Why Take the Core? Part III

In these few weeks before the freshmen begin registering for their Fall 2011 courses on April 17th, several Core faculty and alumni will be sharing their answers to the question, Why take the Core?

Why Take the Core? Part III: The Skills You’ll Develop

Hannah Franke
Core ’12, CAS ‘14

I cannot say enough good things about the Core. Although the first year is an enriching and challenging experience, the second year of the Humanities digs deeper into important questions about the human condition. The second year of Core Humanities covers a wide range of disciplines—I think this is extremely valuable. My time in Core has truly enriched my whole academic experience. I learned how to think critically, to participate in discussions (which really pays off down the road) and to write clear, concise, well-reasoned papers. Second-year Core strengthens the skills you learned in the first year of Core. You also grow much closer to your classmates which is a great change of pace from the big classes in other programs at BU.

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