Steph: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Healthy Dorm Living

As a response to Jon’s blog last week about exercise, I’m here today to provide some tips for those of us who are too lazy to go to the gym. I know I can’t be the only one who has problems with motivation when it comes to working out and eating healthy. Lets put it this way: I live in Warren, and don’t go to the Fit Rec because I’m too lazy to walk there. Oh, the irony. Now I know this is terrible, and everyone should make an effort to actually go to the gym. But, here are a few very small things you can do to avoid gaining the dreaded Freshman 15 without actually going to the gym.

1. Take the Stairs. As a resident of the 7th floor of Warren, I’m the girl that gets the dirty looks when I take the elevator from the 4th floor lobby. And to be honest, those looks are totally warranted, even though they are mean. There is no excuse for me not to take the stairs every day, and it helps give me a little bit of physical activity after a long day of sitting in classes. For those of you that live on higher floors, take the stairs halfway up! By the time you get there, you could be motivated to just push on through and take them allll the way…

2. Take Advantage of Sargent Choice Options. When you think about it, BU makes it really easy to eat well. Almost every night there’s a delicious alternative to greasy (albeit also delicious) pizza, that’s also good for you! If you aren’t familiar, these are the options with the shortest lines in the dining hall known as Sargent Choice Options. Looks can be deceiving—I tried sesame tofu with sticky brown rice the other night. It looked a tad concerning. But it was actually very, very delicious. I then rewarded my good eating choices with 3 chocolate chip cookies! Oops….

3. Do a Mini-Workout in your room before Bed! Not only will it make you feel better, but it will also provide entertainment for your roommate! Do a simple workout in the comfort of your own room: 10 push-ups, 10 crunches, 10 jumping jacks, two reps of each. A little goes a long way, and just think of how nice and extra comfy your bed will feel when you lie down after your “strenuous” workout!

So to all my lazy comrades out there, try these simple tips out. Every small thing counts, and it will help with the guilt you feel when you see someone walking out of the dinning hall in their workout clothes holding an apple as you pass them with a plateful of cookies…


Alexa: How to Not be Homesick

Hey everyone! Hope the semester is treating you all well!

I remember last year around this time I was beginning to transition from the excitement of being a freshman in college to missing my sweet chocolate lab. I was homesick. Luckily, I was able to figure out ways to cure my homesickness, (lets just pretend that’s a word), and I thought now would be a perfect time to share.

1. Skype:

Skype and Facetime are both great ways to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. There is something about seeing someone that is much better than just a five-minute phone call.

2. Realize You’re Not Alone

Seriously, everyone gets homesick. Especially coming to BU from California, I found it easier to admit that I missed home a little when my other friends from California did too. If you can talk about it, soon it won’t be as lonely.

3. Keep Mementos from your room

Keeping something from your room in your dorm room helps you adjust more to your new (but temporary) home!

4. Get Involved

I know it’s been drilled in enough, but getting involved is one of the best ways to forget about being homesick. If you are busy interning for a radio show, or shooting for BUTV, pretty soon you’re so busy you forget about wishing you were back at home.

Hope these tips help! Also good luck on your upcoming first COM test!


Jason: Best Campus Dining Halls

Jason Kashdan
Jason Kashdan

After experiencing BU for one entire year I figured I’d sit down and write about something practical, something you guys might find useful. So here is my list of the top five residence dining halls at BU.

•    West Campus- West gets my vote as the number one because of sheer variety. West campus has the most options by far and although I have never been able to say with certain that it tastes better than the food in warren, having more options allows for a better chance that you’ll find something that’s healthy and tastes good. I’m also pretty sure they always have a make-your-own quesadilla bar, which is awesome.  The only downside is that for me the dining hall usually seemed more crowded than others

•    Warren Towers- My home base would have gotten the number one vote except for this last month. I think whoever runs the dining in Warren Towers may have checked out a little early because the selection (and quality) of the food over the last month has not been on par with its usual high standard. Regardless, the food here is usually exceptional with plenty of choices. The desserts are so good they’ll probably kill you and the dining hall is much more spacious than West campus.

•    Myles Standish Hall- Although the building itself might need some work, the dining hall is in pristine condition. There are two sides to this dining hall (separated by a hallway) One is a more lively, social setting with several flat screen TV’s and the other reserved for more intimate, quiet dining. While smaller than both West and Warren, there are usually enough options and the food is pretty good. There’s nothing really bad about the dining in Myles but I guess there’s nothing that great either. But hey, average isn’t that bad.

•    Shelton- It has just about as many options as Myles, the dining hall is pretty nice, and the food was good. I’ve only eaten there once though so I don’t have much to talk about.

•    The Towers- Ok, honestly, who decided to build a dining hall in a basement? As much as I love eating next two ceiling high industrial sized fans or radiators, or I don’t even know what they are, some windows would be nice, no? The choices here are fairly limited and I don’t know, I mean its not gonna kill you but there are better options than Towers.

I hope you guys find this useful. I am not endorsed by any of the five residence dining halls so my opinion of each is honest and unbiased. Stay tuned for my next piece on the top five places to eat Late Night.