Taylor: BUcket list

Esra: Fitting in Last Minute Activities

Less than three weeks of classes left and it’s hitting you that the school year is almost over. For most, it’s a very bittersweet time. So how can you make the most of it before finals? There are so many fun events constantly going on around campus, especially this time of year when the weather is finally getting warmer.

Kappa Delta’s Smart Cookie

Join Kappa Delta in their spring philanthropy event on April 13 at 7:00pm in Metcalf. The event pairs members of different BU organizations together to compete in a trivia competition using questions from an Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scouts troop. Additionally, sisters will be selling Girl Scout cookies at the event!

Alpha Phi’s Ivy Man

The sisters of Alpha Phi are hosting their annual Ivy Man Male Beauty Pageant on April 15 at 7:30pm in Metcalf. All proceeds go to the Alpha Phi Foundation supporting women’s heart health.

Boston University Relay For Life

April 18-19 will be BU’s seventh annual Relay For Life event. Sign up, donate, and enjoy some live music, a dodge-ball tournament, Zumba, and other activities while you fight the battle against cancer! Get ready for an awesome night at the Track and Tennis Center!

BU Treblemakers Spring Concert

One of BU’s co-ed a cappella groups is having a spring concert on April 19 at 7:00pm in the Photonics Center, Room 206. The “Treble in Paradise” concert is embracing the upcoming warm weather and it will be a great time!


Stop by the COM Lawn on April 29 from 3:00-5:00pm and enjoy all sorts of baked goods! COM student groups will be competing at this annual bake off. Money raised will be benefiting the Katie Bleck Foundation.

Zach: Making Extracurriculars, Not Extra Stress!

There is something that separates COM students from students at other schools, they are involved, and they are busy. While the former is a fantastic thing and is what makes BU so freaking special, it results in the second thing. It’s hard. You’ll go to SPLASH at the beginning of first semester and get wildly overwhelmed about all the amazing things you could be doing on campus (at least I did, but I also get overwhelmed about everything). At SPLASH, I signed up for everything and I still get emails from all of them. Like seriously, I need to unsubscribe to the Inner Faith Gospel Choir’s newsletter and I have no idea how. But anyway, I did end up joining a lot of those activities, and now as an almost sophomore (WHAT OMG PLEASE STOP!?!?), I think I’ve figured out a few things to help you manage your extracurricular schedule. 

Pick one or two groups that are most important to you, and arrange your schedule around them.

I have done this with Liquid Fun and BU on Broadway, making my nightly rehearsals my conflict for other things. So sometimes I can’t make it to a meeting for another group, but people usually understand because these are groups where you are working towards a product, instead of just meeting to discuss updates on what’s going on in the group. It’s important to not make every group the most important thing to your schedule. It’s great to pick a few things to put above others, but you need time to breathe.

Put it all in a planner! 

I rely on my iCal religiously to make sure I am places on time (even though I’m still never on time… whoops), and I set alerts before hand. I have different color coded calendars to make sure all things work out. It de-stresses me to look at my calendar and know things have been sorted out a bit. Pro-tip: download the app “Fantastical” it makes entering events waaaaay easier.

It’s okay not to do everything.

I had to quit a bunch of things that I had intended on doing at first, but once you get in he swing of things you realize how incredibly often things can and will conflict and you have to figure out what is going to be important. At the end of the day extracurriculars are here to make you happy and to enrich your experience at BU, and while we are fortunate enough to have such a vast extracurricular community, you don’t have to do all of it to get the full experience.

Stacy: Why Choose BU?

Acceptance letters were mailed out last week, and I just wanted to say congratulations to all those future Terriers! You are one step closer to an amazing college experience.


For those of you still deciding if BU is the right school for you, here are some elements that helped me choose BU. Hopefully it helps with your decision!


  1. The city of Boston. So many opportunities, a great city with so much to do and a hub of diverse people I would have never met living anywhere else. With the city being a quick T ride inbound, there’s never a dull moment.


