Alumni Profiles: Kim Santo

(Core ’98, CAS ’00)

Years at Boston University: 16 years

Current location: Boston, MA, USA

Company and Title: Boston University, Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs. Kim writes: “I often joke that I arrived here in 1996 and BU hasn’t been able to get rid of me yet. Higher education administration is a vocation that I more or less stumbled upon while I was still a student, training to become an elementary school teacher. In my senior year of college, Brian Jorgensen (then Dean of the Core Curriculum) helped to appoint me to a Resident Assistant position on one of the Core floors in Warren Towers. From that point forward I knew that I wanted to remain in education, but I wanted to work with the “big kids.” Shortly after graduating with my Ed.M in 2002, I was hired by Residence Life and began my professional career in Student Affairs, where I served as a Residence Hall Director for 6 years, followed by Judicial Affairs where I have been for the past 4 years.”

Recent activities: In May 2012, Kim was appointed co-chair of the Boston Area Off-Campus Housing and Student Life Coalition. This is a consortium of higher education administrators, students, city officials, police, rental agents, and neighbors that are committed to promoting safe, respectful, and healthy communities for students living in off-campus housing in the City of Boston. Kim have also become one of the facilitators for BU’s “Bystander Intervention” workshop, which is an educational program designed to help students become pro-social bystanders in the BU community as it relates to sexual assault response and prevention.

Benefits of the Core:  “My favorite Core professor, the late James P. Devlin, used to reference the Greek phrase “gnothi seauton” (“know thyself”) often in his discussion section. It is a universal concept that stuck with me then, and it holds more meaning for me today as I think about how it specifically applies to my job. I meet with students who have allegedly violated University policies and discuss the choices they made that led to them being in my office. Nearly every discussion circles around the fact that they are still learning who they are, why they are here, and what they hope to accomplish during their time at BU. More often than not, I find that students are in a constant state of flux, trying to explore their capabilities while pushing their limits. By the time they see me, they have exceeded their limits, and need help refocusing and moving past their poor choices. To “know thyself” is to embark on a path of trial and error. It is my sincere hope that, aside from dealing with the consequences of their actions, students are one step further down this path. I always encourage them to continue exploring, but to do so mindfully and safely.”

Hobbies or interests that started at the Core and have continued to become life-long interests: “Tea! Prior to the Core, I had little knowledge of Eastern philosophies, religion, or culture (which includes the many varieties of tea). I attribute my affinity for tea to the Core and helping me learn that there is life beyond Lipton.”

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