven to twelve volunteers, and one faculty/staff Chaperone. 

There are 38 trips this year- 36 trips for spring break and 2 trips for winter break. During winter break, you can learn, serve and reflect in Boston or Philadelphia. Trips for spring break range from Georgia to Utah to even Puerto Rico!

To learn more about ASB, attend one of the two info fairs, on Oct 28 7-9pm and Nov 10 7-9pm. You can also check out the trip locations onlineRegistration for volunteers opens at 9am on Sunday Nov. 22nd. More details can be found on their website

Questions? Visit the Community Service Center anytime Monday through Friday 9am-5pm and ask for CiCi or Josh, the ASB program managers. You can also email them at!

Kaley: An Apology Letter to the Dining Hall

Dearest BU Dining Services,

I’m sorry I ever complained about your sometimes-questionable meat. I’m sorry I ended each of my first four semesters with at least 60 meals left, unused. I’m sorry I got annoyed when dining hall lines were “too long” and I’m so, so sorry that I spent my first two years at BU anxiously awaiting the year I would finally be allowed to ditch my dining plan for good.

That year was this year. We’re two months in now, caught in the heat of midterm projects and insane schedules and baggy-eyed, sweatshirt-and-legging-type stress. Honestly, I would take a C on one of those midterms if it meant I could roll through West Campus D-Hall every morning again. If it meant I could slab some sunflower butter on a whole wheat bagel, slice a banana and drown my stressed-out sorrows in the world’s most superior flavor combo.

I’d happily trade these half-hearted “meals” that I barely have time to make in my kitchen for spending an extra 30 minutes to top a fruit bowl with ready-to-go cottage cheese and to fill a dining hall cup with water and lemon juice. My eating habits may sound weird, but BU dining halls were always there for me, and never judged.

What I wouldn’t give to study in Warren again, while enjoying plate after plate of their amazing calzones. I would without a doubt wait in a “too long” line to have one of those again. And those 60 meals I had left over every semester? I’d use every last one on the new Wok section -WHICH I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN YET. For all us non-dining-plan kids know, the Wok section is a myth.

And finally, the most crucial, devastating meal I miss: Let’s have a moment of silence for the fact that my last BU omelet was 5 months ago.

If you’re reading this and you still have a dining plan, then it’s not too late.

(The author of this piece is now accepting any and all guest-swipe offers.)


Caroline: Stages of Eating a Sushi Bowl

We’ve all had a craving for a Basho sushi bowl from the GSU. It’s such an amazing concept: a burrito bowl, but for sushi not burritos. Why wouldn’t you want that all the time? Well, it has its ups and downs, because a sushi bowl is deceptively a lot of food. Here are the stages of eating a sushi bowl:


1. Really wanting one

2. Never changing your usual order

3. Eagerly waiting for your name to be pronounced wrong

4. Figuring out how to go about eating it

5. Giving up on using chopsticks after your first three bites

6. Regretting your decision to get a sushi bowl because it’s way too much food

7. Forcing yourself to finish the whole thing because you just spent $10 on it

8. Resting for at least two minutes before doing anything else

9. Congratulating yourself for eating such a delicious meal

10. Repeating it all again the next time you’re in the GSU

Joe: Where Has The Semester Gone

The fall semester is almost over which is insane. For me, the arrival of Halloween basically solidifies the fact that so much time has passed since classes began and that winter break will be here before you know it.

I partially blame the New England weather and the abrupt changes in seasons. One day it’s 75 degrees and sunny and the next its windy and cold and you’re just trying to not fly away on your walk to class (even though you want to fly away because you consistently have homework and test and projects).

The rush of the semester always makes me feel bad because I always set a list of things I want to do and then never accomplish them. Especially when it’s the fall and around Halloween and you’re trying to be festive but just can’t seem to fight the inertia of your room/bed.

Anyway, to make yourself feel better and revel in your accomplishments, here is a makeshift list of all of the things I planned on doing this semester and have yet to do.


1)   Watch “Hocus Pocus”

2)   See Jimmy Fallon receive some comedy award from the Harvard Lampoon

I don’t want to talk about this one because it makes me sad.

3)   Eat at Charlie’s Kitchen

Buzzfeed recently brought this place to my attention even though I live less than 3 miles away from it. I’m such a quirky millennial.

4)   Eat more ice cream

It’s getting cold, which means that eating ice cream is only socially acceptable for so long. As much as I try not to conform to societal standards, there’s nothing worse than eating ice cream while it snows and getting shifty eyes from strangers on the street.

5)   Cook chicken parm in my apartment and pretend to be a real adult for one night

As you can tell, I’m S T A R V I N G while writing this and all I can think about is food.

6)   Go apple picking and get lost in a corn maze

Apple picking does not seem like a fun activity to me but it’s a staple of fall and I’m trying my best to make my life into a romantic comedy. Also, what kind of blog post would this be from me without a Taylor Swift GIF?

7)   Go to Kane’s Donuts

I’m still hungry, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve tried to go eat these ~world famous~ donuts three times now and every time they have been closed. I think it’s a sign from the heavens.

Anyway, long live and prosper. Keep it real. Don’t be like me and actually go outside and live your life and do fun things. I, on the other hand, will continue to be stressed out consistently and never getting anything done. What’s falling faster, the leaves on the trees or my GPA? (just remember that grades do not guarantee you a job so…)