CC102: Tickets available for POMPEII exhibit at MoS

As was mentioned yesterday in lecture, CC102 students have the chance to start the semester in by visiting a truly spectacular exhibit about “Pompeii,” now being shown in Boston’s Museum of Science.  The exhibit shows a perfectly preserved slice of life as it was lived in Italy in AD 79, frozen in time by the eruption of the volcano Mt. Vesuvius. One of the most striking things to learn from this show is how much first-century Roman culture was imported from Greece.

Students will have a chance to explore this connection between Greece and Rome when we turn to the Aeneid, after exploring some of the classical texts of Asia. The exhibit is fascinating, surprising and, in some respects, terrifying, as it shows not only artifacts of ancient Roman life, but plaster casts of the human beings and animals who were buried by the volcano.

CC102 students can sign up for tickets for one of three dates:
– Friday, January 27 at 6 pm.
– Saturday, January 28, at 1 pm
– Sunday, January 29 at 2 pm

Sign up for, and pick up!, tickets in the Core Office, CAS 119.  The number of tickets is limited, so earlier is better.  The exhibit tickets include entrance to the Museum exhibits, so students will want to allot themselves time to look at the other exhibits.

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