Jon: Social Media Valentine

Valentine’s Day is again upon the horizon. Before you know it, the restaurants of Boston will be filled with sighing lovers, and the dining halls of BU will be filled awkward Freshman dates. Ah, to be young, in love, and still on a meal plan.

If you’re of the romantic persuasion, you may feel inclined to make your love publicly known. Wonderful! The world could always use a little more love. If you want to shout off of rooftops, go on and shout. Of course, there are some ways of saying “I Love You,” on Valentine’s Day that, well, shouldn’t be said, and so I bring to you the Five Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media for Valentine’s Day.

1) Sending a relationship status request: No one should be asked to be Facebook-official on Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for celebrating your love, not defining it.

2) Instagramming your date: This is a special day for you and your partner, so save it for yourselves.

3) Assuming that a Valentine’s Day status equals a card: A hand-written card shows some real thought. Flowers and chocolate are also nice. Emojis are not.

4) Posting about moving on from your last relationship: Chances are that if you’re posting about this, then it isn’t true. And now we all know.

5) Posting about anything that goes on behind closed doors: We don’t want to know. Really. Not even the NSA wants to know. But they do now. Forever.

Jennifer: When Does The Blacklist Come On?

If you were on Snapchat, Facebook or not living under a rock, then you were aware that the 49th Superbowl took place last Sunday. The Superbowl is one of the most watched events in the United States each year. However, if you aren’t a fan of the teams playing or sports, then you were probably sleeping, binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix or being a good student and catching up on homework. So, if you weren’t watching the game, aren’t a fan of football, and only tuned in after to watch The Blacklist, then here are some important things you might have missed.


Look, we all love food. You don’t have to be a football fanatic to enjoy the traditional Superbowl foods. A Superbowl Sunday without food is like a fish without water. What other time of the year can you eat pizza, wings, nachos, potato skins and desserts on the same day and not feel guilty?

Halftime Show

Do you not like football but like fireworks, elaborate dancing and lights? Then, the halftime show is just for you! This year’s Superbowl performer was Katy Perry with a special appearance by rockstar and Katniss Everdeen’s stylist Lenny Kravitz. Also, Missy Elliot made a spectacular return back to American mainstream with a melody of her greatest hits. However, the performers that stole the show were Katy Perry’s dancing sharks. The Left Shark especially stole the hearts of the American public with his groovy dance moves.


This years commercials featured special celebrity appearances, animals, and dads. Some highlights of the Superbowl commercials included Mindy Kailing being invisible, Steve Buscemi as Jan Brady and Walter White’s return. However, there were some emotional commercials courtesy of Nationwide, Nissan and Dove. These commercials will be on television for the months to come as well as Youtube, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen them yet!

Sara: Let’s Talk About Job Searching

Welcome to my world, where I am now a second semester senior. When did that happen? No, really…. when?!

It’s time to leave the safety of the college bubble and enter into the “real world.” Although I’m definitely ready to be done with school, searching for a job actually slightly terrifies me. It’s a delicate balance between fear and excitement but it feels incredible knowing all that’s ahead.

If you’re a senior reading this, I’m sure you feel the same way. If you’re an underclassmen, it’s totally plausible you feel this way about finding an internship too! No worries though, we’re in this together.

Thoughts that have crossed my mind (to make you feel less alone):

 -       New York, LA, Boston, Austin? I’ll honestly go anywhere but it’s definitely something you want to seriously consider. If you don’t love LA, then don’t move there! Or want to stay close to home, then do that! You now get to decide where you really want to live, and that power is awesome. Go where you’re heart takes you (cheesy and true).

-       Do I want to do PR? Or go more towards marketing? Or maybe branding could be interesting? I’m not ruling anything out and neither should you. Your time here at BU has certainly prepared you for many incredible opportunities. It’s all about tweaking your resume and cover letter to shape your experiences and apply them to job postings

-       What industry should I work in? Entertainment? Or food? The advice I keep getting from everyone: Do what makes you happy, and do it now. It can be really scary to take a leap of faith but I don’t want to look back years from now and wish I had taken another path. I plan on waiting to find a great job in the field I love, rather than just take anything to have a crappy job.

