The Perfect Place to Curl Up with a Good Book

As a Core student, one of the first things we learn is that finding the perfect place to snuggle up with The Republic, Dante’s Divine Comedy, or even the latest chapters from your Physical Science textbook. The perfect spot could be anywhere: the cozy beanbag in your dorm room, a secret spot in Mugar that doesn’t have too much traffic, or whatever place you know and will never tell.

But of course, as nice as any place on campus can be, these beautiful spots will put it to shame. In this list that has been circling the internet, some of the most beautiful libraries of universities, private homes, and even some shops open up our imaginations to where we could be, rather than sitting above the noisy campus tours trying to read the last few chapters before class. Here’s the list in its entirety taken from this page.

So what’s your favorite place to read? Is it somewhere from home or have you already found somewhere here in Boston to make you feel like home? Let us know!

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