  1. BU campus is the perfect balance of living in a city and living in a suburb. With East campus being so close to the city, and West campus being in a more residential area, there is a place to call home for everyone. Not to mention the walk between areas of campus is good exercise. But for those who don’t like walking – don’t worry. There is a free BU bus that rides around campus, and the Green Line and multiple city bus routes run through campus.


  1. It’s so easy to find your niche. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, an academic or a mixture of all three – it’s easy to find people you connect with. Everyone at BU is friendly and come from a variety of backgrounds. It’s easy to make friends with people from all walks of life and having diverse friend groups is a great perk of going to a university with a widely diverse community.


  1. BU’s top-notch facilities: From three dining halls, over ten dorm options, a state of the art Fitness and Recreation Center and a massive library, BU’s facilities are impressive to say the least. All of the buildings are in great shape and offer a plethora of resources to all students.


  1. I fell in love with BU the moment I toured COM. It’s so easy to get involved, everyone was so welcoming and I knew attending COM would push me to be the best possible form of myself. In my first month of college I joined BUTV10, WTBU, and the Daily Free Press. COM is what you make of it, and I highly suggest participating in COM to the fullest.



I hope you fall in love with BU like I did. I promise it will be the best four years of your life!

DJ: Don’t Forget Self-Care!

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, the onslaught of final exams, papers, and projects can be daunting and overwhelming. Additionally, if you’re involved with any student group, you’ll know that the end of the spring semester is probably the busiest time of the year for groups as well. My friends in acapella groups all have their spring performances, anyone who works with incoming students knows that admitted students are starting to arrive on campus in droves, and even comedy groups have their share of stressful times as their final performances of the semester are starting to occur.

Thus, as a COM student, a typical day for you might be a hurdle. Today, for instance, I started working in the Admissions office at 9:00 AM, then I had a 3-hour lecture, then I will be giving a tour of the COM building for admitted students before meeting with my group for a project due tomorrow (I’ll have to find time to eat somewhere). And this hectic schedule is not a rare one for most COM students.

Thus, it extremely important to remember to practice self-care. That is, in the midst of a crazy month, schedule time to do things you enjoy and take care of your emotional and mental well-being. Self-care can come in a variety of forms, ranging from going on a walk on the Esplanade, to just watching your favorite TV show on Netflix. You can organize a self-care meet-up with a group of friends and go to the movies, you can participate in the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism’s weekly Self-Care Sunday sessions, or just spend time alone.

Regardless of what you decide to do, remember that you do need time for yourself. This is not to say you should procrastinate all of your final assignments, but you shouldn’t spend every moment of every day running around and working either. Listen to your favorite song and dance around in your room, watch that funny video your friend sent you but you never got around to watching, or take a trip to Pavement and get a cup of your favorite coffee. Whatever you decide to do, taking a 20-minute break to take care of yourself can actually help you much more than you’d think!

Kaley: Four Semesters, Three Moments, Two Years, One School

Wrapping up my fourth semester at BU is a lot to wrap my head around. So, instead of trying to think through that, here’s three anecdotes from my two years here that prove why COM was the right choice for me, and why it can be for you too. 

1. September of freshman year: After joining BUTV10, I wanted to get straight to making TV. Armed with borrowed-from-BU-film-equipment, my partner, Louie, who was also freshman, and my first-ever T pass, I headed down to Copley to interview a Twitter-celeb named Tom. Turns out, that Twitter-celeb was the man behind the famous @BostonTweet account, and the event we were interviewing him at also had a guest appearance from Miss USA. Not even a month into my BU career, I went home with a signed Miss USA poster, an on-camera interview with her and @BostonTweet, and a wicked cool story. (By that point I’d picked up some new, hip Bostonian vocab too). Without BUTV10, though, I would’ve probably just spent the Saturday afternoon in my dorm room. 