-       Sometimes, things happen unconventionally. How many times have you been to an alumni panel at BU and they’ve told you a crazy story about how they got a job they love? Leave room for the unimaginable and remember, you don’t always have to play by the rules (but shhh, you didn’t hear that from me!)

And if along the way, you happen to find any communication jobs in New York, LA, or just about anywhere in the South that talk a lot about loving food and wanting to make it your life, pass that along to me ;)

Tyler: I’m a Bad Foodie

My first few days as a freshman at Boston University were, naturally, full of awkward attempts to socialize with floormates. Only one thing sufficed in breaking down any and all social anxieties among the people that would eventually become some of my best friends, and that thing was food. When 30 seconds talking about the first few days of classes in the common room gradually turned into 5 minutes of painful silence intermingled with simultaneous attempts to start a spoken thought by 4 people, someone would inevitably ask if the rest of the crew was hungry and we would all joyously romp to the Warren Towers Dining Hall. All was swell, as long as there were burgers, pizza and endless ice cream for dessert.

Or so I thought. It turns out that I was the only one who ate McDonald’s® Big Macs© and small-town house-of-pizza pizza for dinner every single night of my life prior to college. So, within a week, all my friends with their cultured palates and knowledge of how to pronounce the word “pho” started to desire more. They began doing weekly sushi, going to the North End, and getting regular brunch. Eventually, I was the only one left, eating three limp burgers and two pasta plates per meal in the loneliest corner in Warren Towers dining hall. You know, the one with three tables for two (one) near the big windows to the far left of the back section, sequestered from view by the booths that demarcate the social area? The one where only dining hall employees on their breaks and I sit? Yeah.

Well, since I’m now a second-semester senior (NO!) and don’t want to endure this sort of social exile when I enter real life (NOOOOOOO!) I’ve decided to finally do my best to become a foodie.

I present to you all: A bad first-time Boston foodie’s guide for dummies

OMG best brunch literally ever: Deep Ellum

Ok, so this one I’ve done a bit of research and crowdsourcing, and it seems to be pretty unanimous that this place rocks. It’s a bit of a jaunt into Allston, where Cambridge Street and Brighton Ave intersect, but it’s worth the Uber©®™ fee. The cheese plate is so good that I can’t describe it in words, so…just get it. I can’t tell if my favorite option is the Fall River French Toast or the Breakfast Burrito, or the time I smashed both of those together and then layered on two side orders of their incredible bacon. Their poutine is also the best 2 a.m. poutine on the planet. I assume it’s good at other times of the day as well.

Best compromise with your friends who actually think about what they eat and adhere to reasonable, rational diets, and oh man I need to stop eating so much meat: Yard House

Located in the social hub of Fenway, Yard House is a great social environment for Boston youths representing all dietary backgrounds. A majority of the snacks and about half the appetizers at this place are vegetarian. They have a gardein (pronounced gar-DEEN, my server made sure to let me know quickly [and I promptly refused to learn on account of his rudeness]) option for their sizeable burger selection, and several vegetarian appetizers and pizzas that have manage to draw me away from the best steak ever, the 12 oz. rib eye, at about 50 percent of my visits here. On Saturdays, Yard House fills up with hundreds of young professionals taking advantage of its massive beer collection and schmoozing under the sultry fluorescent lights.

Best deal on earth: Lolita

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar offers all-you-can-eat tacos every Monday for $9. That’s right. Infinite tacos. I don’t think this typeface is properly conveying the significance of this opportunity: INFINITE. I’m sure there are cool buffets and things in the area and other all-you-can-eat deals, but this is the first place I’ve ever felt inspired to actually approach the concept of infinity because the food was that good. AND, they didn’t stop me. I ate tacos until my mind descended (transcended?) into a dissociative state in which all matter, all circumstance, all being was taco. And the place has a creepy dungeon theme with ominous red lights, which is fun too.

