Finals Week

It’s finals week at Boston University, and the stress level is pretty high. The fact is that everyone knows deep down that when the last final paper or project is due that we will have it taken care of, but there is such a feeling of doubt leading up to the deadline that it’s hard to believe that it could possibly get done. The thing that separates this week from the typical undergraduate finals week is this: first, the exams, papers or projects are all in subjects that we truly care about, and second, many of the projects are self selected so there is added pressure to perform. For example, I have a final paper due in my journalism principals and techniques class that is on baseball gloves. I love baseball, more than almost anything. So not only is there the pressure of the final paper, but there is the pressure to live up the standard that I would expect as a baseball fan. It’s a gift and curse.

This is a fun part about graduate school. Everyone who is here is here because they want to be. You have to not only have a bachelors degree, but also have had the initiative to apply and get accepted to the program. It is similar to college in that the people here are smart and want to learn, but it is different in that all the subjects are specific to your hopeful career and everyone even more motivated. It’s really exciting to get to choose topics that directly relate to your field of interest. This is probably the best part about BU. You are here to make tangible progress toward your future job. Hopefully someday I will get paid to write feature articles about baseball mitts. Here’s hoping.

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