Literary Flashbacks

Nothing’s better than a good old throwback: something that’s proved itself as timeless but still evokes feelings of a different time. A good old 60’s sheaf dress, afros, black and white films, even books. Who can’t say they love Hemingway at least in part (a big part) because 1920s Paris sounds divine. And if you say reading Austen hasn’t made you want to wear empire waists till your heart fell out, you’re lying. Just look how happy they are. Tell us you don’t want to be that happy!
Some more recent examples might surprise you though. This Whizzpast post lists 10 books from 70’s that are still loved today (despite being fourty years old). Some are surprising (Watership Downs is fourty? Fourty!?! Those bunnies just don’t seem like they’re that old)

Some of the books are unknown though, and that seems even more interesting. Just read the description of Invisible Cities:
Marco Polo spins tall tales about imaginary cities to Kublai Khan, as we slowly realise that all along, he’s talking about one city, Venice. Here in the twenty-first century, we’ve come out the far side of postmodern experimentation, and so we think we’re better placed to appreciate Calvino’s textual experimentation and narrative innovation.
Who doesn’t want to read that? (and it would bring us so neatly into the world of second year Core doesn’t it seem?)

So have you read any of the books on this list? Are there any you think are missing? Let us know!

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