Claudia: Ayyyy…Must Be The Monet!

Second semester brings us back to BU, friends, classes, and the COLD. Freezing temperatures and lots of snow are a great excuse for Netflix marathons or “cozying” up with the last few chapters that you’ve been neglecting in your textbook – even though it’s the start of the semester. A new semester also means new adventures!

I started the semester by going to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) – We took the T, hopping on outside Warren and then transferring to the E line at Arlington. The E line stops right outside the MFA; we only had to endure the snow for a few seconds before we were inside the warm MFA.

Listen up Terriers! The MFA IS FREE FOR BU STUDENTS – Just bring your BU ID!

As a self-declared “Art History Aficionado (snob),” the MFA is heaven. From the newly renovated Greek and Roman collection to the intriguing, yet eccentric Modern and Contemporary wing, the MFA has everything.

Making an Impression

The MFA has a wonderful collection of Impressionist art, featuring pieces by Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, and many more!


Claude Monet in the Impressionist Gallery

Walk Like an Egyptian 

In addition to the newly renovated Greek and Roman collection, the MFA’s Art of the Ancient World also houses Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East. The collections range from statues of prominent figures, innovative architecture, and stunning jewelry and coins.

I am trying (but failing) to give bunny ears to an Old Kingdom statue of a married couple from Ancient Egypt.

I am trying (but failing) to give bunny ears to an Old Kingdom statue of a married couple from Ancient Egypt.

This is Art? 

While some may question a strategically placed pile of [insert random item here] as art, I am a HUGE fan of contemporary art. The modern wing at the MFA is home to a variety of styles of modern art. From giant sculptures made out of Solo cups to a Warhol-inspired print of Barbara Streisand, the Modern Wing pushes the boundaries on art.

IMG_7083 2



In the meantime, use Buzzfeed ( for inspiration for some killer Art History snapchats.


Hannah C: It’s Great to Switch Majors

“It’s okay to change your major!” an adage you’ll likely hear throughout freshman year, doesn’t always calm fears as often as it’s meant to. “I don’t want to be just ‘okay,'” you think, “I want to be great. I want to spend college chasing the same dream, and follow one straight path to my destiny!” At least that’s along the lines of what I thought.


And besides, there was no way I would ever even consider switching majors. Abandon journalism? The career choice that guided my application process and led me to BU? Never. When my high school Spanish teacher assured me I would return a year after graduation having changed my mind about my major, I thought I would prove her wrong. I was born to study journalism, and there was no other line of work I would rather do. Now, about two years later, I’m here to admit she was right.


After three semesters at BU, I’m a believer that changing majors isn’t merely okay, but rather it’s good. It is a good thing, for not only your sanity but also for success in your chosen career, to realize that what’s best for you might be deciding to weigh your options, rather than staying married to one major.


For me, involving myself in journalism-related extracurriculars and writing for publications on campus opened my eyes to the nature of the work I was pursuing. I found that my own personality didn’t quite mesh with what I thought I wanted to do to make a living. Reading course descriptions for other majors, I became genuinely enthralled with classes offered for Communication studies majors. Now that I’m registered for two of them, I cannot wait to begin.


Allowing myself to switch majors has already opened doors for me, in terms of internships and possibilities after graduation. It took me some time to figure out that not everyone is cut out for the same career, and not every major is made for all students. But I’m happy to be chasing new dreams, no better or worse than my old ones. And I’ll happily say that changing your major, in cases like mine, can be better than okay.

L.E.: A Love Letter to BU Coffee

If there’s one thing that every college kid can agree on is that caffeinated beverages are a key factor for getting through a busy week. Whether you prefer lattes, tea, cappuccinos or the classic dark roast blend, Boston University provides multiple ways for students to get their fix for a little boost of energy. I am known as a “coffee guru,” so a big part of why I chose BU is because there is a Starbucks between Warren Towers and COM. However, while students waste their time wating in out-the-door lines at starbucks locations all around campus, I escape them in my own secret coffee spot.

