Christy: Money Management

If you’re like me, college was the first time I really had to think about budgeting my own money. I suddenly started thinking things like “Do I really need that Chipotle?” and “I don’t need those shoes right now.” I was so use to having my mom hand me a $10 bill before walking out the door for Chipotle or always going shoe shopping with her that I never thought about what would happen when I had to do those things without her.Suddenly, I was thrown into the world of real adulthood and had to pay for the things I took for granted on my own. My mom still sends me money here and there, but I always feel bad asking for it. So, as soon as I got to campus freshman year, I applied for my first job. Later in the year, I applied for a second. I LOVED the feeling of earning money, having money and spending money that was all my own.

I worked hard all of freshman year and saved up as much as I could to last me through this past summer. I knew I would be participating in an unpaid internship, as well as performing in a musical, so I wouldn’t have any time to get a job. Whatever I saved up during the school year was it for the summer (with a little help from my mom). However, I thought I had saved so much money that I possibly couldn’t spend it three months. I was wrong.

I loved the feeling of spending my own money so much that I bought a few too many Broadway show tickets and went out to eat a little too much. By the end of the summer, I had about $30 to my name. It was one of the most terrifying and disappointing realizations for me. Terrifying, because I had to last two weeks into being in Boston before I would start getting paid once again and disappointing, because I couldn’t believe I put myself in a situation like that.

Right then, I vowed I would never do that to myself, and my bank account, again. So, I started to do the following:

1. I created a self-imposed minimum that I will never let my account go below, so I would always have money in case of emergency- or if I just really need that Chipotle.
2. I really thought about my purchases and how they would pay off in the long run.
Will I hate myself for eating Chipolte later?
3. I planned out purchases in advance.
Okay, I get paid on Friday. So that means if I really want to get Chipotle this week, I can just wait til after Friday when I have some more wiggle room in my account.
Unfortunately, I had to learn my money management lesson the hard way. I feel as though college is the perfect time to learn about money management, and I’m glad I learned when I did. So be smart and be aware of how much you are spending. You’ll be happy in the long run.

Amy: How to get away from the city without really leaving

Don’t get me wrong, Boston is amazing and wonderful and full of all the great things that make us all love living here. Living in the city makes life exciting all the time. That being said, sometimes we all need a little break from the craziness. When the sweet sounds of Storrow Drive start to become more like a lullaby than noisy cars, it’s time to find some space away from the city to regroup and think. Personally, one of my favorite things about Boston is that it’s a city with so much nature all around. Here are just a few of my favorite spots near campus:
1. The Esplanade. Probably one of the easiest spots near campus. I love walking just past campus and finding a nice spot near the water to do some work. The esplanade stretches along the Charles for a several miles, which also makes it the perfect spot to go running with a great view!
2. Boston Common/Public Gardens. The Common definitely isn’t always quiet, but it’s a great spot to picnic with friends and hang out. Easily accessible by the Boyleston and Park St. T stops, but also a nice walk on a good day!
3. Mason Square Park. Step just south of campus into Brookline, and you’ll find yourself in a beautiful alternate suburban world. One small beautiful park to visit is the Mason Square Park, located a few steps down Essex St. (turn south at 808 Gallery).
4. Emerald Necklace parks. The Emerald Necklace is a really cool long string of  parks and greenway that runs from Park Drive in South Campus all the way into Brookline. With over 1,000 acres to explore and fun events held at different locations along the parks, the Emerald Necklace never gets boring!
I also want to note that for those up for bigger trips, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, and Maine also have lots of fun parks and hiking trails that are often accessible by bus or train! Especially as we get into New England’s most beautiful season, spend some quality time with the outdoors before we snowed in all over again.

Eliza: #Networking

People talk about networking like it’s either something they are incredible at or as if it is the most daunting task to ever present itself. In COM, it’s at least something people talk about all the time, and for good reason. Sure, you could get hired simply off of a killer resume and your impressive COM degree, but it doesn’t hurt to work to develop connections.

Personal experience has shown me a lot about networking.  One: Because I’m just starting out, most of my connections are people my parents know or have worked with. Two: That is totally fine. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help from your parents, especially if they have the network.

When I was applying for internships this summer, I had my eyes (and heart) on one in particular: working as an editorial intern at Thrillist. My dad is in marketing and my mom is a special educator, so I figured I wouldn’t have any connections in the editorial world. Plus, at first I resisted help because I decided I had to prove myself, blah blah. Wrong idea.

After some time had gone by, and I had heard nothing, and my dad was offering for the third time to look into connections, I decided to let him help. And from there I learned how insane networking can be (in a good way).