2. April of freshman year: Second semester came crashing to an amazing end by the last week of April, and seeing as Boston is so easy to get to and fun to visit, my grandparents decided to pay me a birthday visit (my birthday’s April 29th). Over a surprise dinner at The Top of the Hub, I told them all about the city I’d explored while looking down at it (if you haven’t been to the top of the Prudential Center, find a way to get there. The view’s incredible). I described studying at the Boston Public Library during snowstorms and wandering around the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum one random Sunday afternoon. Since it’s so easy to get anywhere in Boston from BU, I was only one year in and I already felt like Boston was my city.

3. March of sophomore year: I’m home in CT for spring break. I’m exhausted from devoting tons of time to a project that one of my professors had encouraged our class to participate in -a film competition put on by New England Sports Network. I’m in constant communication with my incredibly talented teammates, also sophomores in COM, because any day now we could find out if our short film made the Top 10. The phone rings on Friday morning: we’ve made it. We’re one step closer to the grand prize of $20,000 and a set of really cool bragging rights, and had our professor not told us that this competition existed, we never would have been in this position. Yet again, I owe a cool experience to the COM community, and yet again, I find myself so thankful that I chose BU.

Decision season is upon us, high school seniors. I’ve been here two years, and have made way more amazing memories than just these three in the past four semesters. They all come back to one decision though; one school. 

Forgive my cheesiness here, but: “This could Be U.” 

Joe: How to Prank Your Roommate

April Fool’s Day is one of the best days of the year. You can basically do whatever you want and get away with it. Failed a test? April Fools. Fart in public? April Fools. Rob a bank? April Fools.

It’s the perfect time to test the boundaries with your roommate. By now, you’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. It’s time for the prank wars to begin. Here are some fun April Fool’s Day pranks you can play on your roommate that may or may not get you in hot water.

1. The 3:00 a.m. Wake Up

If you’re a morning person or you tend to stay up late, this is the perfect prank for you. Set all the clocks in your room forward 3 or 4 hours. Set your roommate’s alarm to 3 a.m. and sit back and watch the madness ensue. This is a great prank to start off the day. For added fun, set an alarm on their phone for every hour following and watch their frustration grow.

2. Bengay Butt

Put a thin layer of Bengay or Icy Hot on your roommate’s toilet seat.  Beware! If you share a toilet with a roommate, be sure to let them use it first or this prank may backfire.  For even more fun, put plastic wrap between the seat and the bowl.

3. Febreeze Bomb

Buy zip ties and a few cans of Febreze.  Clip the zip tie around loosely.  When you are ready, pull the zip tie so that Febreze is spraying, throw the can into your roommate’s room, and run for your life. This is especially helpful if your roommates smells and never cleans their room.

4. Mac Attack

If your roommate is one to leave his or her computer open, change his or her wallpaper to an image that looks like the screen is broken.  For inspiration, search “cracked screen wallpapers” and prank away!

5. Super Fan

Pick a celebrity you know your roommate despises, and print out tons of different pictures of them. Tape and hang all of these pictures around their room. If you’re feeling especially devious, staple a picture to an assignment they will be handing in to a professor.

Maybe you’re a planner, like me. For instance, I’ve been taking and hiding one thing from my roommate’s desk everyday for the past two weeks in preparation for a grand finale on April 1st. Hoping to make the whole desk disappear but we’ll see how committed I’m feeling. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the results. Does anyone even read this?

Caroline: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I am a generally uptight person who likes to have control of my life. Recently I have been a bit trapped by expectations I feel other people put on me. After consulting my therapist (one of my friends) we decided I should make a list of things I want to do in order to break out of my shell. I wrote said list one night while I was struggling to fall asleep.

After a night of comedy shows (Liquid Fun and The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams) I was a bit hyper and eager to explore. My friend Bronsen suggested venturing down town. I assembled a group, who also happen to be my roommates for next year, and we set on our way.

We got outside of Warren Towers and didn’t know where to go: downtown, Cambridge, Coolidge Corner? I chose Cambridge because I hadn’t crossed the river since before I arrived at BU. We walked on a beautiful night through Kenmore square, across the bridge measured in smoots (a unit of measurement conceived by MIT students). We, particularly I, goofed off the whole way and just enjoyed each others’ company. 

