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Sarah: The Boston Marathon

First off — congratulations to all of the newly admitted COM students! Becoming a BU Terrier is no easy feat, so go ahead and be proud of yourself. It was so great getting to meet some of you this past weekend at Open House. I hope we sold you on BU/COM. If we did, great! […]

Jason: The Last Month of School

So it looks like the weather won’t be getting warm any time soon, but I figured I’d talk a little bit about what I’m looking forward to as we enter the last month of school. Coming up next week is a Boston holiday when the Boston Marathon comes through the streets of Boston. You guys may recognize […]

Richie: A Picnic in Boston

Hey guys! Everyone on campus has been super excited since Spring finally decided to come to Boston. I walk around campus and see people playing frisbee, tossing a football around, or just laying out on the grass trying to catch a tan (yes there are some areas with grass on the BU Campus). Well, since […]