Turns out, a business friend of my dad had sat at the same table at a wedding as an editor at Thrillist. Yep – that was my big connection. None of them really knew each other that well, but it was enough to get my foot in the door. I met the guy for coffee, and within a week had heard back about my application.

That’s really what all this networking is about, getting a foot in the door.  Having the right network won’t get you the dream job, but it will definitely start you on the right path.

Jen: Put down that latte, you’re late!

If you’re like 99% of the human population, you have been late to something at least once in your life. Being late is just part of the human experience. I’ve been late for many things: class, birthday parties, going across the street to grab breakfast in the morning. Being late is just part of my DNA. Multiple times, I’ve kept my friends waiting five, ten, even twenty extra minutes for me to meet them to hang out. Not only am I a chronic late person, but I’m also a chronic procrastinator. Whether it’s putting off homework, doing my laundry, or even just getting out of bed, I will put anything off until the last minute.

So what happens if you are late to class? What happens if you’ve put off that essay until the night before it’s due? Here are some tips from a perpetually late person to help you deal with the stress that comes from tardiness.

  • Relax: Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory. There have been many times when my stress level has gone from 0 to 100 because of me being a procrastinator. I’ve left everything from worksheets, to fifty page readings to four page papers till the last minute. I’ve gotten extremely overwhelmed and felt like it was impossible for me to get everything done. In times like these, I remember to take a breather and to calm down. I admit that it was my own fault that I procrastinated and then I get straight back to work because I have no time to give myself an intervention.

  • Don’t Make Excuses: When you’re currently sprinting to your friend’s birthday party because you’re running twenty minutes late, you’re probably thinking of a great excuse. How convincing and elaborate can you make your excuse so people think you’re telling the truth? It’s always best to throw out any excuses and tell the truth. Instead of trying to tell your friend a false but creative reason about why you’re late, it’s better to just say you watched a few too many episodes of House of Cards and didn’t keep track of time.

  • Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you’re late: Okay, so you’re five minutes late to class. It’s fine. Don’t freak out about being just a few minutes late because it might be the case where either the professor is late as well or you’re coming into class with some other students whose alarms didn’t wake them as well. Nobody is going to take you to court because you’re late to class. Unless it’s a mock trial class.

Tardiness happens. When it does happen, you just have to remember to relax and it’s not the end of the world. Everyone is late at one point in their lives, take it from me, a girl who was thirty minutes late to her own birthday party.

A Queen is never late

Hannah H: A Few Favorites About New England’s Fall

I’m either obsessed with alliterations or feeling a little too nostalgic about being a senior, but no matter the case, it has me loving on fall. Don’t get me wrong – I love summer as much as the next person and I can appreciate a good couple of snow days in the winter, but Fall has really become the unsung hero of my time spent here in Boston. Not only is the weather awesome – there’s so much going on on-campus and around the area.

Looking back here’s few things I’m excited to enjoy one last time in New England before shipping out after graduation:

1. Back to Classes

Yes. I said it. I like going back to classes. There’s something reassuring about the fresh start and consistency that the fall brings. You’re excited about new classes and you’re back to a normal schedule. If you have a crazy professor or a class that’s going to become a thorn in your side – you probably don’t know it yet. You get to pretend to be organized for a few weeks even though you know you’ll have lost your agenda halfway through the semester. All these reasons and more are one major reason that come next fall – I’ll really miss going back to classes.

2. The Nature Fix

Boston and its surrounding areas have awesome outdoor landscapes. Sure it’s not like you’re walking through Yellowstone everyday, but it’s also not a concrete jungle. You can watch the leaves fall in Boston Commons. Take a few extra long runs on the esplanade before the air gets too cold and watch Head of the Charles on the river. Day trips to Natick for Apple Picking each fall have become a fall-staple for me to get off-campus and take a break from the chaos of midterms. There’s always a 5k or charity walk that gets you out and about exploring the city. Trust me when I say there are plenty of ways to get your nature fix in Boston and Fall is the perfect time to do it.

3. Moving

It’s widely known and (partially) accepted that everyone moves during the same week every year (August 27th – September 2). That is often mine and most people’s least favorite week of the year. For the record, that week also falls in the summer not the fall. But, by the time fall hits you are all moved in, be it a fancy new suite in Stuvi, an awesome off-campus apartment or an upgraded brownstone double. No matter the case – once you’re all moved in and settled it always feels like an upgrade. And the icing on the cake – fall means no more A/C dreaming, because you don’t need air-conditioning in the fall and I promise you won’t miss all that Boston summer humidity.

On that note – I leave you. I’m off to enjoy a day of boots and a temperature under 75 degrees. Fall is here, Boston. Get ready.

