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The Bell OUT of Hand

Hey Com Grad students!!! I realize that you are all buried in a seemingly endless pile of end of semester work, but I have good news. Not only are we only 7 days away from the end of classes, but we are 7 days away from the final Com Grad Event of 2012. And this is one that you are not going to want to miss.

Come celebrate all of your hard work this semester at the Bell OUT of Hand today. The party starts at 8 and goes until 11 at the oldest bar in America, the Bell in Hand. The bar is located at 45 Union St Boston, MA 02108, which is the Government Center stop on the Green Line. Tickets are only $20 and that includes 2 drinks, appetizers and a bar full of your relieved classmates.

So seriously, I know this week seems like it will never end, but when it finally does make sure to celebrate all of your fall semester success at the Bell OUT of Hand.