ComGrad Bloggers

Rucker Manley

MFA Screenwriting
Hometown: Pavo, GA
Expected Graduation: 2013

Hailing from “thunderously piney” Pavo, Georgia, Rucker Manley has learned to write television and film scripts with a group of six others, while also forming a personal curriculum to develop skills in cinematography and directing. His favorite aspect of Boston University is the sheer malleability of the MFA Screenwriting program, to a cohesive level he couldn’t find at other schools. He is gaining a firm understanding of film production, screenwriting, and acting, all of which play into his dreams of making a name for himself in Hollywood and starting his own independent film collective.



Andy Bunker

MS Broadcast Journalism
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Expected Graduation: 2014

Andy is pursuing his masters degree in broadcast journalism, with a focus on sports broadcasting. He came to Boston University from Seattle where he worked in sports radio for 5 years after undergraduate, because he wanted to be in a more passionate sports environment. The thing he has enjoyed most about BU so far is learning from such seasoned journalists. “Going to class everyday and learning from people who have spent years in their field is what makes Boston University so great,” says Andy.


Alina Rubezhova

MS Public Relations
Hometown: West Nyack, NY
Expected Graduation: 2014

Alina Rubezhova is an aspiring PR professional currently pursuing her Master’s at BU. She has found that the mix in professors’ backgrounds – from scholars to people working in the field – has added a lot of variety to her classes. BU was one of the few programs that offered an MS in Public Relations, particularly with a student-run PR agency, and the location in Boston was an added bonus.