Claire: Getting Involved in butv10

If that awesome and inspiring video didn’t get you pumped then let’s see if I can. BUTV10 is Boston University’s student-operated media production and distribution service. Live-streamed and on-demand programming is available online at and on the campus’ channel 10. Established in 1989 as BUTV and rebranded BUTV10 in 2005, the organization produces an array of news, information, sports, drama, comedy, and variety programming. Our content has received multiple Associated Press, NATAS, Telly, and Webby recognitions, I must stress this by saying there really is a spot for everyone. Our programming includes news, drama, science fiction, sports broadcasting, and even a cooking show. If you aren’t interested in the creative side of television consider joining our Marketing, Programming, or Graphics department.  Membership exceeds 250 people and is growing exponentially. If you are looking to gain experience writing, editing, or producing BUTV10 IS PERFECT FOR YOU. Learn what you love and perfect how to do it before anyone else. We also have tons of super famous alumni – so maybe you can be one of them too!

If you missed our General Interest Meeting and still wish to sign up please complete this form:

Claudia: The Lady Lounge

Bae State Babes. The Lady Lounge. These are the two nicknames for 404 Kilachand – aka my sophomore year dorm. 

I had already started a countdown for sophomore year on my last day as a freshman. Although I wasn’t really ready to say goodbye to Warren (I will always love you, 720B), I was so excited to move to Bay State with my best friends and christen the Lady Lounge. Countless TV shows have documented living with your friends and I was excited. Were we going to have a Chandler-Joey and Rachel-Phoebe-Monica living set up? Who would be our Ugly Naked Guy? We’re looking at you MIT frats.

Jen and Meredith are in the double and I’m in a SAMwich with Sam and Sammi. We’ve got the perfect set up, with each of our personalities proudly displayed on our respective corners. We’ve also got AC, a record player, and a whole bunch of seltzer. So basically, the Lady Lounge is where it’s at.

I have to admit, although I was beyond excited to live with my best friends, I was also a little nervous. Why was I nervous? Was it the ghost of Eugene O’Neill that haunts the fourth floor of Kilachand? Unfortunately, no. There hasn’t been any paranormal activity (that I know of). I was living with some of my favorite people in my favorite city, but I was worried that living with my Bae State babes could possibly hurt our friendship. Would we get sick of spending all of our time together? The answer is never. Our friendship has only become stronger, especially now that we share a bathroom (there is no such thing as privacy).

I have so many memories with these incredible ladies and I know we’ve only been at school for two weeks, but these past couple of days might be tough to beat. Here are some of my favorite roommate bondings — for new and old friends!


We at the lady lounge are very fond of dance breaks. Especially to ABBA. Mamma Mia is our JAM.


Movie nights were a staple of our friendship last year. We laughed. We cried. We watched Rent and the Last Five Years on Valentine’s Day. Movie nights are the absolute best. Especially when paired with popcorn and pajamas.


Because who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s?


Grab your roomies and get those arms pumping. The Lady Lounge is very fond of slow walks on the esplanade as our main form of exercise. All we need is matching tracksuits.

Cheers to the new year and to a new year of roomie lovin’

Aidan: The Resources You Didn’t Know About On Campus

Hey gang! So today, I thought I would share with you something that is kind of an embarrassment to me: it took me being a student here for 2+ years before I actually had an academic advising appointment. Yeah, I know. Well, on reflecting on that, I have started to think about all the resources here at the University, and what some people don’t take advantage of enough, or even know exist. So here is my list of what I believe are the most under-appreciated, but also most useful, resources at Boston University:

1. The Com Writing Center

Come on, there is a writing center on campus that is just for COM STUDENTS?! WHY AREN’T WE USING THIS MORE?? Staffed by graduate students in the Com Program, they can help you with your scripts, your ad pitches, and even your COM101 papers. That’s right, they are experts on COM101. A very great resource for incoming COM Freshmen. The writing center is located in the basement of the COM Building.

2. The Center for Career Development

Okay, this is a place that has done a lot of good for me. Not only can they help you prep for a job interview (resume critiquing, interview skills and practice, how to write a cover letter), they can even help you find that job interview! The CCD is located at 100 Bay State Road, this isn’t one you want to miss.

3. The Educational Resource Center

This is a good one. The ERC (also at 100 Bay State Road) has a lot of programs to help students do better in their classes. This is where you can find tutoring for any subject, as well as resources if you are a first generation student or an international student who needs extra help with interpreting the English classroom. To be honest, if I had known about these as a freshman, I would have used them much sooner. So, in essence, don’t be like me. Reach out and get help on what you need help on! You will be glad you did.