We walked through MIT and found a sculpture that made me feel smarter just looking at  it (see picture). After another 20 minutes or so we arrived at Harvard. I remember saying “my IQ went up five points just looking at the brick buildings”. After walking for almost an hour, we decided to find somewhere to sit. There we talked about life, sang songs, and improvised ice skating on a still-melting patch of ice. 

After we Uber’d home to Warren, I sat down at my desk and took out my journal where I had written down my “To-Do List”. I checked off “go on an unplanned adventure”. I really enjoyed not knowing every step of the night and on a whim deciding to go straight or turn left at a light. For someone who has everything from homework assignments to television shows programmed in her calendar, I think I handled not have a plan very well. I embraced it and I have no regrets.

College is a place for self-discovery. Its important to step out of your comfort zone. I am trying to do that, and will continue checking things off my list in search of a better me. Each item represents something I am afraid of. Overcoming those fears will open myself up to new opportunities. “Try a food you’re afraid to eat” may just lead to a new favorite food. Its important to get out there and see the wonderful world around.carolinestatue

Amy: How to Avoid the End of the Year Slump

After we get back from spring break feeling like we could use another week or two away from exams and homework, it seems like everyone hits a wall with work. I won’t lie, I feel myself hitting it now. The sun starts to come out, everyone starts talking about summer plans, and the end of the year is in sight. 

Unfortunately, school is still in full throttle and we’ve still got to be on the ball with things. Here are a few tips to keeping up the motivation when the urge to slack off hits hard.

1. Try to change up your schedule a little bit. We’ve been at it since January and sometime things can get old. Maybe sometimes instead of going to FitRec to work out, try running along the river or downtown!

2. Make a kick-ass playlist. Listening to a great playlist always keeps me pumped up on my way to class. Check out some artists you haven’t listened to before and get some fresh energy into your life.

3. Get out when you can! It feels like since January, the snow has made it impossible (or at least really annoying) to leave the BU bubble very often. Take this spring to get into Boston once a week and try a new restaurant, coffee shop, or museum.

4. If you’re having trouble being motivated in class, try to attend a talk or watch a speech online that will inspire you to do what you love again. Maybe even talk to your professor about the class and see if they have any words of wisdom for you. Sometimes it just takes one person to remind us why we want to be studying what we study!

As much as we’re all looking forward to summer, try to make the most out of these last few weeks!

Christy: Keep Busy to Keep Up!

One valuable lesson I’ve recently learned is in order to keep up and have success in my school work I must keep busy.

In high school I was always very busy. I would have ballet classes or rehearsals and musical rehearsals that occupied much of my time. When I wasn’t training or rehearsing I was usually eating or sleeping. Somewhere between the school day and after school activities I would have to find time to do my homework, and I always did.

Some people crack under the pressure of having a packed schedule, but being busy allowed me to thrive. I believe I would not have succeed in my academic career without time consuming extra circular activities. Being busy forced me to make and schedule time for my homework because I knew it was important and had to be done.

This “keep busy to keep up” mindset has followed me to college. First semester I wasn’t very involved due to a personal illness. This took a great toll on me for about 2 months, half of the first semester. Not only was I fatigued often, but I also had no activities so I had too much free time. I will admit though, I couldn’t have participated in extra circular activities because I was too sick to manage it. Whenever I did not have class, I would be sleeping. A combination of illness and having too much free time unfortunately took a toll on my academics and I did not perform to my usual standards.

Now during second semester I have gotten very involved. I joined a new show on BUTV10 and I am a news writer for The Daily Free Press on top of two on campus jobs. Because of my busy weeks, I always have my work done in advance because I know I will not have time if I procrastinate. The presence of procrastination in my life would be a death wish.

Of course, being involved in campus activities is also a great way to meet new people and participate in activities that interest you while having fun. However, activities also keep you on track with your social and academic life, making you see your true priories and living every wonderful day at BU to the fullest.