My go-to spot for both my breakfast and lunch needs is a place called RiZe- a café located in the basement of the Center for Student Services building found at 100 Bay State Road. I consider this place to be one of BU’s greatest “hidden gems” because there’s never a long line and they have the best food on campus. When you walk down the stairs, it is impossible to miss the lime green paint and chalkboard walls that welcome you to the bakery. Their expresso menu is identical to Starbucks, but the variety of options does not stop there. They have about every bakery item you could imagine, and the assortment of goods changes each season so there’s always something new to try. A personal favorite treat of mine was the pumpkin mousse that they had in the fall. Each dessert can be deliciously paired with a cup of coffee or save for a post-lunch snack. In addition to their grab-and-go bakery options, you can also pre-order custom Birthday cakes for mini celebrations with friends!

Which leads me to the lunch menu- RiZe also has a wide variety of sandwiches and salads that you can order “for here” or “to go.” Next to your choice of meal, you can pick between homemade chips or a side salad- both are amazing options. I always choose the Back Bay Chicken Sandwich and side salad because it is my favorite meal on campus. The menu has so many options that is really easy to branch out and try something new.

The cozy corner filled with tables and chairs makes RiZe a peaceful place to get homework done or take a break after a long day of classes. If I didn’t sell you on BU’s greatest café yet, RiZe also takes dining points which is a part of every dining plan at BU so you can save your cash for weekend trips to Newbury.

I’m eagerly anticipating my return to RiZe for the spring semester and hoping to be welcomed back by a batch of fresh red velvet cookies!

Chris: Snow Day Survival Guide

So Boston is supposed to get a “historically” big storm this week, which means campus is buzzing now that we are officially having a snow day.  The last time we had such a big storm, I was a freshman and it was when nor’easter “Nemo” hit, drowning Boston in nearly 25 inches of snow.  This time they are expecting 20 to 30 inches again.

With classes just starting, I won’t have much work to catch up on, but should the storm hold and there is no class, I can think of a few things that I can do with the free time.

Get Organized

Like I said, we’re only a week into the semester so I shouldn’t have a mess, but at the same time dumping things on my desk and chair are much easier than actually putting them away.  I can also take advantage of my newly clean room and organize things so that the rest of the semester goes smoothly.

Apply to Internships

With January coming to a close, a lot of big companies are starting to close their internship application windows, so it’s time to get those last few applications in for summer internships. Now that I’m a junior, internships continue to become more and more important as they help me learn not only what I’m really good at, but what I want to do in terms of my career in the future.

Binge Watch Netflix

Once all of the busy work is done, that’s when I can cozy up in bed with some hot chocolate, away from all of the madness outside, and watch as much Netflix as my heart desires.  Right now, I’ve been on a comedy kick and have been watching Parks and Recreation. #Knope2012 (I know I’m far behind).

Claire: Back Bay Ball

My freshman year, my roommate and I were really excited to explore Boston and take advantage of the city. We took to the city streets so often that we actually missed out on a lot of the opportunities offered right on campus.This year my roommate and I have decided, as our New Year’s Resolution, to try to go to as many BU events as possible. We both checked out the BU Calendar to make a list of some of our ‘must go’ events.

For 30 years, Boston University students have been starting the Winter Semester off right by putting on their dancing shoes and their fanciest outfits for the Back Bay Ball. This year, the event was held at 808 Gallery, right on campus. Tickets normally are around $20 but this year it was FREE!

The dance was so popular this year, Student Activities actually had to make the event BU Student only because so many people had RSVPd.

When I got the following e-mail I was definitely stoked:

“Hey Back Bay Ballers!