To be honest, if I had known about these as a freshman, I would have used them much sooner. Reach out and get help, you will be glad you did!

Hannah C: Season Three

Aaand we’re back. Starting off yet another fall semester has never been better. Third time is the charm, right? Here’s hoping!

The only thing cuter than my fresh new set of stationery is the fact that back-to-school always seems like the return of a long-running but beloved television show. At the start of the new season, everyone comes back a little older, with new stories to tell and new haircuts to flaunt.  There are always a few new cast members added to the crew, and storylines are bound to change. Freshman and sophomore year strung me along many different lines, and I’m excited for what path junior year has in store.

If college’s cyclical structure is like each season of a show, then junior year is the one with all the enticing promos and a count down til the end of the hiatus. I had the most unforgettable summer (blog post to come), but at its end, I found myself more than ready for the academic year ahead.

It’s finally time for internships, taking classes in my major and knowing my way around enough not to get lost on the first day of class. And studying abroad! Spoiler alert: I won’t be in Boston next semester. But for now, I think junior year is a time to be influential in the communities I’ve joined. By the time I graduate, I want to have made positive changes on campus; I didn’t come to college just to make a cameo.

We have a successful premiere behind us, and we’re in for a good season. Stay tuned.

L.E.: Why I need Inspiration and people like Stephen Colbert

Last night was the premiere of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I have been watching Colbert on television for as long as I can remember and I could confidently say that he is a leading factor in why I am here at BU. Now Colbert isn’t an alumnus, nor is COM directly related to his show, but he as an entertainer is what inspired me to want to become a comedy writer. I believe the inspiration that I have drawn from Colbert throughout the years, and from other people I’ve met, is why I am the person I am today.

It’s important to find people throughout life that teach you how to become a better person. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re supposed to model their exact personality or career, but that certain aspects of their character initiate a development in your own character. I like to think of myself as an individual, however I would be nothing without the role models and mentors in my life. Although I draw inspiration from nearly everyone I encounter, I’m just going to focus on three different categories of people that have taught me a lot about what kind of person I want to be and want kind of impact I have in the world.

Obviously I am going to start with Stephen Colbert. As I have a laundry list of comedians that inspire me, I always say that if I could be anyone on the planet I’d be Stephen Colbert (ok he is tied with Lorne Michaels). Character traits spanning from his amount of energy to his captivating sense of excitement, allow him to light up an entire room with just his spirit. His use of satire that extends from the Colbert Report to outlets such as twitter is not only witty but also insightful. He challenges people to not only see the corruption of the media but to question the moral validity of trends and issues in society. He points out absurdity in everyday sexism and continuously challenges people to be active on solving problems. He also uses his platform to fight for things that he believes in and uses politics to solve issues. Does anyone remember the Stephen Colbert Super Pac?

Its inevitable to have a teacher and/or professor that does something that makes you think to yourself “wow you’re smart and I want to be like you.” That happens to me a lot more than the average student so there are multiple people I can write about, however I am going to single out my high school English teacher. Mr. Foley is one of those teachers that can get even the students who only care about math or science to care about writing and literature. Not only have I become a better student because of learning from him, but he also taught me a lot about myself and the type of person that I want to be. I could go on and on about him but here is one quote from him that really resonated with me: “There’s not much in this world that you can control. The only thing that you can control, though, are your actions and what you do. When you’re going through life make sure the actions and choices you make reflect the type of person you want to be and the one that you think everyone else would want to be.”

If there were one thing that I’ve learned since coming to BU, it would be that there are so many incredible people here to learn and grow with. At my job in Undergraduate Affairs alone I have so many mentors and peers that have shaped me throughout my first year in COM. One specific role model of mine is my co-worker Jon Mayer (not the singer, I know). From the moment you meet Jon Mayer, his welcoming personality and sense of authenticity intrigues you. I don’t think I ever even had a constant work shift with Jon, but the conversations I’ve shared with him are ones I’ll never forget. Our deep talks about life and philosophical issues range from social and economic equality, the film industry, and education all the way to music and old television. Jon not only recognizes what is going on in the world around him, but he actively seeks out ways that we can create a better future. Jon’s passion for knowledge, film and people in general is something I try to emulate everyday and I am so thankful that COM brought him into my life. It’s people like Jon that you see every now and then on campus that become constant motivators and reminders of the bigger picture.

It’s important to recognize the people that have influenced you to be the person you are today. I hope anyone that is reading this is not only reminded to reflect on those kind of people but also reach out to them and let them know the impact that they’ve had in your life. Or at least write a letter dedicated to them for your COM blog post.