Short Story: Short Film

Memory is a strange beast. Something can live in the memory for years with barely a trace left. Then, suddenly, it comes back in waves — floods, really — at the slightest touch. Something we never could have expected or prevented. This short story by Daniel Hudon (someone who, until recently, lectured and taught for the Core Curriculum) captures just such a moment in which such a memory is revealed. A short film festival, completely innocuous. Except it isn’t. Something that simple can bring an entire person to life, at least temporarily.

So go ahead, take a read. Let us know what you think. Too much or just the right amount? I’ve posted the first bit to get you started:

The screen is dark, but I can hear the projector rolling. Someone crinkles a candy wrapper. Crunches popcorn. Shifts in the seat. And then: a man breathes. He inhales deeply, holds… and lets go. He repeats – like waves at the shore.

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