As you might know by now we have completely filled our RSVP spots. While we’ve said this before, we want to emphasize it again: your RSVP does NOT guarantee entry. While the gallery can hold over 1000 people, we had a lot more people than that RSVP. Get there early to guarantee your spot in the event! If there is a line don’t be discouraged – we will do our best to get as many people in the door as possible.”

A few of my friends and I all got ready together in my dorm room and headed down to 808 Gallery around 9:00pm. By the time we got there the line to get in was already down to the gas station on Comm Ave. Nevertheless, BU students waited in line (short dresses and heels) for the excitement inside.

The Gallery was completely packed! There was a live band playing and trust me, the dance floor was popping. There was also a professional photographer taking group photos and a caricature artist. Food and drinks were provided (did I tell you this was free?). For those who are 21+ , there was a cash bar available! I mean is this BU Campus or a swanky new club? When I was inside I honestly couldn’t tell.

The night was so much fun, my friends and I danced until we had blisters and then gorged on the endless free cookies, hummus, and other goodies.


There are so many amazing events put on at BU, you honestly could have the time of your life without even leaving campus or paying for a taxi. I really recommend taking time to look at the BU Calendar and the Student Activities website to check out some of the upcoming events. There is something for everyone and most of the events are free!

Check out my next COM Ambassador blog post to hear about my next BU adventure!

Hanna: BU at the Oscars

And the Academy Award goes to…Boston University!

Just kidding, that wouldn’t make sense. But it sure seems like someone should give our university an honorable Oscar or something! This award season, BU alumni are ruling the nomination game. From producers to actors, former students have worked on some of the best films of the year. We couldn’t be more proud, and I couldn’t be more inspired by these wildly successful professionals who were, at one time, just like me! These people may have sat through COM 101, or maybe they had an internship that I am looking into. These nominees have definitely pumped me up for the future; if these Terriers can do it, clearly BU is doing something right! Who’s to say you or I won’t be next?

Two of the three major alumni nominations came from some of our very own: past COM attendees Nora Grossman and Bonnie Arnold.

Grossman, who graduated in 2005, is the producer of “The Imitation Game” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. In my opinion, the film was a fantastic one to see, telling an exciting yet informative story of a lesser-known World War II hero. With great acting, a dynamic plot, and noticeably impressive production value, this feature enabled me to walk out of the theatre with my BU head held high. Named by Variety as one of 10 producers to watch, Grossman started doing research for the project in 2009. Clearly, her work was a success, and now her company has started an original project for J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot. They are also developing a TV series at Sky Atlantic in the U.K…not too shabby!

“The Imitation Game” received five nominations at the Golden Globes, and has now earned eight Oscar noms too! If it wins Best Picture, look out for Grossman’s acceptance speech!

Next, Bonnie Arnold earned a nomination for her work as the producer of “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” Arnold earned an M.S. in journalism in 1978, and although you may not have seen this most recent film, you have definitely heard of her work elsewhere. Maybe you’ll recognize the name “Toy Story,” yes? I thought so. Arnold produced Toy Story in 1995, along with “Tarzan,” “Over the Hedge,” “The Last Station,” and the first “How to Train Your Dragon,” just to name a few. Her nomination for Best Animated Film is incredibly exciting, but it may not beat the excitement of her work on “How to Train Your Dragon 3,” which is set for 2017!

Finally, the gorgeous Julianne Moore is nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role in “Still Alice.” A College of Fine Arts graduate in 1983, Moore roamed Commonwealth Avenue back in the day just like we do. Now, she shines on silver screens worldwide, and her work in this movie has already achieved outstanding success.

Clearly BU is well-represented in the entertainment sphere right now, and that doesn’t seem like it will change any time soon. With so many students interested in countless areas of the field, our list of accolades has the potential to grow exponentially. I would not be surprised if some of my own classmates were making similar acceptance speeches one day, and who knows, maybe I’ll be up there with them! But even without focusing on awards, the outstanding art produced by our alumni network is something to be proud of.