Getting to know: Prof. David Green

The Garden of Love and Other StoriesDavid Green is a professor in the Core Curriculum in Boston University. He provides inspiration not only for Core students, but for students in the CAS Writing Program as well. He is also the faculty advisor for the Core theatre group, Calliope. Just this past spring, Boston-based Pen & Anvil Press  published David Green’s most book, The Garden of Love and Other Stories. There have been many positive reviews, including this one by Christopher M. Ohge:

Overall, the patient reader will find pleasure in these superb romantic meditations on a world filled with things, decay, and memories. In the spirit of Blake, the power of the imagination is celebrated; and, in the spirit of Samuel Beckett, a feeling of doom lurks beneath these well-structured and concise sentences.

Sometime of the Night” is a story from the same collection, and deals with many of the themes encountered in the Core — identity, home, imagination, even Penelope’s dream of the eagle from The Odyssey.

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