A Review of The Great Gatsby

In case you, like a few of us, didn’t manage to find the time to hit a movie theater up this summer (or perhaps need a little convincing to give Baz Lurhmann another shot), here’s a review of The Great Gatsby that made me want to give the movie a try:

But that’s Luhrmann in a nutshell. He strives for excess. He exhausts your senses. He does no less in Gatsby. However, for a story like Gatsby, one set in an excessive era and filled with excessive people, a story that ultimately condemns both – well, Luhrmann found his masterpiece.

Technology’s powers are increasing, and as they do, movies become more and more dramatic. We, as humans, love to stretch to the limit whatever is within our reach. The trick is to reign that back, as Fitzgerald reminds us constantly. You can read the rest of the review here

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Suzyn-Elayne Soler posted on August 26, 2013 at 8:49 pm

I never spring for 3D movies but after seeing this one in the theatre over the summer, I regretted not doing it in 3D. This movie is such an amazing spectacle and I believe it did justice to this book, which happens to be one of favorites. The score is done by Jay-Z which I thought I would find distracting, but it was brilliant. The first time I read this book, I listened to a Bob Marley CD, and it worked. With each subsequent reading, at least five, I never missed scoring the reading to Bob Marley. It’s nice to know that I an not crazy, this story needs to be set to amazing music. See it, at least on Blu-ray to get maximum visual stimulation.

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