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The Reason I Chose BU

My path to BU was a little different then my fellow bloggers. Firstly, BU was not my first choice. I had eyes for only one school – NYU. It was what drove me to apply to graduate school in the first place – I wanted to be a New York City gal.

However, a friend cautioned me not to put all my eggs in one basket and suggested two other top Communication schools I should try for. So I applied to NYU Steinhardt, Georgetown University, and Boston University and, low and behold, I got into all three. When decision time came around I hesitated. Shouldn’t I just check out these other schools before dismissing them off the bat? I mean I did take the time to apply and pay for the pleasure of it. So, when I got back from Spain I set off on a graduate pilgrimage.

My life changing decision

Overall, I loved them all, which made my decision even harder. I saw a metaphorical, yet all too real, crossroad ahead of me. Whatever school I choose would lead me down a specific path that would be hard to deviate from. Georgetown had a beautiful campus (think Harry Potter – I’m still waiting for my letter). The classes sounded extremely interesting and the professors were all big players in their respective fields. However, they were too politically oriented for my test as well as mainly theoretical.

NYU, my love, was, unfortunately, mainly theoretical as well. It was ridiculously (yes ridiculously) interesting and married closely to my undergraduate degree in anthropology (which is not the study of ants, people). However, it was just too academically focused. I knew if I went there I would be following a path that would inevitably lead to a faculty position at a university – which was the main reason I had decided not to continue my studies in anthropology. Also, though the people at the actual college were nice and helpful during open house, the admission people were a little off putting and I got the feeling that they didn’t really care if I attended or not.

BU, quite frankly, surprised me. One of the main reasons I never really considered BU was because of its close proximity to my hometown. I wanted to get out of Massachusetts, badly. I had been extremely pleased with BU’s admission process – I actually felt like they cared that I was interested in their school. However, I wasn’t really expecting their open house to affect my decision. I had, at that moment, decided to send in my deposit to NYU and was just going at the behest of my family. BU, however, seemed to know exactly what I needed.

Several keywords were emphasized throughout the event – practical experience, alumni network, support, bacon wrapped bread (truth). The professors were affable and the admission staff downright charming. During the breakout sessions the professors in my program, Communication Studies, were honest and encouraging. They made sure I knew what type of program I would be getting into – a practically oriented one. This was also the only open house that took 30 minutes to discuss, without prompt, how I could possibly afford the program.

After another week of hemming and hawing I sent in my deposit, to BU. For me, someone looking for a program that would help jump-start my career in Communication, this was the best and obvious choice. I have not regretted it since.


Meet Kendal Peirce

My third and final semester is drawing to a close and I find myself looking back on the past year and a half. It’s amazing how fast this program goes by. One minute I was introducing myself to my new peers, the next we are holed up in someone’s apartment cramming for our final comprehensive exam.

Since it’s an accelerated graduate program, I learned a lot in a short amount of time, especially how to cope with unending deadlines and insomnia (thank you spring semester). I can honestly say I am prepared for anything. Meeting-room full of hostile web developers? Bring it. Oral Presentation class taught me the only thing I have to fear is, well, Professor O’Connor. I now have the confidence to speak in any venue, in front of any audience, under any duress.

Surprisingly (though it shouldn’t be), most of the classes I value the most are the ones I’m required to take as part of my major: Communication Studies.

-       Law of Communication prepared me for the ambiguous future of digital law. Always good to know when you’re stealing something. You might say I know too much.

-       Communication Theory illuminated the reasoning behind certain communication strategies. Which will help me as I set out to manipulate consumers and their impressionable minds.

-       Contemporary Media, as someone from a non-communication background, helped set the stage for me in terms of the current state of communication and its possible future. Allows me to be depressed with reasonable cause.

-       Design and New Media II (not required) helped me develop an actual creative portfolio. I even built a functioning microsite – Click Here. Just kidding, I haven’t finished it yet.

Though there is a mountain of work left to do I still force myself to relax and take in what Boston has to offer during the holidays: the Boston Ballet’s annual production of the Nutcracker; Faneuil Hall’s tree lighting, now coupled with a blinding (literally) 140,000 LCD light display; ice skating on the Frog Pond; numerous concerts I probably should have been doing work during; and, of course, the restaurants and bars. You can often find me on Thursday nights, consuming large amounts of nachos at Sunset Cantina or, on Friday nights, hitting up my favorite classy bar, Drink, in the North End (Drink by name and by reputation).

Though I can’t wait for the work to end, I am sad to leave BU and Boston behind. I feel prepared for my chosen career, but I’ll miss the people in the program (students and professors) and the collegiate atmosphere. Maybe I can find a way to stay an extra semester….