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Boston winters sure are fun!

So…it’s pretty cold out guys. Like wind whipping you in the face you just want to be a turtle sort of cold. But as a long time North Easterner(ite?) I’m here to provide you with a few tips to stay warm this winter.

  • Layers. Seriously…this is key. I see you walking around in your fancy skirt with your fancy tights…but I know you’re secretly thinking “Why did I wear this today?” While you’re in your skirt, I’m wearing two pairs of pants and pretty much two coats. Plus if you get hot in your class, layers are easy to shed. First the jacket, then the sweatshirt, then the long sleeve…then your thermal…you get the deal :)
  • Warm socks. Have you ever heard that your head and your feet conduct the most heat? Well you’ll probably find me wearing grandma’s knitted socks underneath my boots until temperatures hit the mid 30s/40s (and yes after this week, that’ll probably feel like spring).
  • Hats/earmuffs (on the note of conducting heat). I’ve decided that when winter rolls along I give up on looking put together. I know my hair is doomed and my makeup smudged, but at least my ears don’t feel like they’re about to fall off.
  • Gloves. These are key if you want to be able to do things with your hands…especially while your frozen fingers are fiddling around for your Charlie Card. My favorite investment is a pair of gloves that I can actually keep on while trying to use my iPhone.
  • Warm drinks. I love hot chocolate and usually feel a little guilty when I drink it, but the brutal cold makes a great excuse to embrace my inner chocoholic.
  • Body warmth? I mean the crazy packed T has to be good for something right?
  • Hibernate. Use the cold as an excuse to sit in your apartment, save some money and throw back a few beers that don’t cost $6 a pop. Or a $10 bottle of wine. Once spring comes along you really don’t have much of an excuse to be a hermit!

Hey guys…I mean it’ll be 36 on Monday. After this past week I think we can pretty much make it through anything.