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Alexa: Spring is Here!

I had hoped to spend my Spring Break in a warm, sunny California.  However, the weather wasn’t exactly what I had expected. It rained 3 out of the 5 days but I kept thinking to myself, “the weather is better than Boston, the weather is better than Boston.” Well, according to weather.com it wasn’t. In […]

Julianna: My Top Five Favorite Study Spots on Campus

5.  PAL Study Lounge in Mugar Library I’m the type of person who needs background noise during my study seshs, so the complete silence of Mugar just drives me insane. PAL is the only area in the library where you can talk as loud as you want or unwrap that candy bar without getting glares […]

Tiffany: Sweet Spots for Building a Snowman on Campus

BU’s unique, city-like campus, at a glance, doesn’t appear to have huge patches of grass like the typical college campus. But that is exactly what we love so much about BU – a place where you can feel like you are safe and at home while still living in an active, exciting city. However, if […]